Leadership is an invisible strand
As mysterious as it is powerful. It pulls and it bonds.
It is a catalyst that creates unity out of disorder.
Yet it defies definition. No combination
of talents can guarantee it. No process or training
can create it where the spark does not exist.

The qualities of leadership are universal:
They are found in the poor and the rich, the humble
and the proud, the common man, and the brilliant
thinker; they are qualities that suggest paradox
rather than pattern. But wherever they are found
leadership makes things happen.

The most precious and intangible quality
of leadership is trust — the confidence that the one
who leads will act in the best interest of those
who follow — the assurance that s/he will serve the group
without sacrificing the rights of the individual.

Leadership’s imperative is a “sense of rightness” —
knowing when to advance and when to pause, when
to criticize and when to praise, how to encourage others
to excel. From the leader’s reserves of energy
and optimism, his followers draw strength. In her
determination and self-confidence, they find inspiration.

In its highest sense, leadership is integrity.
This command by conscience asserts itself more
by commitment and example that by directive. Integrity
recognizes external obligations, but heeds
the quiet voice within, rather than the clamor without.


2 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. Great post. ‘True character is the person you are when no one is watching’. When we strengten the character within us, people follow, we become leaders.

    Much of life is the undoing of something that shouldn’t have been done, or could have been done differently. Life’s an inner game, everything hinges on the self, therefore self mastery is key. As humans, we’re given the ability to think at a higher level. Unfortunately, often we don’t. Or at least, not in the way we were designed to. For many, ‘free will’ or ‘free thinking’ is just their belief system in disguise.

    When we’re in the flow, we take giant steps forward effortlessly – there are few obstacles or problems. When we become more (of our-self), we need less. Some words of wisdom from the Tao; ‘The master accomplishes much without doing’. Knowing thyself and self mastery is key.
    Self Mastery

  2. Hi,Great artricle,I would just like to say that you really hit the nail on the head when you said “Leadership’s imperative is a “sense of rightness” –
    knowing when to advance and when to pause, when
    to criticize and when to praise, how to encourage others
    to excel.”I really liked that and We really need that type of leadership in this world today.If we had more leaders in this world today we wouldn`t be in the shape that we are in now.

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