Committee on Academic Quality

Minutes for April 4, 2008

Present:   Mary Beth Bell, Susan Camp, Jean Chambers, Bill Goffe, Mark Morey, Pat Pacitti

Minutes from March 14, 2008 ???


A.  Student pictures in Banner (Bill)

Bill reported on this. CTO Joe Moreau believes we need an acceptable use policy; Mike Flaherty is checking with legal counsel about releasing the Aux Services pictures

B.  Average Grades (Bill & Jean)

Handout - Dave Bozak's response to Jean's question about average grade reports.  Essentially, reports from the Registrar's office are forwarded to A&S chairs.  Jean will ask Andy to whom the info is sent, perhaps recommend that info be made available to faculty.

C.  Common Evaluation (Jean)

Handout - Draft Proposal on Public Course Evaluation

Discussion ensued - No need to publish a document, a banner link could be created; evals could be archived. Check Eric for more evals from other campuses. Suggested the Dean of Student's Office could work with Student Association to create the guide. Possibly make completion a requirement for receiving final grades.  This would be an altemative to It is an academic quality issue because reputation effects can influence behavior.

D.  Faculty Responsiveness to E-Mail (Susan)

Handout - Faculty Assembly's Information Technology Council's Draft Proposal:

SUNY Oswego E-Mail Accounts as Official Mechanism of Communication It was noted that there is nothing in the policy that indicates that faculty should respond to students. CAQ suggests an amendment to item 1 line 2 : received and read and explicitly responded to in a timely fashion

E.   Orientation for Adjuncts (Bill)

Handout - Bill's Proposal

Some changes including: eliminate 2~ sentence; insert support and mentoring programs in last line.

Approved to forward with corrections to the Provost

F.   Campus-Wide Discussion on Teaching (Bill) Handout - Bill's Proposal

Approved to be forwarded to COLT co-chairs Jessica Hester and John Kane

Student Views on Education -

Faculty Club - continue discussion of social time for faculty at next meeting.

Adjourned at 3:45 PM

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