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A brand new oswego.edu launched in fall 2010 with an enhanced design, new Ingeniux content management system and a greater emphasis on engaging users on many levels. A "refresh" took place in fall 2012 to add better navigational structures -- including a universal dropdown menu and a Popular Links feature -- plus improved aesthetics and templates with responsive design.


SUNY Oswego is a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, public institution fully committed to the ideals of academic freedom, freedom of expression and multicultural diversity. SUNY Oswego provides access to distributed and local networked resources as a service to the campus community and to the community at large.

While every effort is made to provide information useful to those who access our information systems, SUNY Oswego does not warrant this information to be accurate, authoritative, factual, timely or useful for your purposes. The availability of networked information via SUNY Oswego's information services does not constitute endorsement of the content of that information by SUNY Oswego.

If you feel that information you have obtained via SUNY Oswego's information servers is inaccurate or offensive, we encourage you to contact the original producer/distributor of that information.

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Our college is dedicated to protecting your privacy while making it easy and more efficient for everyone to interact with SUNY Oswego. We offer our full privacy policy online for convenience.


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For accessibility concerns or questions, please send an e-mail to webmaster@oswego.edu. The message will be addressed in a timely manner. For those creating web content, see our accessibility information.