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March 27, 2002
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OSWEGO -- SUNY Oswego's learner-centered focus as outlined in the college's current strategic plan, "Engagement 2000," has given rise to a new academic conference devoted to the scholarship of learning and teaching.
The first Northeast Regional Conference on Excellence in Learning and Teaching, titled "Beyond Chalk & Talk: Enhancing Student Learning in Higher Education," will take place April 12 and 13 at SUNY Oswego. Scholars from as far away as Africa will present papers.
Two internationally known speakers will headline the program. Roger Schank of Carnegie Mellon University is a scholar in cognitive science and multimedia-based interactive teaching. He is the author of such books as "Designing World-Class E-Learning," "Coloring Outside the Lines" and "Tell Me a Story: Narrative and Intelligence (Rethinking Theory)." Vincent Tinto of Syracuse University is an expert on higher education issues including student retention and learning communities.
The goal is for the conference to become an annual event, said Bill Bosch of SUNY Oswego's Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. Together with the campus Committee on Excellence in Learning and Teaching, he organized this year's inaugural program.
"We will be the founding college," he said. "We want to get as many other colleges involved as possible."
Most of the presenters this year come from throughout the SUNY system. Several SUNY Brockport faculty members will present a panel on their college's "Foray into Online Course Evaluation," for example, and a presenter from Binghamton University will talk about its new integrated four-year undergraduate enrichment program.
From farther afield, a professor from Moi University in Kenya will speak on journal writing and a team from the University of Memphis will explain latent semantic analysis.
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