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Nov. 5, 2003

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    OSWEGO -- About nine out of 10 2002 SUNY Oswego graduates had either found employment or were in graduate school within a year of earning their degree, according to the latest "Beyond Oswego" survey.

    The survey, coordinated by the college's Office of Career Services, found 76 percent of graduates employed full time, an increase from 73 percent the previous year. The average salary was $30,779.

    "In that recent two-year span, the job market for college graduates changed from bright to less than bright, so we were pleasantly surprised to see the trends for our graduates were so strong," said Bob Casper, director of career services at SUNY Oswego.

    A national recruiting survey from Michigan State University found companies expected to reduce their college hires in 2002 by 20 percent, so Oswego graduates appeared to buck the trend, Casper said. The class faced the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and the economic downturn.

    Students appeared to find jobs closer geographically. The survey found 44 percent of those employed were in Central New York, up from 40 percent a year earlier. Fifteen percent of employed graduates had found jobs outside New York state, a drop from 20 percent.

    "The teaching job market for this class was better than it had been for five years, which may have enabled more people to find jobs without leaving the state," Casper noted. Ninety-two percent of employed School of Education graduates were in the state, up from 84 percent.

    The percent of graduates pursuing further education fell from 14 to 12 percent, which Casper found a bit surprising. "When the job market is depressed, more people tend to go to graduate school," he explained.

    The survey found 83 percent of graduates from Oswego's School of Business had full-time jobs with an average salary of $33,991; another 5 percent were in graduate schools. Seventy-nine percent of 2002 School of Education graduates were employed full-time with an average salary of $33,074; another 13 percent sought advanced degrees. For the College of Arts and Sciences, 72 percent worked full-time with salaries averaging $27,776, while 15 percent chose graduate school.

    The highest paying positions listed were a finance major earning $85,000 as a bookkeeper/accountant at a medical center and a psychology graduate making $80,000 as an investigator for the New York State Police. Other top earners included a computer science major working as a software engineer ($67,500), a public justice major who was a federal air marshal ($61,000) and a mathematics major who became a computer trainer and consultant ($60,000).

    While a significant number of graduates pursued advanced degrees at SUNY Oswego, others attended such schools as Yale University, the University of Arizona, the Columbia University Teacher's College and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

    In all, 1,075 graduates returned surveys for an impressive 76 percent response rate, Casper said.

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