Committing to SUNY Oswego

Committing to SUNY Oswego

I have noticed some of the admitted students wonder whether to commit to attending this university and the answer is: they definitely should! Well why? Well, SUNY Oswego has a wide variety of activities, clubs, sports, and dorms to try out! Especially the fun orientation over the summer! Oh how I wish I can be a freshman again next year… As a current second semester freshman, I definitely love it here and wish to live and study here quite lot more. When you think about graduating sooner and sooner, you are getting closer to living away from the best 4 years of your life, give or take a few more years if you’re going to graduate school.

The traveling, specifically from New York City to here can be a pain in the neck if you are using the bus(es) to travel here. Using both Greyhound and Centro is probably the best way by bus since Greyhound has outlets within the bus, from what I know of. It can take a total of 9 hours adding waiting time and the time to arrive to the bus from whichever borough you live in using the MTA. The actual bus rides would take 6 to 7 hours. However, you should realize you aren’t the only one! There are many city kids here in Oswego and they enjoy coming back every semester to this university. The friends you make is really hard to let go once you commit, especially when you go back home for vacations. You’d have to wait to come back to the university to live with them again in your respective dorm halls.

It’s also great to find out you have quite a number of things in common with others within the SUNY Accepted Students Class of 2018 page. The same hobbies, sports, etc…! Take note that your college friends have the most potential of being your lifelong friends!

When it comes to choosing a dorm hall, this all depends on how you feel like living. All dorms have something unique about them but here’s some basic information. East campus dorms are Scales, Waterbury, Riggs, and Johnson. Scales and Waterbury do not have a dining hall, thus, you would have to walk to the lakeside dining hall that is connected between Riggs and Johnson. Johnson is the freshman dorm hall that requires you to do some community service type of classes (I’m not completely sure what they are since I haven’t really chose to live there) in order to stay there.  The one dorm I have never been to Riggs. The middle campus dorms are Hart and Funnelle, Hart is the international dorm, the dorm that invites those who come from different nations and come here, and just like Johnson, you need to do some sort of community service classes in order to stay. Funnelle seems to be the dorm many students favor because of the wide rooms and the fact that it’s so close to all the academic buildings! You will most likely be eating at the Cooper dining hall connected between Hart and Funnelle when you come for orientation.  The West campus dorms are Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, and Oneida. Seneca is a huge 10 floor dorm hall while Cayuga is the 4 floor dorm hall with the amazing RA’s! But I’m probably only being bias. Both Cayuga and Seneca share Pathfinder Dining hall and there’s a tunnel connecting both dorms. Similarly Onondaga is like Seneca only for upper classmen and full of suites, and Oneida is like Cayuga only with lounges on every floor plus a computer lab to print stuff out. The Village is the farthest place to live on campus, unfortunately I don’t know much about living there.

Overall, the choice is yours and we are lucky to be given the chance to choose where we want to live and with which roommate specifically. Hope we all can be friends and enjoy making your commitment to SUNY Oswego worthwhile!

Just Say “Yes” To All The Places You’ll Go

I have to say that during my freshman year of college here, I was pretty intimidated by the overwhelming amount of things that happen at SUNY Oswego. I came from a high school that was connected to its middle and elementary school and graduated in a class of 61 people. The only thing I ever participated in besides academics in high school was drama club. It was definitely worth it. I was able to snag two lead roles in that time and know the ways to make a proper performance.

When I first came to SUNY Oswego, I knew I wanted to do more. And everyone that I had talked to about college had told me to get involved in things besides academics. From the start, I joined The Oswegonian newspaper and a few clubs but only went to their general interest meetings and then fizzled out over the next few weeks.

Over the last year or so, I’ve just begun to notice just how much SUNY Oswego can do for someone and where it can take them. I made it a goal of mine last year to not say “no” to things so suddenly when they come up. There were a lot of opportunities that came up that I simply refused and others thought, “yeah that would be cool, but I’ll probably never do it.”


That changed last year and it has rewarded me ever since. One of my favorite things to do is travel. I’ve been to almost half of the U.S. states and have seen some wonderful sites of North America and close to home in New York State. I befriended the president of the history club last year and she told me over winter break that the club was going to Washington, D.C. later that spring. She knew I was a huge history buff and asked if I might want to go. I had wanted to go to Washington, D.C. since I was in fifth grade. I wanted to see the Washington Monument and the original Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, along with all the spectacular monuments. This was one of those “yeah that would be cool, but I’ll probably never do it” moments. But then I went…


It was one of the best trips I’d taken in years and was everything that I expected it to be. I also met some people that became my best friends this year and became a full time member of the history club. We are going to Philadelphia in April, another place I’ve always wanted to go. The whole trip just opened my eyes as to what I had the ability to do now.

In November of this year, I was told about “Alternative Spring Break” that SUNY Oswego offers. I’d heard about it before, where students have volunteered to go down to New Orleans to help in the still on-going repairs from Hurricane Katrina. I was told that the trips this year were going to Mississippi, Alabama, and Iowa. I thought, “Well, I’ve never been to those states before” and I love helping people so for only $150, I was gladly able to jump on that band wagon. I was placed in the Alabama group, which is volunteering for Habitat For Humanity and I leave for that in just a few days.


I’m hoping to go international next year, whether it be the international trips that Alternative Spring Break offers or a Communications quarter class where students can go to Paris or London over spring break.

I never even imagined I’d be doing any of these things during my college years. I’ve come to realize that now is when I have the time, the expenses are right, and the overall experience is always worth it. SUNY Oswego and college itself offers so much to do in a little four year span. All you have to say is “Yes.” In terms of my joy of traveling, it’s a wonder to think of all the places I’ve gone and all the places I might go, all because I decided to go to SUNY Oswego.



Three Ways to Budget Your Time Wisely

As one goes through their college career, they start to get busier and busier as they take harder classes and become more involved on campus. Everyone also has their “week from hell” every once in a while where so many important things are all due in the same week.

This past week, I had one of those weeks from hell. In a single week, I had two huge group projects due two days apart, a paper, and more (which is mentioned below) added onto my usual weekly workload. I had dreaded last week for this whole semester and it arrived rather fast. I believe I survived last week by doing the following things:

1. Leave Open Space for Unexpected Surprises:

While I knew I had a lot of assignments due last week, I knew there would be more than I was expecting. For example, I wrote a paper that was due in the middle of the week. Upon bringing the paper to class, the professor without prior notice says, “Now, you are going to switch papers with someone else in the class and critique their work. This is due two days from now.” Because I left open patches in my schedule, I knew I had to give one of those up in order to complete the assignment.

That week, I also helped a friend with a project and helped out with a video shoot. These two tasks were all on short notice. Every week is different and a single week is never set in stone. One’s schedule has to be flexible enough to change at any moment. Always keep a few hours free just in case.

2. Get Things Done Early:

There would have been no way to finish all of my work in a single week. I instead broke my tasks up in chunks and did small bits of each beforehand. One of my two group projects was actually completed the week before it was due. I met with my group members both online and offline and worked during less busy weeks to get it done. The paper I had due Wednesday was actually finished a couple of days prior because I wanted to use the time Tuesday night to work on other things rather than rush out a paper.

There have also been times in the past where I completed assignments a week or more before they were due, just because I couldn’t think of any other time I would have to get them done. Procrastinating is easy to do. I’ve done it plenty of times. When one has multiple assignments due day after day, procrastinating isn’t an easy option to choose. There’s no shame in getting things done early.

3. Make a To-Do List:

The most successful days and weeks I have are the ones where I have made to-do lists. I always have so many things to do during any given week that it becomes very hard to remember them all. To-do lists allow me to keep track of what I have to do. Making a to-do list also gives me satisfaction when I’m able to cross an item off of my list. I can get a visual as to how much progress I have made in a day or week. It also forces me to commit to a plan of action.

Throughout college, there are always so many things to do and so little time to do them. College students typically procrastinate, but sometimes, that will prove to be ineffective. This is especially true during midterm and finals weeks, I do follow the advice I gave above and it does lead to be more productive and relaxed. These strategies also give me time to polish my work rather than hand in the first draft of a paper and call it a day. Be wise with your time. Don’t waste it.

WTOP: The Beginning of Something New

Studio at WTOPThis semester, I am expanding my horizons by becoming a part of the TV world at WTOP.

I have no plans to be in front of the camera – at least anytime soon. Instead, I chose to be a part of the crew, operating a camera for the nightly news.

Joining WTOP is not something that I necessarily need for my career path – at least Public Relations. However, one of my biggest interests revolves around television. I am fascinated in what goes into television programming. From sporting events to ceremonies, to national news programs, to local programming, I love having a look behind the scenes of it all.

So, joining WTOP was something simply for fun. Just because it is for fun however, does not mean I cannot take away anything from the experience.

I look forward to learning what goes into a news program, how a TV team works together, what certain positions entail, and most importantly, how to perform at my best for my assigned position.

Working a camera may seem like nothing, but on the day of my training, I learned there was a whole lot more to it. Learning terms, controls, different cameras, and positions can be intimidating at first.

I tend to get nervous about a lot – pretty much everything, even the simple parts of life. I like to think that is what drives me at times. Jumping into WTOP, I was extremely nervous.

I was nervous about what I could control. I was nervous about what I could not control.

A friend of mine, who is a member of WTOP, got an earful of questions from me the week leading up to my debut behind the camera.

After training, a run through, and the first few weeks of live shows, I feel much more comfortable.

I am still far from perfect.

I have much to learn and I can only get better with practice. As a whole, I feel happy, comfortable, and confident, especially with the team of people around me at WTOP.

I am sure I will be getting a call from NBCUniversal any day now for a job behind the camera.

I am kidding, of course.

But down the road, who knows?

PRSSA Brunch Fundraiser on March 9th

American Cancer SocietyHelp fight cancer while fighting your hunger!

PRSSA, the Public Relations Student Society of America, is hosting and promoting a special fundraiser this weekend.

In support of the American Cancer Society, brunch will be served this Sunday, March 9th, at The Shed in Oswego.

Tickets are $10 and can be bought at the door. A percentage of all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

The brunch begins at Noon and lasts until 3 p.m. This way, it is possible to sleep in and still catch a nice meal to start the day.

The Shed can be found at 1 Washington Blvd right here in Oswego. I’ve personally never been there yet, but I have heard great things about the food.

We have been working very diligently at PRSSA in the recent weeks to promote this event and we hope to make a difference. Even if it is small, it is still worth it.

Who knew you can fight cancer with bacon?

4 Years and 4 Roommates: My Story

I remember as a college freshmen, I was very nervous to find out who my first roommate was going to be. Living with someone you don’t know can be scary. This same “fear of the unknown” is something I went through multiple times. I have had four different roommates, one for each year of school. Three out of four of these roommates were randoms.

I really have gotten lucky with roommates. My first roommate and I had a lot in common. We got along great and even had a similar group of friends. To make a long story short, there was a conflict within our group of friends and I grew apart from them. My roommate and I at the time went from being close friends to more so acquaintances. He also had a girlfriend who would never acknowledge me, no matter what I did. It got pretty uncomfortable in that room at times.

During our second semester, one of my roommate’s friends had his roommate move out, so he moved into that vacant spot, leaving me with no roommate for the rest of my freshmen year. If you have a good roommate, having your own room isn’t that much different. The room is just quieter and there’s a lot more space for activities. About this first roommate, as the years went by, we actually became closer friends and he is even my neighbor now which is really cool.

I decided to keep my freshmen year room for my sophomore year and leave it up to fate as to who would lie in the empty bed sitting in my room. Turns out, it was someone I had met weeks prior to reserving my room once again. I was happy that this new roommate was at least someone I was familiar with. My second roommate turned out to be great! He also had a girlfriend, but this time, the girlfriend actually talked to me and because she was in the room so often, she felt like a third roommate. She was great to me so I really didn’t mind.

My sophomore roommate decided that he wanted to live off campus the following year, so I had to find a new roommate because I wanted to stay in the dorms. I became close friends with a guy that lived two doors down from me, so I asked him if he wanted to be roommates with me and he agreed so long as we moved to a different residence hall. I happily agreed.

My third roommate again was great. This was the first time I didn’t have a random, so I kind of expected this. At the end of the year, I was prepared to live with him again, but he got hired to become an RA. The RA job would come with his own room, leaving the adjacent bed empty for my senior year.

So I lied above. I actually had a fifth roommate. This roommate who came in at the start of my senior year was nice. He was a junior transfer, so the whole college thing was very new to him. I barely saw him and because I was so busy, he barely saw me. After three days, he texted me, saying that school was not for him and that he was preparing to drop out. At this point, I ran from the involvement fair in the campus center back to my room and caught him right on time to say our final goodbyes.

For the following three weeks, I would have my own room once again. It was fun, but because there are more students living on campus this year, I knew it had to end eventually. I was told by a friend on my floor that there was a freshmen who was being bullied by his roommate and was looking for somewhere new to live. I had only met this guy once before, so it very much felt like taking the same plunge as when I got a random at the start of the year. I agreed to let him move in and it definitely was the right decision.

My relationship with my current roommate is different than that of my other three, and that’s not to say it’s a bad thing. My previous three roommates are in my social circle. They would be the people I would hang out with during the weekends or on a random night. This time, my roommate has his friends and I have mine. Even though this is true, we still have become very close over the course of the year. We talk a lot to each other and it’s really fun to kind of look into the life of a freshmen once again, but this time, from the perspective of having been there.

Not everyone can say that they have become good friends with their roommates. Sometimes, it just wasn’t meant to be. I feel very lucky that not only did I become friends with all four of my roommates, but I see them all on a regular basis to this day. I do not take this for granted at all. If you are a freshmen and are worried about who may move in with you, just keep an open mind. You never know who you will meet or what will happen. Its a lot of fun leaving this up to chance.

The Half Day

The Half Day

Today, February 26th, we encounter so far the earliest call for cancelled classes in 2014. Afternoon and evening classes were all cancelled, and I could help but feel relieved enough to be able to find the perfect time to study and relieve some of my stress for the two exams I have this Friday. The reason of course for the cancellations was due to the insane snowstorm. The morning was pretty bad even though I didn’t experience how much worse it was around 8 am or 9. When I went outside to run to the bus to go to my 10 am class, I had so much snow all over my clothes as I entered that bus. It was fun, sort of, having to fight the wind and sneaky snow that would find its way passed my glasses and hit my face a little under my scarf. Weirdly enough, I wish I had taken footage of it. The weather here makes you feel like you want to say: “Oh my gosh!”

Spending the day studying meteorology and doing my Insanity workout later in the day is definitely what I look forward to when it comes to feeling better about myself. All I seek is the sense of relief nowadays. After the exams, I think I’ll be just on track with everything. I almost can’t wait for this to be over. I look forward to the spring break coming up. I hope everyone is taking this day as a rest and relaxation type of day unless you have to study and get your relief afterwards.  Whatever is happening, enjoy your half day of classes everyone.

Stress is in the air!

Stress is in the air

Some of us have either taken or will take their first exams soon and begin stressing. I recently had a relaxing Chemistry exam, but I know I won’t be as relaxed when it comes to taking two exams this coming Friday for Meteorology and Ethics. The amount of studying I put per day increases the closer the exam day arrives. I wish I could reverse that fact, but I always tend to “procrastinate” my study time. I usually take notes, place the notes in the back of my folder, and never look at them again until the week before the scheduled exam date. I usually begin studying by the week before an exam arrives.

The classes we all take should be well balanced for the reason of less stress input. Balancing out classes reduce the possibility of feeling overwhelmed with added chance of having an exam for two or more classes on the same date. Sometimes I feel like I work better under pressure, but that is risky to my health. When I researched about stress on the website:, I found that we generally use the word “stress” when we feel that everything seems to have become too much. We are overloaded and wonder whether we really can cope with the pressures placed upon us.  Therefore, I am stressed in the general manner. The thing is, I hope myself or anyone else doesn’t get themselves thinking too much and stressing over things because of the possible effects from it.

  • Blood pressure rises
  • Breathing becomes more rapid
  • Digestive system slows down
  • Heart rate rises
  • Immune system goes down
  •  Muscles become tense
  • We don’t sleep, resulting in a heightened state of alertness

This list is derived from; where we all can self-evidently see that stressing is not a good thing both mentally and physically. I can only give the advice to stay as calm as possible, even if you have a sort of pessimistic view. Know that your physical health is what you should take into priority. Decide and learn to make or take easy shortcuts within your studying or schedule planning to reduce any chance of the possible side effects from stress.

It’s getting warmer

It’s getting warmer


After walking outside of cooper dining hall for lunch in February 21, I couldn’t continue without taking a decent picture of the snow melt and the clear sky indicating the increase of temperature. I can’t wait until the warm weather kicks in. SUNY Oswego looks and feels amazing when it’s warm and you can see the green in the ground and up top on the trees. I want it to feel like when I first moved in during August. A warm sunny day minus the bags I had to travel with from the campus center to Cayuga Hall. Those enjoyable times are about to arrive once again and I can only feel great about expecting them.

Although the temperature is warm for the week, the weather is bound to get a little messy as the days progress. I’m expecting quite a bunch of rain to be bothering us; just as much as the snow did when we arrived back from winter vacation. There’s probably some more snow to expect, especially if we go along with the outcome of groundhog day when the groundhog saw it’s shadow. Thus indicating there are six more weeks of winter.

Whether its cold or not, I look forward to the sunny days because only they make me feel like I had a good day. Whenever it rains, I feel either down or uncomfortable, probably because of the humidity. Hope everyone enjoys the weather up here until the spring and summer vacations.

On February 24, the storm came in. I guess this is what we get for the beautiful weather. However, the whiteout we are getting this week is beautiful, too (as long as you’re indoors). The weather is always interesting here in Oswego. One can’t help but love it.

The Power of Just Showing Up

“Showing up is 80 percent of life.” -Woody Allen

Woody Allen’s quote above is easily one of my favorite quotes. I am almost at the end of my college career and lately I have been reflecting back on just how I made it this far. There are a decent amount of students who end up not making it this far. I have had friends who have dropped out, failed out, or have struggled along the way. College isn’t easy, but with the right attitude and strategies for success, succeeding is extremely possible.

I am a believer in the power of just showing up. There are so many times when I wake up in the morning and don’t want to go to class. I feel lazy and tired. My bed feels way too nice upon just waking up. I’m sure everyone can relate to this. In the end, I force myself out of bed each morning and once I enter the classroom, I am excited to start my day and gain some wisdom.

I could have chose to skip class, but I know that is never the right decision. Even if I am struggling in a class, just being there for each one has definitely made a good impact on my grades. I would feel lost if I just skipped. I believe I remember at my orientation, the staff repeated the phrase, “Go to class!” over and over again. I now understand why.

Aside from just going to class, just showing up is probably the biggest reason why I became so involved in the clubs I joined on campus. When the clubs held meetings, I showed up. When I had to go through training to learn how to operate equipment at WTOP or WNYO, I just showed up and others assisted me with the rest. When I show up, people get to know who I am because they get to see me and we get to talk to each other. There is no way I would have multiple leadership positions if I just sat in my room and took the easy way out.

Next time you have somewhere to go, the most powerful thing you can do is just get out of your room and arrive where you need to be. That’s 80 percent of the battle right there. Once you’ve shown up, the other 20 percent is just doing what you need to do.