Campus Recreation & Club Sports

Club Sports - Crew

Campus Recreation provides advisement to all Club Sport organizations. The purpose for each club sport may vary from competitive to recreational in nature. The key element to the club sport organization is that it is sudent initiated and organized with an emphasis placed on participation and interest in the same activity.

Memberships within these organizations are voluntary. The success of the club is determined exclusively on student leadership and group participation. All Club Sports at SUNY Oswego are required to become registered in order to be recognized by the campus community. Listed below are the active club sport organizations. Students, faculty and staff are welcome to participate.

Club Sports - Fencing

Competitive Club Sports

Crew Club (Men & Women)
Equestrian Team at Oswego State
Men's Club Baseball
Men's Club Ice Hockey
Men's Club Volleyball
Men’s Club Lacrosse
Men’s Roller Hockey
Men's Rugby
Men's Club Soccer
Synchronized Skating
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Women's Club Ice Hockey
Women's Club Soccer
Women's Club Volleyball
Women's Rugby

Instructional Club Sports

Aikido Club (Oswego Aikido Club)
Cross Training Club
Del Sarte Dance Club
Fencing Club
Tae Kwon Do

Recreational Club Sports

Badminton Club
Bowling Club
Ski & Snowboard Club
Paintball Club
Outdoors Club
Scuba Club (Oswego Scuba Club)
Table Tennis Club
Running Club (Oswego RUN)

For more information about a specific Club Sport please refer to  The Laker Life Student Organizations Page.

Becoming A Registered Group

Club Sports must complete a registration packet with  The Point in 101 Marano Campus Center. All club sports seeking recognition and funding from Student Association visit The Point or visit the Student Association website. Each registered organization is required to follow the policies and procedures as outlined by the SUNY Oswego Student Handbook, the Student Association and The Point.