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Sept. 19, 2001
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OSWEGO -- The Artswego International Film Series at SUNY Oswego starts rolling for the semester with a screening of "Ma Vie en Rose" on Oct. 2. All four films in the series will start at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday evenings in the basement of Hart Hall.
"Ma Vie en Rose" is a 1997 movie from Belgium that earned a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. It's the tale of a 7-year-old boy who begins to act like a girl and the resulting reactions of adults around him, said Maureen Shanahan, assistant professor of art. She and political science Professor Bruce Altschuler worked together to develop the film series.
"All of the films are stories about children," Shanahan said of this semester's theme.
The second entry, the 1999 China film "Not One Less," will be presented Oct. 23. Its plot centers on a 13-year-old girl who becomes an emergency substitute teacher in rural China and must trek to a big city to bring back a student who runs away.
While the first two films are of a light nature, Shanahan said the third film, "Pixote," is a serious film suited for adult audiences. Showing on Nov. 6, the gripping 1981 Brazilian film is the story of poor, homeless boy dealing with the horrors of street life.
The Francois Truffaut-directed "Small Change," which wraps up the fall session on Nov. 27, is a more light, upbeat tale, Shanahan said. The 1976 French film details the slice-of-life adventures and resilience of a group of children.
"This is the first time we've planned it a year in advance and received funding from Artswego," Shanahan said of the International Film Series. "I'm hoping we can keep it going since we don't have a film studies department at the college. For a lot of our students, these are the first foreign films they have seen."
There is no admission fee for any of the films, and free food is available.
Students in Hart Hall's global studies program receive credit for attending, and there is a discussion following each one. "Even if you're not living in Hart Hall, you can join the discussion," Shanahan said.
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