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Feb. 28, 2001
OSWEGO -- This year SUNY Oswego's annual Penfield Library Associates book sale will be called the Basement Book Sale to reflect the change in location within the library.
This three-day event will be held from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. April 9 and 10 and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 11 in the basement of Penfield Library, formerly the college's language lab.
Entrance to the book sale will be between the library and Lanigan Hall, at the 24-hour room entrance, which is used when the main library is closed. Access or for those who can't climb stairs will be through the library.
"Moving the location of the sale from the main entrance of the library to the basement will be very beneficial, but we are a little concerned over the loss of high visibility," said Blanche Judd, librarian and member of book sale committee. "We decided to start talking about the book sale in advance to ensure that the public will know the new location."
In preparation for the book sale, the basement was painted, ceiling wiring moved and shelving put in place.
Librarian Mary Loe commended the many volunteers, students and maintenance workers who assist in the success of the book sale. "There's a whole lot of work involved, and it takes the help of many people," she said.
Judd said this year the library is seeking more volunteers because of the new location entrance, staffing two desks and the need to supervise a room designated for checking in backpacks.
Both Loe and Judd have been working on the book sale since the beginning in the 1970s. Barbara Shaffer, a gift and education librarian, has been working on the sale for the past two years.
Shaffer noted that the preparation for the sale is ongoing throughout the year, as donations are received and the books categorized by discipline. But one week before the sale is usually an intense period.
"A significant amount of the books we receive as donations are added to enrich our library collection," Shaffer said. Many books are received from other libraries, retiring professors or estate closings.
The library tries to recycle all the leftover books after the sale by donating them to area nursing homes, the Salvation Army and Christian School and even overseas locations where professors previously taught.
Judd noted that the annual book sale is the largest moneymaking event for the library. Last year's book sale raised $5,000.
"This is a community sale that we work very hard to put together, but we have a commitment to literacy," Judd said. "We have a splendid variety of books including children's, fiction, reference and even older books again this year and hope everyone will stop by our new spacious location."
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CONTACT: Mary Loe or Blanche Judd, Penfield Library, 312-4233.

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