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Oct. 24, 2001
CONTACT: Dr. John Lalande, 312-2196
OSWEGO -- Dr. John Lalande, chair of SUNY Oswego's modern language and literatures department, has contributed to a pair of study aids that will help students sprechen Deutsch (speak German).
Lalande edited "Teaching Ideas IV: A Collection of Successful Classroom Strategies," recently released by the American Association of Teachers of German. The book, Lalande said, in an annual edition that compiles some of the best ideas from around the world for teaching German.
"It has become the top-selling publication for the association," he said of the series.
The concepts in the book are geared to help instructors at every level -- from elementary school to college. "There are many things all teachers of German have in common," Lalande said, such as a need to engage their students in lessons that maintain interest and provide relevance.
Lalande's creative talents can also be found in a new CD-ROM, "Conversations Around the World: In Germany," a set of four computer programs released by Athelstan.
"They are conversations, but they are learning activities -- showing grammar, developing vocabulary and teaching students various aspects of German-speaking cultures," he said.
Lalande is one of four authors of the material, which is marketed to linguistics and language teachers. For the lessons, he constructed a number of fictional scenarios that provide language lessons as characters solve challenges that spring from misunderstandings or miscommunications.
The CD-ROM can show students "how to deal with difficult situations that arise unexpectedly and teach everyday survival aspects" of being in a foreign country, he explained.
Lalande's previous work includes co-authoring the successful German textbook "Deutsch heute."
"I feel good that the textbook is the top-selling book in its field in the country," he said. "It shows that we have our pulse on the right things. We know that students like it, and teachers as well."
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