Misunderstood (Poetry)

We are one!

failed to understand someone or something correctly

From the beginning we’ve been misunderstood.
From Rosa Parks, to Martin of the King, Junior.

Or was it from Malcolm of the X, Fredrick Douglass?

A Squared Plus B squared. . . (Naw)

We were created to be the best!

Fighting for Our rights.

But as of today, are we the Best!
Are [...]

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One Step at a time.

Ambition: (noun) desire and determination to achieve success


Never let it rest,
Until your good, is better, and your better is BEST!
(Something I personally live by.)

Paradigm shift.

College can be tough at times. Sometimes, you have to change your view on things; situations, assumptions and life itself.

With God, all things are possible. Nothing in [...]

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How many of you have them, friends?

Friends for life

Being away from home can be a dramatic change. But, by getting yourself involved with the Oswego Community can lighten the burden of feeling overwhelmed and home sick. College is fun! Well, college is what you make it. At SUNY Oswego, there are plenty of opportunities [...]

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