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April 7, 2004


    OSWEGO -- Syracuse peace activist Ed Kinane will speak on "Iraq: Eyewitness to Invasion and Occupation" at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 14, in the main lounge of Hewitt Union. The campus Coalition of Peace Education sponsors his admission-free talk.

    Beginning in February 2003, Kinane spent five months in Iraq as part of the Iraq Peace Team, sponsored by the Chicago-based human rights group Voices in the Wilderness.

    Kinane explained the team's presence before, during and after the war, saying, "U.S. peace and justice activists need to witness and, if possible, monitor U.S. occupations."

    For its campaign before the war to lift the sanctions on Iraq, Voices in the Wilderness was three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    "I believe Iraqis would readily be friends and allies of the U.S.," Kinane has written, "if the U.S. didn't prop up tyrants (like Saddam before he outlived his usefulness) or appoint puppets (like the Governing Council) over them. Or let U.S. corporations steal their oil. Or hog the contracts to rebuild the country. Or poison them with depleted uranium or maim and kill them."

    Kinane, born and raised in Syracuse, has served the Syracuse Peace Council as a staff member and more recently as a member of the editorial board of the Peace Newsletter. He is a full-time peace activist, having also worked with the campaign to close the School of the Americas at Fort Benning and with Christian Peacemaker Teams in Haiti.

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