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Aug.30, 2000
OSWEGO -- The Oswego State administrative structure for providing and servicing most of the gadgetry that students, faculty and staff use regularly for teaching, learning and communicating changed over the summer.
Now one organization oversees equipment from overhead projectors to telephones to computers.
Bill Gruszka heads the new umbrella division, Campus Information Services, as interim chief technology officer. Gruszka was previously director of telecommunications. A search for a permanent chief technology officer is expected to begin this semester.
"Primarily, our focus is going to be user support and effective use of resources," Gruszka said.
Campus Information Services reports to Jerry DeSantis, interim vice president for administration and finance. DeSantis sent a memo via e-mail to "campus technology users" in August explaining the changes and the reasoning behind them.
The new structure is essentially the first systematic campuswide attempt to deal effectively with the problems posed by rapidly evolving information technology and its boundless expense. Several campus studies have recommended action on this front, most recently the report of the strategic planning subcommittee on technology.
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