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May 9, 2001
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OSWEGO -- SUNY Oswego President Deborah F. Stanley has honored three professors for their dedication to advising students. Ann Allen of the communication studies department, Dr. Brooks Gump of the psychology department and Margaret Ryniker of the public justice department are this year's recipients of President's Awards for Excellence in Academic Advising.
"Advising is so very important to a student's success at Oswego and to their life following graduation," said Stanley. "Oswego is proud to have advisers of the caliber of Professors Allen, Gump and Ryniker. Their dedication and care in guiding students epitomize our goal of a learner-centered institution."
Allen serves 25 to 30 students a year as an official academic adviser and serves as a kind of informal adviser to many other students she has met through her teaching assignments in public relations and journalism.
"I don't believe that college is simply a place where you become something, like a teacher or a broadcaster or an accountant. Instead, I tell students to look at college as the place where they become someone," said Allen.
Student Stephanie Hanner said, "Whether it is in reference to an assignment, advice on graduate schools, or career possibilities, she is never impatient and always honest, and I know that she is just as helpful and available to all of her students. . . . I know that she genuinely cares about my interests and actively encourages me to follow them."
Gump advises 35 students but also does a great deal of advisement with mentored students who are not necessarily assigned advisees. "I believe that meaningful advisement and teaching occur in the context of a student-faculty relationship that may develop in the office, in the class or in the laboratory," he said.
Psychology department Chair Tom Darvill said that Gump "has emerged as one of our department's most popular and effective advisers." Student Wendi Morgan agreed. "Overall, Dr. Gump's dedication to students is what makes him so successful as an academic adviser," she said. "He always has an open door."
Gump involves students in collaborative scholarship and teaching opportunities. For instance, Morgan and another student working with Gump, Laura Simpson, will present work at the Eastern Psychological Association.
Ryniker is advisement coordinator for the public justice program and works with the department's peer advisers. She has 97 advisees and helps out advising students for her colleagues when they are on sabbatical.
"Professor Ryniker brings the same extraordinary concern and people skills to advisement that she does to teaching," said public justice Chair Celia Sgroi. "She is interested in students and willing to talk to them about career and personal issues, as well as academic and scheduling matters."
Student Misa Azria transferred to Oswego from Onondaga Community College as a public justice major. "I have been fortunate to have had and still have wonderful professors that are readily available to lend assistance to any of the students in need," she wrote. "There is one professor in particular that I feel has helped me tremendously as a teacher and adviser, and that would be Professor Ryniker."
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