Apply for ARTSwego funding

To apply for ARTSwego funding, you must first login to ANGEL at ANGEL Login, using your LakerNet ID & password. Next, enroll in the ARTSwego account by following the instructions at  ANGEL Community Self Enrollment. After completing enrollment you will be able to access the Guidelines for Funding Requests, the Project Budget Form, and the 2014-15 ARTSwego Project Support Application Part 2 by going on the ARTSwego group and clicking on “Contents”.

In the Project Budget Form it is important that you follow the first set of instructions rather than the second, as this form deals with the financial portion of your application (projected income and expense) and is designed to add or subtract as you enter your numbers. (Unfortunately, the second set of instructions cannot be modified from the canned language.)

2014-15 ARTSwego Project Support Application Part 2 is the section for responding in a few short sentences or paragraphs to four (4) basic questions. You can also include pertinent website addresses and/or photos. You cannot drag & drop. Instead, click on the “HTML Editor” link immediately under the question text box. Click on the “Insert/Edit Image” icon, which is the yellowish icon in the middle of the toolbar.

Applications are due by Wednesday, March 26, 2014.
If you have questions about the process, email Joyce Molinari or call 312-4581.