The Half Day

The Half Day

Today, February 26th, we encounter so far the earliest call for cancelled classes in 2014. Afternoon and evening classes were all cancelled, and I could help but feel relieved enough to be able to find the perfect time to study and relieve some of my stress for the two exams I have this Friday. The reason of course for the cancellations was due to the insane snowstorm. The morning was pretty bad even though I didn’t experience how much worse it was around 8 am or 9. When I went outside to run to the bus to go to my 10 am class, I had so much snow all over my clothes as I entered that bus. It was fun, sort of, having to fight the wind and sneaky snow that would find its way passed my glasses and hit my face a little under my scarf. Weirdly enough, I wish I had taken footage of it. The weather here makes you feel like you want to say: “Oh my gosh!”

Spending the day studying meteorology and doing my Insanity workout later in the day is definitely what I look forward to when it comes to feeling better about myself. All I seek is the sense of relief nowadays. After the exams, I think I’ll be just on track with everything. I almost can’t wait for this to be over. I look forward to the spring break coming up. I hope everyone is taking this day as a rest and relaxation type of day unless you have to study and get your relief afterwards.  Whatever is happening, enjoy your half day of classes everyone.

Stress is in the air!

Stress is in the air

Some of us have either taken or will take their first exams soon and begin stressing. I recently had a relaxing Chemistry exam, but I know I won’t be as relaxed when it comes to taking two exams this coming Friday for Meteorology and Ethics. The amount of studying I put per day increases the closer the exam day arrives. I wish I could reverse that fact, but I always tend to “procrastinate” my study time. I usually take notes, place the notes in the back of my folder, and never look at them again until the week before the scheduled exam date. I usually begin studying by the week before an exam arrives.

The classes we all take should be well balanced for the reason of less stress input. Balancing out classes reduce the possibility of feeling overwhelmed with added chance of having an exam for two or more classes on the same date. Sometimes I feel like I work better under pressure, but that is risky to my health. When I researched about stress on the website:, I found that we generally use the word “stress” when we feel that everything seems to have become too much. We are overloaded and wonder whether we really can cope with the pressures placed upon us.  Therefore, I am stressed in the general manner. The thing is, I hope myself or anyone else doesn’t get themselves thinking too much and stressing over things because of the possible effects from it.

  • Blood pressure rises
  • Breathing becomes more rapid
  • Digestive system slows down
  • Heart rate rises
  • Immune system goes down
  •  Muscles become tense
  • We don’t sleep, resulting in a heightened state of alertness

This list is derived from; where we all can self-evidently see that stressing is not a good thing both mentally and physically. I can only give the advice to stay as calm as possible, even if you have a sort of pessimistic view. Know that your physical health is what you should take into priority. Decide and learn to make or take easy shortcuts within your studying or schedule planning to reduce any chance of the possible side effects from stress.

It’s getting warmer

It’s getting warmer


After walking outside of cooper dining hall for lunch in February 21, I couldn’t continue without taking a decent picture of the snow melt and the clear sky indicating the increase of temperature. I can’t wait until the warm weather kicks in. SUNY Oswego looks and feels amazing when it’s warm and you can see the green in the ground and up top on the trees. I want it to feel like when I first moved in during August. A warm sunny day minus the bags I had to travel with from the campus center to Cayuga Hall. Those enjoyable times are about to arrive once again and I can only feel great about expecting them.

Although the temperature is warm for the week, the weather is bound to get a little messy as the days progress. I’m expecting quite a bunch of rain to be bothering us; just as much as the snow did when we arrived back from winter vacation. There’s probably some more snow to expect, especially if we go along with the outcome of groundhog day when the groundhog saw it’s shadow. Thus indicating there are six more weeks of winter.

Whether its cold or not, I look forward to the sunny days because only they make me feel like I had a good day. Whenever it rains, I feel either down or uncomfortable, probably because of the humidity. Hope everyone enjoys the weather up here until the spring and summer vacations.

On February 24, the storm came in. I guess this is what we get for the beautiful weather. However, the whiteout we are getting this week is beautiful, too (as long as you’re indoors). The weather is always interesting here in Oswego. One can’t help but love it.


Sunday seems to be that one day that most college students spend procrastinating. Although it’s not recommended to do your homework so late in the week, the good thing is that we can all get our work done on time most of the time. It’s almost a social thing to do your homework so late because you mostly want to spend the weekend with your friends and hang out and share memories and all. I feel like I procrastinate for this reason most of the time besides special occasions like being sick and just being straight lazy. Sometimes within my laziness, I find myself reading and following up on trends I tend to follow up on through Facebook and Twitter; things I don’t usually do. I don’t know exactly why I don’t always read up on news articles but to me it seems like I can trust to find things out from my friends. Whether I hear rumors or not, I always look things up for whatever news I hear from friends.

Usually on Sundays I look forward to eating brunch with my friends, the best meal in my opinion. I mean who wouldn’t want pizza along with their cinnamon toast?  It’s unique and not really a meal you have everyday which is what I like about the dining halls. I could get used to eating the same food three times a day every day as long as there’s Saturday and Sunday to mix it up a little.  I feel like now that I’m writing about Sunday, I see that I actually do more than I thought I usually do. Whenever I look back to a Sunday, I always have in mind: “Oh I didn’t do anything besides procrastinate hah.” I would either think this or tell it to my friends whenever they ask: “how’s your day going? “ Or ironically if someone specifically asks: “how was your Sunday?”  

Recently I’m recovering from my cold still and I almost can’t wait to feel completely recovered. It really is sad spending a week sick especially when I got it by pretty much asking for it. What happened was that after participating in an Insanity workout event at Oneida Hall on a Monday, I travelled back to Cayuga walking as fast as possible without a scarf on. I learned my lesson, but usually I always tell myself I learn my lesson when I consider the different ways I get sick. I almost always get sick in some unique matter, and I hope I won’t have to find out any more new ways to get sick first hand. I hope you guys don’t take this campus’s windy and cold weather for granted. Stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy your Sundays procrastinating!

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

The cold never bothered me anyway

                Hello all, I just felt like addressing the weather here in Oswego. It’s practically bipolar as most of us know, but to those new incoming freshmen who come to read up on our blogs, guess what, it can be pretty warm after a while here in Oswego! Honestly I think it all depends on where you live and how long you live in Oswego until you get to really judge what cold really is to you. This may be confusing, but let me break it down. We all start off by attending events in Oswego before our freshman first semester. Whether it’s Orientation or Acceptance Student’s Day, we notice the weather is quite warm and beautiful, reflecting an amazing image in your head that you will love it here. Trust me you will enjoy it more when you experience the first snowfall or whiteout here on campus. I know the first time there was a whiteout, I was surprised and quite frankly, I found it pretty cool as long as I was indoors of course.

Weather-wise, you’re better off not bringing an umbrella to SUNY Oswego. I STRONGLY suggest you don’t invest in one for your time here. Why? Well we have this lake, Lake Ontario, and it loves to send northbound Canadian wind southwards towards us, creating these wind tunnels that will either simply have rain/snow hit you sideways or break your umbrella/have you flying. Overall the weather is a pretty sight to look at sometimes, especially from the new Shineman Center. When living in west campus, I can only recall there being a wind tunnel in front of Onondaga and in between Seneca and Cayuga Halls. I’m not completely sure of any other wind tunnels to look out for. The real “danger” to look out for is when all the snow covering the ground by a foot or two start to turn to ice.  It’s difficult to walk through and I usually go through a shortcut to west campus located south from the quad near Hewitt union heading towards Tyler Hall. This is a shortcut most people, and more than likely, you, will be used to taking throughout those warm spring and autumn days. However in the winter, I’d rather go around it or challenge myself to go through the shortcut.

When it comes to the temperature, you do feel it being a little cold over time and it does get chillier. Considering your first semester however, the more time you spend here, the more accustomed you are to the gradual decrease in the average temperature throughout your first semester. You, or a handful of people, start getting a sort of superiority complex when you go back to visit in your vacations usually only if you are from NYC or some other southern city. For example, you go about eaves dropping on your friends complaining about how cold it is and you go and chuckle in their face saying the weather there is nothing compared to Oswego. Well… Oswego kind of bites you back again when you travel back to prepare for the beginning of your second semester. You realize just how cold it really is where every day feels like the temperature is in the single digits, sometimes at subzero.

If you think about it, these kinds of temperatures can be considered as “decent” to those living off campus within the city of Oswego. Why is it all of sudden like a reset? Where it’s like you never felt real cold before? This is because you got accustomed to the temperatures from back home so quickly. The reason why I bring this up is because I experienced this first hand and was shocked seeing people in shorts as I was travelling back to Oswego from a Greyhound bus transferring to a Centro bus. I was pretty much cocooned in my winter coat while I see a couple of people walking by in a lot less attire.

All I can suggest is make sure to be prepared guys. Bring boots for the snow, not for show. Grab a warm coat and enjoy your time here in SUNY Oswego. It’s a new experience for all of us.


My Valentine’s Day spent sick

          Being sick really ruins a lot of plans. I mention this because lately I’ve had a strong cold throughout this week, or Valentine’s week. Hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s Day whether it was spent with your significant other or with your friends. People who were pretty sick, well, I feel for you. I didn’t know what to do without risking myself getting sicker if I had gone with my friends ice skating or travelled back to NYC to meet with my significant other. Instead, all I felt I could do is decline the fun in ice skating (even though I can’t skate and would probably be engulfed from embarrassment whenever I’d fall) and go stay in my dorm to have a Skype call with my girlfriend. For me, it’s more deserving taking care of my health in which I had to think thoroughly about with the help of my best friend. She told me I should just go to the Mary Walker health center, but at first I had refused the chance to go because it would be my first time going. It always feels weird to me going somewhere the first time. On Valentine’s Day, my fourth day being sick, I chose to go and my doctor recommended I take Zyrtec and so far, I’ve been feeling better since then.

This week hasn’t been anything I would have looked forward to, but I am happy to take care of my health in the end. I hope everyone had a safe Valentine’s night and best of luck for all of you that started your relationships. Love forever.


Winter Break

Winter Break

                I hope everyone is as happy as I am that Finals week is over. I know some feel even more accomplished for going through their first semester at SUNY Oswego. It’s a great feeling to get to know people and also get to know some who live around the same area as you do. Everyone should spend time with friends, but most importantly your families. Spend the holidays with care and I hope everyone gets home and arrive back to the campus safely in January. I’m happy to figure out how huge of a break we have; even though I sometimes worry if I’ll forget certain course material needed for those classes requiring knowledge from previous classes. I think it would help for everyone to not get too carried away by doing nothing related to studying. The more information we keep stored in our minds the better our performance. Good luck to everyone and I hope you all have a great vacation. Enjoy!

Stay Clean

Stay clean


                Hello Oswegonians, I’m here to request a favor to ourselves to always keep our hands clean. We are all paying for our classes, and it would really be a problem to get sick if it’s due to someone else’s spreading of the sickness. On that note, we all are respectful enough on a daily basis, so why not be slightly more respectful by being considerate of everyone especially yourself. You could get yourself sick rubbing your eyes, even though we all know that from our past, and it would be horrible to figure that you happen to have gotten sick from shaking hands with someone after a hello or after you meet someone new and shake on it. Be considerate, make sure you always tell the friend you’re communicating with that you are sick or feel like you’re getting sick.

Personally I’m still slipping through from getting sick by sticking to my workout, which really helps nullify a stuffy nose. Also any time that I feel a cold really trying to affect me, I would stay in my room and take a night time medicine and sleep early on it. It is super effective to me, and it could be as effective for you. I suggest finding a cardio workout to do that keeps you breathing in and out your nose then mouth to feel better breathing normal afterwards without the runny nose. The medicine should be the last thing on your mind if you live in this campus full of so much space to run and so much time to spend in the gym!

Go out there and be clean and help yourself while respecting others. You will be loved by yours truly and make sure to feel good about keeping yourself clean. Make it a habit! It’s going to be a long winter with occasional temperature changes. Let’s enjoy the experience we have always wanted and expected out of moving out here to Oswego.


The Insanity workout


This workout has been previously known to be one of the hardest workouts to ever been put out on DVD. Although this deems to have been true, it is still possible to do and accept this challenge. We should feel comfortable with challenging our bodies as long as it’s safe and we can get a positive outcome out of it. Who wouldn’t want to feel good and be fit? We all do, but some of us choose many different options to get the same outcome. This option in particular, the Insanity workout, is an option where the work you put in is exactly what you get without the use of special equipment. Better yet, there are no sit ups or crunches!

Shaun Thompson or “Shaun T” is the choreographer and fitness specialist who made this workout follow a certain routine that is designed to help you get the maxed results in a short period of time. His routine is the opposite of the traditional interval training routine. In interval training, you work out for 30 seconds and rest for 3 to 4 minutes. Shaun’s Insanity workout instead has you working out for 3 to 4 minutes and resting for a water break for 30 seconds. The results are amazing and every person that I know of who has done this workout for a considerable amount of time have all seen a convenient change in their bodies. The workout is indeed helpful since it gives you the maximum results in only 60 days (give or take 3 or 4 days).

I asked some friends about their experience with Insanity whether they lasted from a day to 5 Insanity cycles (1 Cycle = 2 months):

“It’s repetitive, tiring, and there’s a lot of sweat involved” –Erin Fanini

“Well after ten minutes I was already sweating bullets. Then all my muscles started burning, but at the same time, I was energized. Overall, I think it’s a very good workout and it’s very effective.”

–Marcileni Baldera

“I really enjoyed it! I felt like it worked every muscle in my body and made me feel better about myself! It didn’t take up too much time so I was able to do other things either before or after! Most of the time I did it right when I woke up so it was a great way for me to start my day on a good note!”

-Rachel Treiling

In my opinion, Insanity feels like it nullifies the chances of getting nose congestion/getting sick from flu-like symptoms. It’s probably because you are only so busy breathing within the workout that your body maybe listens to that over whatever causes you to get sick. The fact of the matter is, I’m still not sick after just seeing so many friends get sick for days while my workout buddy and I endure the challenge that is Insanity. A great thing to think about is that it fights the myth of “freshman 15”.




Don’t Procrastinate

              Procrastination is something all of us have a habit of. I have a personal interest in the word only because I know from Latin what the word actually means. When you break it apart you have the word “cras” which means tomorrow. So when you think about it, is tomorrow worth delaying your work for? When you’re in college, we are almost forced to wake up and speed up on getting our work done. We are obviously paying for our studies, so why do we slow down to the very last minute of crunch time or maybe even not do the work at all? Simple, it’s easier. Procrastinating is so easy and it is because we love pursuing the easiness.

Our lives shouldn’t be delayed, but only you can decide the factor of procrastinating. It’s either do the hard work or take the lazier approach and not do the work. Although it helps to be under pressure with a shorter allotted time, it’s still a risky decision to go about that. The workload can only get harder the longer you wait, so you can only thank your professors for probably giving you more time than you should have to complete your papers/projects. There are techniques out there that may sound cheesy but could really help. One of which is one I learned from my Principles of Programming class: The Pomodoro Technique.


There is also the ability to keep a time schedule by actually writing one down rather than keeping one in your head. You have a higher chance of forgetting things you don’t write down than things you do write down. Our brains are very distracted as I learned from Psychology where we can remember what we just learned, but if we were to get tested for it a few hours later, we won’t remember it as well without really studying it over time. Also don’t assume you have the time for everything in a whole day when it comes to hanging with friends, playing tennis for a few hours with your roommate, or spending time on your phone playing games or texting. You shouldn’t assume you’ll have enough time to study after so many activities crunched in a single day before a quiz, exam, or when a paper is due! Be realistic and know what you need to do to change your plans and make space for studying for a good amount of time in your day.