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Jan. 16, 2002
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OSWEGO -- SUNY Oswego University Police Chief Thomas M. Ryan and Katherine Knapp, New York State director of criminal justice and commissioner of the Division of Criminal Justices services, recently announced a major new step in the automation and analysis of crime information.
The college's University Police department has completed several months of testing to become certified to participate in the New York State Incident-Based Crime Reporting program, Ryan said. NYSIBR is part of a national effort to improve knowledge about crime to better meet the needs of the law enforcement community and the public in the 21st century. The new system replaces the Uniform Crime Reporting system, which has been the primary source of crime data for 60 years.
The main distinction between the new incident-based system and the old UCR is that NYSIBR collects and maintains data on a case-by-case basis, providing details on each crime reported and the flexibility to do crime analysis. In the old system, case data were aggregated into a limited number of pre-set categories, resulting in the loss of the unique characteristics of each incident.
In addition, the new system collects more information on victims and the extent of injury they suffer, weapon usage, drug seizures and the circumstances surrounding violent crimes. NYSIBR will also permit linking arrests and clearances back to the original crime incident.
"This is a valuable tool for law enforcement planning in the 21st century," Lapp said. "Our enhanced ability to identify community problems and needs will lead to improved public safety."
Certification as an NYSIBR agency reflects the commitment of Oswego's University Police to employ the most up-to-date technologies as part of day-to-day operations, Ryan said. He added that NYSIBR will result in better record keeping in the department and a better understanding of crime patterns on campus. This will improve the department's ability to effectively respond to crime and the needs of residents, he said.
On the state level, the NYSIBR program is administered by the Division of Criminal Justice Services' Bureau of Statistical Services.
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