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Dec. 5, 2001
OSWEGO -- Future teachers will receive a boost in classroom resources thanks to a donation from Dr. Barbara Shineman, a SUNY Oswego professor emeritus of elementary education.
Shineman, who taught at the campus for 20 years, designated $25,600 to underwrite the first steps of a project to help Oswego's Penfield Library upgrade its resources for pre-service teachers in its Curriculum Materials Center. It will allow for the purchase of computer equipment, media, textbooks and aids for curriculum planning, with a special emphasis on juvenile collections.
"Because teaching is an important part of children's development, it is in the best interest of everybody to provide materials for undergraduates as well as graduate students in the education program to teach effectively in the classrooms," she said.
The staff at Penfield Library first identified the need to upgrade Curriculum Materials Center resources for education students. Education Librarian Barbara Shaffer, who wrote the proposal for the project, noted the center's materials -- including an extensive filmstrip collection -- required updating to reflect the current teaching environment.
"Twenty years ago, a lot of students were seeing filmstrips in the classroom," she said. "That doesn't happen any more."
The donation will help the library acquire technical aids currently used in teaching, such as videos and CD-ROMs.
Shaffer added that the effort sought to eliminate outdated material while adding newer topics such as multiculturalism, social justice and interdisciplinary instruction. An advisory group from the curriculum and instruction department has been instrumental in the updating process, she said.
Linda Rae Markert, dean of the School of Education, said she is "extremely pleased about this timely and truly generous donation. Our teacher preparation programs are nationally accredited by NCATE, and our candidates must have access to up-to-date curriculum support materials, especially those that enable them to make efficient use of instructional technology in their classrooms."
Shineman said she hopes that her donation will draw attention to the need to constantly update these resources materials as well as lead to more people supporting this effort.
Shaffer said she agrees that this is just the start of efforts to continuously upgrade curriculum materials. "Because Oswego has a large and diverse School of Education, there is a need to provide for those who are doing their student teaching," she said.
Shineman, who earned both her bachelor's and master's degrees at Oswego before securing her doctorate at Syracuse University, said she is also happy to support Penfield Library.
"Money going to the library is always very well spent," she said.
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