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Aug. 29, 2001
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OSWEGO -- Two new degree programs are available to students at SUNY Oswego this fall that capitalize on the college's international focus.
The new language and international trade program, unique in New York, is designed to prepare students for careers in multinational firms. The other new program, in global and international studies, emphasizes global economic and political issues and readies students for professions with growing international dimensions.
Students are expected to start graduating from Oswego with one of the new degrees in hand in the next couple of years, according to Dr. John Kane, professor of economics, who developed the new language and international trade major with Dr. Virginia Fichera and Dr. George Koenig of the modern languages department.
"There are a few modern language students who have expressed an interest in this major already," he said.
Dr. Steve Rosow, associate professor of political science and director of international studies, said a couple of students may graduate with the global and international studies degree next May.
The new programs are expected to draw students who would not have chosen Oswego otherwise. Rosow pointed to the increasing number of global studies courses in high schools that will pique students' interest in this area.
The language and international trade degree program requires an internship with firms, either domestic or foreign, engaged in international trade. The global and international studies program requires either an internationally oriented internship or a capstone course as the culminating experience leading to the degree.
Oswego has been offering international internships for some time, Rosow noted. Some examples of internships students have already done include working with a law firm in London, interning at the U.S. State Department and assisting the U.S. trade representative to the European Union in Brussels.
The new global and international studies program allows students to concentrate in one of four areas: global politics and governance, global political economy, global culture or area studies. "Given the diversity of options for study within the major, students can use their degree to get into many different fields," Rosow said.
The U.S. Department of Education awarded a grant to Oswego in 1997 to spur development of the language and international trade program.
"We're very excited about our new program," Kane said. "It will offer an opportunity for students to be better prepared for the world of global business."
Oswego's strengths in international offerings include the Hart Global Living and Learning Center, which is a model for other colleges, and one of the largest and most active international education programs in the SUNY system. One of Oswego's recent international graduates, Nikolay Vassilev, recently became deputy prime minister of Bulgaria in charge of that country's economy.
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