Department of Psychology

For information on the Capstone options and how psychology courses fit into the new major, please see the Degree Programs link.

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The SUNY Oswego Psychology Department focuses on the scientific study of the behavior of humans and nonhuman animals. The department serves one of the largest majors on campus, where students have the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in psychological theory and scientific methodology. To learn more about whether you should major in psychology, please visit the Student Resources page.

The Psychology Department also contributes to a variety of other psychology-related programs for students, which include the Psychology Minor, the Psychology-Philosophy major, the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) degree program, the dual degree BA/MBA program in Psychology and Business, and the Advanced Trauma Studies Certificate program. The Psychology Department also has partnered with other departments to offer majors/minors in areas such as Cognitive Science, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Linguistics.

In addition to serving SUNY Oswego students, the Psychology Department is home to many faculty whose conduct state-of-the-art research in various sub-disciplines in psychology. These faculty are experts in fields such as bio-physiological psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology. Participation in research activities is viewed as a cornerstone for students' learning in psychology and preparation for postgraduate degrees. You can learn more about our faculty and their research interests here.

To learn more about our different degree programs, faculty, clubs, and resources, please read the information on the other pages of this site.  Otherwise, please feel free to visit or contact us directly:

Psychology Department
402 Mahar Hall
tel: (315) 312-4013