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April 9, 2003
OSWEGO -- This year's edition of Quest at SUNY Oswego will feature more than 120 faculty, staff and student presentations on Wednesday, April 23, in the college's annual celebration of learning and research.
Topics such as education and the environment, business and biology, psychology and philosophy, and chemistry and communications will be covered during a series of 15-minute sessions in Lanigan Hall and Hewitt Union. All Quest presentations will be free and open to the public.
Some presentations will examine teaching and learning, such as "Project Globalization, Strengthening Curriculum and Expanding the Ability of the Business Community to Engage in International Trade" by Paula Bobrowski and Paloma Jalife of SUNY Oswego's School of Business, "Profile of Two Learner Communities in Physics" by Alok Kumar the physics faculty and "Returning Inquiry to Research: Rethinking the Teaching of Education Research" by Bruce Long Peng of the curriculum and instruction faculty.
A number of presentations will look at the region's ecosystem, such as student-led sessions on "Modeling Lake-Effect Snowstorms in Oswego County" by Matthew Szwejbka and Colleen Grell, "Study of Channel Changes at Sandy Pond Inlet" by Sarah Green and "Zebra Mussels as Indicators of Lake Ontario Water Quality" by B.J. Galka, Leigh DeRue and Mark Brunschweiger.
Some sessions will tackle topics in the news, such as "Conflict With Iraq: A Media Representation," "Communication Arts and Activism" and "Sex and Violence in Video Games."
The Quest schedule makes room for humor, and studies thereof, through such sessions as "Using Humorous Cartoons to Teach Mineralogy Concepts" by Audrey Rule of the curriculum and instruction department and "U.S. vs. Them: Testing the Limits of Political Humor" by Christopher Karadjov of the communication studies department.
The creative arts will be represented through showcasing of student art, presentations of the winning entries in the Global and International Studies Essay Contest, writing arts awards and music department performances.
The annual symposium of creative and scholarly pursuits of members of the campus community has highlighted research and creativity since 1980.
For more information, contact SUNY Oswego's Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at 312-2875 or visit the center's Web site at
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