Majors and Minors

The following list encompasses all undergraduate majors and minors as well as graduate degree programs. (Items in bold do not yet have links for more information.)

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Accounting BS, combined BS/MBA, evening degree option available
Adolescence Education
(Grades 7-12) BS and MST in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, French, German, Mathematics, Physics, Spanish and Social Studies; MAT in Math, Science or TESOL
African/African-American Studies minor
Agricultural Education (all grades) BS, MSEd, Peace Corps Master's International
Agricultural Education (7-12) BS
American Studies BA
Anthropology BA, minor
Applied Mathematics BS
Applied Mathematical Economics BS
Applied Statistics minor
Art BA, BFA, MA, minor
Art Education MAT
Art, Graphic Design BFA, BA
Art History minor
Art, Studio BFA, MA
Arts Management minor
Arts Therapy, Expressive minor
Astronomy minor
Athletic Coaching minor
Audio Design and Production minor

Behavioral Forensics certificate
Biochemistry BS
Biocultural Anthropology minor
Biology BA, BS, minor, honors program available
Broadcasting-Mass Communication BA, combined BA/MBA, online degree available
Business Administration BS, MBA, minor, evening degree option available
Business and Marketing Education (All Grades) BS, MSEd

Chemistry BA, BS, MS, minor, honors program available
Chemistry MAT. MST
Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) BS, MST
Cinema and Screen Studies BA
Cognitive Science BA, BS, minor
Communication and Social Interaction BA, minor
Computer and Electrical Engineering BS
Computer Information Systems minor
Computer Science BA, BS, minor
Conflict Studies, Peace and minor
Cooperative Degree Programs
Counseling and Psychological Services CAS, MS
Creative Writing BA, minor
Curriculum and Instruction MSED

Economics BA, minor, honors program available, evening degree and online options for the minor are available
Education, Childhood and Adolescence BS, MST; MSED (Professional Certification) in Childhood, Adolescence Education and Special Education 1-6;, MSED (Initial/Professional Certification) in Literacy Education (Birth-6, 5-12), Special Education (1-6), MAT Art, Chemistry, Mathematics; MAT in Math, Science or TESOL
Education, Technology (All Grades) BS, MSEd
Education, Vocational MSEd in Vocational Technical Education; Vocational Teacher Preparation (7-12) BS (See Agricultural Education, Business and Marketing Education, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Health Careers Education, Technical Education or Trade Education)
Educational Administration/Educational Leadership CAS
Electrical and Computer Engineering BS
Engineering, Computer and Electrical BS
Engineering, Software BS
English BA, MA, minor
Exercise: Wellness Management BS
Expressive Arts Therapy minor

Family and Consumer Sciences Education (all grades and 7-12) BS, MSEd
Finance BS
Fitness: Wellness Management BS
Forensics, Behavioral certificate
Forensic Science minor
French BA, minor
French Culture Studies minor

Gender and Women's Studies BA, minor
Geochemistry BS
Geology BA, BS, minor
Geology-Environmental Earth Science BS
German BA, minor
German Culture Studies minor
Gerontology graduate certificate, minor
Global and International Studies BA, minor
Graphic Design BFA
Graphic Design and Digital Media MA

Health and Wellness graduate certificate
Health Careers Education (7-12) BS, MSEd
Health Information Technology graduate certificate
Health Science minor
Health: Wellness Management BS
History BA, MA, minor, honors program available
Human-Computer Interaction MA
Human Development BA, minor
Human Resource Management BS

Illustration, minor
Information Science BA, minor
Insurance and Risk Management BS
Integrated Health Systems graduate certificate
Integrated Media graduate certificate
International Business minor
International and Global Studies BA, minor
Italian Culture Studies minor

Journalism BA, minor

Language and International Trade BA
Linguistics BA, minor
Literacy B-6 MSED
Literacy 5-12 MSED
Live Event Design minor
Logic minor

Management, Operations, and Information Systems BS
Marketing BS
Mathematical Economics, Applied BS
Mathematics BA, MAT, MST, Peace Corps Master's International, minor, honors program available
Mathematics, Applied BS
Media, Integrated graduate certificate
Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor
Mental Health Counseling, MS
Meteorology BS, honors program available
Museum Studies minor
Music BA, minor

Native American Studies minor
Nutrition minor

Operations Management and Information Systems BS

Peace and Conflict Studies minor
Philosophy BA, minor
Philosophy-Psychology BA
Photography, minor
Physics BA, BS, minor, honors program available
Piano, Certificate of Specialized Study
Play Therapy graduate certificate
Political Science BA, minor, honors program available
Pre-health emphasis
Pre-law emphasis
Psychology BA, combined BA/MBA, minor, honors program and evening degree option available
Psychology/Human Computer Interaction BA/MA
Public Accounting BS, combined BS/MBA, evening degree option available
Public Justice BA, minor, evening degree option available
Public Relations BA

Risk Management and Insurance BS

School Building Leadership CAS
School District Leadership CAS
School Counseling Services CAS, MS
School Psychology CAS, MS
Sociology BA, minor
Software Engineering BS
Spanish BA, minor
Special Education MSEd
Studio Art BFA, MA
Sustainability Studies minor
Superintendent Development Program

Technology minor
Technical Education (7-12) BS, MSEd
Technology Education (All Grades) BS, MSEd
Technology Management BS
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, All Grades) BS, MAT
Theatre BA, minor
Trade Education (7-12) BS, MSEd
Trauma Studies graduate certificate

Vocational Technical Education MSEd
Vocational Teacher Preparation (7-12) BS (See Agricultural Education, Business and Marketing Education, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Health Careers Education, Technical Education or Trade Education)

Wellness Management BS
Women's Studies, Gender and BA, minor

Zoology BA, BS, minor

Medical Imaging Sciences 2+2 BS from SUNY Upstate Medical University
Physical Therapy 3+3 BA-BS in biology/DPT from SUNY Upstate Medical University
Pre-Optometry 3+4 BA in Chemistry from Oswego and an OD in Optometry SUNY College of Optometry, New York City