Dear Golf, You Induce a Love Hate Relationship

I have determined that golf makes me feel really happy or really depressed. Sometimes I will have the most beautiful shot and it will make my day and sometimes I lose six balls into the woods….

Its amazing how such a little ball can cause so much angst.

Next week is my last week at Target and graduation. I am really excited but really nervous too. The district guy that I have to impress is really hard to read. He is super confusing as well.

I am excited to go back to Oswego though, I can’t wait! It as always is going to be a lot of work but the time of my life. I am really starting to appreciate college, it is so much better than working 40/50 hours a week 🙂

Alas, back to school shopping

Be Ozzy!


Friendship. A word which our lives, from the start, revolve around. Starting with play dates as toddlers, sleepovers in middle school we have friends. Anyone who shared the purple crayon with me during free time, or traded my PB&J for their Fluffernutter we were friends. As our lives change and we grow Friendship becomes more and more difficult to pin point.

In the transition from high school to college I thought we’d stay best friends forever. Making new friends in college was my biggest fear. Nobody could be as good of a friend s as I already had. Nobody would know me and care about me the way these friends do. BFFS. We even had a formal party before we left for college themed ‘make new friends but keep the old’. However as we all parted to different states, regions, and environments the making new friends was the easy part, keeping the old….a little more difficult. Everyone has a different college experience which, in some cases causes us to grow apart. And I’ve come to the realization that it’s okay. It’s part of growing up.

I’ve also come to realize that there are varying levels of friendship. Let’s take birthdays for example….The friends you would write ‘Happy Birthday’ on their facebook wall. The friends you would send a text to when you see its their birthday on Facebook, the friend you would stop by to say hello, or go out to eat with, and then the friend you buy a cake mix a week in advanced. Ahem-Megan Andersen. I’m very content with my friends, although we have our fights here and there. I know who I will most likely lose contact with after college, and who will stay in my life forever. But, for now- I love my friends.


My summer is flying by faster than I could have ever imagined…

I am in full swing into my internship and its awesome! I am so excited and it could totally lead to a real job! I could find out if I could get a job by the end of the August as a logistics executive.

The logistics process is super complicated but it makes sense to me and I am pumped but I can’t wait to go back to Oswego. Working forty hours a week is hard and I can’t wait to relax at school. I thought school was hard until I started working for Target.

I can’t wait to come back 🙂

Be Ozzy

The Live Blogging Experience

This past week I found myself on my way to Oswego once again, this time it was for my New Student/Transfer Orientation. Armed with my trusty BlackBerry and too much time on hand, I journalized the 24/7 trip.


9:30 p.m. : Gets off Phone with Tumbo.Procrastination is the Root of Evil I Tell You! Two shirts ironed one for the bus, a second to have a fresh shirt to run around campus in tomorrow. Despite having taken day off I am still not fully prepared to leave the house. I have to catch the bus @ 12:45 …I live @ least an hour and half from bus stop. (See 2nd line,Shame on self)


12:00 a.m : Walks aimlessly around Times Sq back streets hoping to find food other than Mc Donalds. There is literally one per block is this a sign God? . A.A.S Business Degree kicks in no… that’s just Good Business.

12:25 a.m : All I have managed to do is withdraw money from the ATM and BBM about wanting to eat food that can’t possibly be available this time of night even in Tm Sq.

12:35 a.m : Panick . OMG I still haven’t eaten the only bus that I can catch for orientation leaves in 10 mins. I’m 3rd in line though…hmm .Bails from Mc Donalds nonetheless(yea that place >_<)

2:45 a.m : I have finally finished verbally abusing self and asking why God after not buying food only for the bus to be 15 mins late . I now eat Chips and Soda from the Gas Station -_-!

4:45 a.m : ARe We There Yet?! This has been the most uncomfortable ride of my young but seasoned Coach bus life. Can’t find a comfortable spot and the guy across has been wearing Shades since he got on and is sleeping with his legs up agaisnt the glass  . This begins to worry me slowly.

6:30 a.m : Boards Centro bus seriously? $5 from ‘Cuse to Oswego?! Its 4.50 to go from Brooklyn to Queens roundtrip…Matter Fact from one part of Queens to another is still $4.50 rndtrip. Begins Surveying possible new houses as bus pulls off.

7:50 a.m : Hops off bus . Proceeds to take care of errands before the immentient New Student Crush on lines. Hmmm. For having only been on campus once I sure know my way around , Found the Copy Machine, Made change @ Store .(P.s. The lady called me Love Bug *blushes*)

8:00 a.m : Falls in love with copy machine. You wanna make a 2 sided copy …no problem. Wanna do book format. A breeze. Maybe I shoulda been a copy machine Engineer?!

9:00 a.m : Let the Party begin wooohoo. Big Lecute Hall. Name Tags . Stops and is given a drawstring Oswego bag with college info . Is told by Laker Leader I am a “Valued Customer”. Hmph! Never thought about being a customer of Oswego. Student/Customer… they are all the same #nodifference

9:15 a.m : “Oswego was rated Top 3 sunsets in the world” Promises to fact check later.

11:00 a.m : I could careless about this UPD lecture . The Gps cellphone tracking option sounds really safe but I’m also supicious of it capabilities.

12:00 p.m : Lunnnnnchh . I’ve been waiting for this since 8 am. Word up.

12:15 p.m : Bleh well that was underwhelming . They def took us to the lower quality cafe hall . Guess they figured its to late to turn back because of bad food now . They are right o_o.

12:30 p.m : Walks to apt, goes to Landlords apt signs lease , chews the fat. Heads back.

12:35 p.m : Observes I am only 5 mins from Pizza hut. Hmmm . $10 medium size pizza , Tuesdays Tuscan Pasta Specials , Wings Weds for 50 cents. Overall buttery soft crust and doughy pizza. You think I’m gonna be a “valued” customer here? I think so too

1:25 p.m – Waits outside room to do schedule. Since this is the only reason I cared to come up to orientation and I’ve made a list of the classes I want to take and need to take I guess you can call me Ready!

1:45 p.m : Advisor comes outside to help gentley soothe what will in minutes become enraged souls.

1:45 & 10 seconds p.m : Livid & other stuff (my fav being”foaming”)There are not many classes available. Stresses that we will get what we need not what we want. Many classes are full and closed. Seniors picked already(duh) Juniors did too(understandble)Sophs went as well(makes sense) but “we also have registered all but 200 of our freshman ” ( -_- What… let me get this straight you filled a class with freshman over a junior transfer..The logic in that perhaps is in the bottom of the Lake).

2:00 p.m : Races to add classes. C. C.C.C.C.Upper Division Standing Req. C. -clicks refresh- C.C.C .Ahh here’s a class! Upper division standing req. Someone tell me what’s up!

2:30 p.m : 1 class added

2:45 p.m : I now have 2 classes need 3 more . Faith is Zero. Advisor tells people thanks for smiling. I wasn’t one of them.-big shrug-

3:10 p.m : 4 classes . The 5th one I will stalk from home like a lion does a zebra.

3:30 p.m : Still Livid but outside doesn’t match my mood. Constant breeze. Perfect weather. Sunny. The Lake is there. Campus is Beautiful.

3:45 p.m : Becomes a genius. While waiting for Centro to Syracuse calls friend for Won Ton’s #. -makes call for delivery to ” Campus Center Circle thingy ,roundabout by bus stop bench”Chea!

4:15 p.m : Wonton Guy delivers , Bus pulls up . Sweet.

6:00 p.m : Layovers are the worst . Fantasizes about flying private instead of busing.(This must be due to being high off of Oswego Optimism and sleeping a total of 2 hrs from bus ride up)

7:55 p.m : Bus is late, suppose to be here.

8:25 p.m : Bus is here but we are still standing on long line waiting. Kill Me plz.

8:40 p.m : Steps on Bus random 1 seats available bus is packed. Smells like a Gym and Subways sweet onion is waffering too. Shoulda used my kill me request here.

9:00 p.m : Aisle seat. Cramped. Passenger next to me insist on looking around and being paranoid. Over hear convo from guy behind me about not goin back to prison he’s a better criminal now…..Maybe that’s why the guy next to me was so fidgety o_0.

9:30 p.m : After a quick check, about 12 people “just got out” White Tees, Dickies ..some Gold hats yep.

10:30 p.m : Stories about missing grandma , missing sons and daughters, trifling gf’s and 8 min time limits to do everything from brushing teeth, showering making bed and eating meals are told to a very inquistive passenger who got on at Binghamton are shared. I’m very into their stories, plan to eavesdrop all the way home now.

12:30 p.m : Better Criminal says” Man I just can’t wait to get home already” Word me too #samedifference -shrugs-

1:11 a.m : Port Authority “its over ” waits to see how newly freed men react. Priceless. Mentally wish them luck .

2:30 a.m : After gettin on train going wrong way (don’t judge its been a long trip) I finally make it to my stop. Mom is here to pick me up. That’s love.

3:00 a.m :I’m finished and so is my trip . Thank Jesus’

Totals: 2 dead blackberry batts, 1 purchase from Won Ton’s, 1 bad meal @ undisclosed hall, 1 class added from original list, Two Shirts , One use of Wisp cologate toothbrush, a bunch of hand santizer used due to sisters demands, One exhausted blogger student)

To Be Young and Innocent…

… it’s been quite a while since those days, huh?

One of my friends on FaceBook sent me an invitation to an event where everyone changes their profile picture to a picture of themselves at a younger age… “throwback photos”, he had called it. What the heck, I’ll do it. I’ve already uploaded some pretty entertaining (and some painfully awkward) throwbacks of my own. So I selected a gem of a school picture: kindergarten. From my loud daisy printed blouse to my mom’s perfect side-swept pinning of my hair with a HUGE yellow bow, I sure liked to smile regardless of what Mama Rara put me in.

After changing my picture, I started checking out other people’s throwback pictures. I was dumbfounded. It’s so incredibly easy to tell who changed physically, who stayed exactly the same, and who looks absolutely nothing like their cute 90’s counterpart. The scariest part is the latter, and not the former. I’m so glad that I at least somewhat resemble my 6 year old self. I know so many people who over the years have decided that they need to pile on the make-up, or dye their hair until it resembles a doormat, or take so many workout enhancers that their arms look like they could deflate at the mere sight of a pushpin. I’ll be the very first to admit, I have always been a bigger girl than most. But back then, I was also athletic and active, and hey, I had cute little dimples so if all else failed, I had that going for me too.

Sure, I’ve had my fair share of… interesting style choices, and gone through my weight struggles. Surgery and complications stemming from the first ACL injury have sidelined me for about 4 years, so the whole exercise thing was very limited, and that 5k I promised myself I would run during my senior year of high school? Veryyyy risky, and veryyyyy not completed (Don’t worry, it’s on my to-do list this time around). Now, 14 years later, I am SO glad that I’m still the same me. I haven’t made any drastic changes to my appearance that would lead my kindergarten classmates to not recognize me, and, come on…. how many 20 year old women are there floating out there who have never dyed their hair? I’ll tell ya: not many. I’ve got one piercing in each ear, and no tattoos. Another rarity. Natural beauty and the contentment with how one looks from birth (or at least close to it) is SO rare these days. How sad is that?!

Viva La Naturale! Kindergarten Danielly would be proud. Either that, or she wouldn’t understand what that means.

Getting Flexible with Tara Stiles

I don’t know about everyone else, but I take the term “group exercise class” very seriously. As in, I don’t go unless I have a friend tagging along. Call me crazy but I need to have that moral support when I’m exercising in front of a group of strangers and the instructor can zero in on me at any second. I know from working at a gym that most instructors don’t judge (unless you show up to spinning class in cutoff jeans and hiking sneakers), but you never know about the other participants.

That’s why I dragged my best friend, Liz Shaftic, to a new yoga class when she came to visit here in NYC. After taking a six hour bus ride to arrive at 42nd Street at 12:30a.m. on a Friday night, you’d think I’d let her snag some extra shut-eye the next day, right? Wrong. We were up bright and early to head to Tara Stiles’ Strala Yoga in NoHo.

Due to some unexpected subway construction that seriously derailed our arrival, Liz and I kicked things off to a good start by showing up nearly a half hour late. However, we were still able to grab a yoga mat and jump into downward dog with one of the most prominent yoga instructors in the nation (Not to mention her husband, Michael Taylor, who’s studied and practiced Eastern movement and healing techniques for more than two decades, joined us for class).

Now, before you start thinking I’m a huge yoga guru because I work at FITNESS and really love participating in fitness-related activities, let me explain something: yoga has never been on the top of my priority list. I usually forget to stretch before and after my workouts (I’ve gotten better, though!), so contorting my body into various positions and holding them peacefully is not something I’m usually good at. But being the adventure-seeker that I am, I figured I’d give it a shot.

Although the “Strong” class I took is normally an hour and 15 minutes long, I was only there for 45 minutes and I still got a sweat-inducing, muscle-blasting workout. Tara took us through a variety of poses that didn’t just stretch the muscles. We did core, leg and butt exercises that really strengthen the muscles as well. By the end, my tank top was drenched with sweat and I realized I shouldn’t have bothered to shower before class. Don’t forget I was only there for 45 minutes — I can only imagine what I would have looked like if I was there for the full class.

Tara was also extremely nice and helpful with each class participant. She corrected my form when necessary, as a good instructor should, but she didn’t point it out to the rest of the class. In the middle of a pose, she quietly walked over and adjusted my body. And to make things less embarrassing, she cracked a joke and always had a bright smile. I noticed she was like this with all the participants rather than just with me because she knows I work at FITNESS.

Although all these things are great, I haven’t even gotten to the best part: the price. Yoga classes in NYC are typically $20 per class and can be close to $300 a month if you’re a regular goer. But Strala Yoga offers a unique, affordable opportunity: $10 a class.

“I want to make yoga affordable for everyone so that it can be something that’s easily integrated into everyday life,” Stiles told me after class. “We make the classes enjoyable and affordable, so we always have people coming back for more.”

This really could be the best deal around. So if you’re in NYC, pick up your yoga mat (or rent one there for $2) and head over to Strala Yoga. I promise, you won’t regret it. And look for me while you’re there — I’ll probably be the girl near the back trying to twist in various directions.

How is it senior year already?

Graduation is imminent!

The summer has flown by! I can’t believe it’s halfway through summer! I wish that I had more time to work for the summer, but I also can’t wait to go back to school. I’ve been having the weirdest dreams about being late for journalism classes with Professor Gilligan, who I’m not even taking classes with next semester! I think that comes from being late for Investigative Reporting a couple of times and freaking out until I realized that Prof Gilligan was later than me, luckily.

In thinking about the summer flying by, I think the past three years have flown by, actually. For me college has been a blur of staying really busy and doing a million things, and now, all of a sudden it seems, it’s senior year! In less than a year, I’ll be out of college and into the workforce. Holy cow!

My first year, I started out as a freshman at Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks. I remember moving in all anxious about meeting people, but excited to start studying (I’m such a nerd). I had already been to boarding school my junior year of high school in Arkansas, so I wasn’t afraid of being away from home, but there were those moments of “am I going to fit in?”

The nice thing about PSC was that there were 800 students there. And there was a ratio of 7:2 guys to girls; that was very beneficial 🙂 Overall, people were very warm to me because of the size of our community. I loved it there. The students are fun, and the teachers are great. I miss it there sometimes. I left because the program wasn’t the strongest – environmental writing. I had my fun, but moving on to Oswego was a good decision.

Sophomore year came and went. I got used to the bigger size of Oswego and the weather. The classes are my favorite part of Oswego (nerdiness once again). Also, I really enjoy the ability to connect with other people on campus, whether they’re faculty, staff, or students. I feel like with the size of Oswego, there’s the opportunity to build close-knit groups, despite the thousands of students. You find your niche with people of like interests, and you gravitate toward each other, but that takes a little more time than I expected.

I feel like Oswego has been cliquey, though. It’s a lot harder to make friends at Oswego than it was at PSC because people aren’t as open with each other. Where I knew nearly everyone’s name at PSC (no joke), at Oswego my sophomore year, I felt a little lost in the masses at Oswego. It wasn’t until this past year, junior year, that I finally felt like I found my own niche.

The problem I think that I had was that there is only a relatively small group of student activists who have similar causes as I do, despite the thousands of students. Oswego has a lot of divisions from fraternities and sororities, who can tend to seem solely exclusive for members of Greek organizations, to sports groups, who seem to be exclusively for athletes, to the members of Humans v. Zombies, who tend to be just for those who enjoy LARPing (live action role playing).

Maybe it’s just my Southern background that makes me feel like the people at Oswego are a little more separatists than unitarians (in the literal sense of the words_, but, maybe that’s just college life. Anyway, tangent aside, I feel like my time at Oswego has been really great. I’ve made some friends and done A LOT of activities on campus. I’m just looking forward to life after college for a little bit. The time of living for partying on the weekends has been over for a while. I’m ready to start doing what I love as an occupation, and then go back to school in a couple of years.

A Teeny Bit Sick

Putting aside the Macho Man ego for a minute. I must admit something crazy…that I am going to be homesick come this fall. Which is beyond crazy to me . It’s a very weird and off-putting feeling. What is so puzzling to me about this feeling of homesickness is that I’ve already experienced “going away” and when I did I was 18 and big eyed. In my very first semester my freshman year I could count on one hand the amount of times I went home. Twice! Once for Thanksgiving and again for Winter Break. That’s it! Even on holiday weekends where we had to go home. I usually found myself at a friend’s school just to avoid the trip home.

My oh my has time changed! I now find myself sitting on the steps with my friends saying “mannnnnn I’m gone miss my city” its true these lights will inspire you and they have! A lot has changed from that 18-year-old time of avoiding home; to being placed in a situation where I had to come home to gather myself and get the ground beneath me. In that time I’ve come to fall in love with my city. Added to that, my older sister lives in Queens and although I didn’t see her everyday she has been my confidant, best friend and biggest supporter. So going 5 hours away from her is a little sobering. Also she is having her first baby, which makes her a first time mother but also makes me a first time uncle (Woot woot!). I’m already preparing (if its a girl I gotta save up to buy the pony, if its a boy 3 things he must learn fresh out the womb: Duke Blue Devils, Kanye is a Musical Genius and Kobe …unstoppable).

Don’t get me wrong In no way am I indecisive as to whether I want to be in Oswego or not. That’s a lock I’d leave tomorrow if money and responsibilities permitted. But its just odd for me to have this feeling. You would think that after 2 years of wanting to be in this position and having worked as hard as I have to get to this point I would be screaming Good Riddance at the top of my lungs.

What’s my remedied chicken noodle soup for this homesickness? Its simple and its advice you’ve probably received before. Get involved. Having experienced first hand at my previous school. I can attest to the fact that when you’re involved it builds a greater sense of connection not only to the school and campus but it extends to the whole community as well. Most of the friends you have will either come through your involvement in campus activities and clubs or they will join you in those interests. Don’t believe me? Just look at my fellow bloggers. How else do you explain two being Laker Leaders ( Danielle and Kayle), and at least 2 other separate pairings of being in the same club or organization( Danielle also spoke a little bit on that notion of campus friendship in her post). Yea it’s real…Believe the hype. I’ll even do you a favor and give you a shortcut to that Chicken. Noodle. Soup. Thank Me Later.

Till Then I bid Adieu