Committee on Academic Quality
Minutes for October 11, 2006

Present: Auleta, Carroll, Chambers, Huonker, Loe, Morey

Regrets:  Bell, Goffe, Leblanc

1. Jean Chambers called the meeting to order at 10:10.

2. Discussed the Provost's Oct. 5th memo to the Academic Policies Council on prerequisites. Decided we want to encourage & support the steps she is suggesting to the APC. Two actions were agreed upon: 1) Have our Chair write a letter to the Chair of the APC expressing our interest and encouragement; 2) Have Jean ascertain that all academic courses, including summer and intersession courses, are covered by the

  College's understanding and application of prerequisites.

3. Approved Minutes of 9-25-06.

4. Discussed the Bylaws that Jean handed out earlier.  The content looked good. Minor suggestions were made to change the wording for "Article 1" and "Preamble," and the quorum was reduced to five members.

5. Priority of the latest list of issues ensued, with comments on boosting assessment; the low pass-fail policy; and limits on retaking courses. The quality and learning outcomes of continuing education courses were raised and added to out list of issues.

6. The idea of a password protected faculty blog/forum was raised as a way of bringing in more faculty voices into our discussion of academic quality issues.   Our issues appear to be clusters of issues, and getting more faculty involved in these discussions would help clarify any groups of concerns. Jean will look into this further. Someone would need to monitor such a blog.

7. Adjourned at 10:57.

Next meeting is Thurs. Oct 26, 8:00 - 8:55, in 123 Penfield.

Respectfully submitted,
M. H. Loe


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