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July 18, 2001
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OSWEGO -- SUNY Oswego has begun phasing out its Regional Service Program. The 30-year-old program has allowed graduates of high schools in Oswego County who do not meet regular admissions requirements to be admitted to the college.
For fall 2002, a limit of 25 students has been set for the program, and by the following year there will be no RSP students, said Dr. Joseph Grant, vice president for student affairs and enrollment management. Traditionally 65 to 75 RSP students have been enrolled, he said.
He notified Oswego County guidance counselors of the phaseout of the program last month so that they can properly advise their upcoming graduates.
Some students who would have benefited from the Regional Service Program may still attend SUNY Oswego part time as non-degree students. Many others will likely choose full-time study at Cayuga Community College, Jefferson Community College or Onondaga Community College, because non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.
Grant explained that the Regional Service Program originated at a time when local high school graduates had few nearby options to pursue higher education. Today, however, community colleges in the area are offering courses and programs for Oswego County residents, and the Internet permits online access to programs anywhere.
He noted, too, that phasing out the program is taking place "in the context of stiffening standards" at Oswego. "The disparity between the academic preparation of RSP candidates and our regular admission cohort continues to widen," he wrote to high school counselors.
"We're still enrolling hundreds of people from the county," Grant stressed. "It's just that we're trying to find other ways to work with people who fall below our regular admission standards."
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