Cancel it!

Cancel: (v) to cause (something) to end or no longer produce a certain effect; to stop (something) from being effective or valid


Sinusoids in Engineering

In my Engineering class on Wednesday, we began to learn about Sinusoids; a signal that describes a smooth repetitive motion of an object that oscillates at a constant rate (frequency) about [...]

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The iPhone 6

Clearly Apple has won when it comes to having everyone talk about the iPhone 6 and how it’s either good or bad for different reasons. After looking up the iPhone 6 news on Google, I find a good number of questions as well as striking news revolving around the new iPhone. “China’s iPhone 6 craving [...]

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Why am I hearing people talk about midterm exams? Is it almost time? Oh no!

It’s almost time guys. Midterms will be coming soon and some professors just love to give them out early. I assume it’s to help you decide on whether you want to actually withdraw from a class or not. I had my [...]

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Judge a Book

Judge;  (v)  to form an opinion about (something or someone) after careful thought

Never judge a book by its cover.

I have to say, I judged SUNY Oswego. I did not think it would be this spectacular. This school is one of the best in New York State despite what the statistics show. If you come [...]

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Yeezus Tour/ Festival of the winds

Last Weekend was the most eventful. I was able to catch Kanye West on his Sydney leg of the Yeezus tour. It was without a doubt the greatest concert I have ever been to.



The day after I attended the Festival of the Winds, which is a kite flying festival that takes [...]

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Trip around Latin America

During this program with the Latino Student Union, we were engaged in guessing which country the presenters were discussing after giving some notable facts about a certain country we try to guess. For every country we guessed, they mentioned the current events and fun facts about those countries afterwards. Some countries that we’ve successfully guessed [...]

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