The roof is full of blueberry crumb.

I am now full fledge into my internship at target and I couldn’t be happier! I love target and their team so much. They are exactly what I always want to be Fast Friendly and FUN!

GMAT’s didn’t go so hot, I got a 410. AKA bad…I have never been able to take standardized tests. I spent over a year preping for these GMATs and alas to no avail. I couldn’t master the SAT’s either though, I spent over a 1000 dollars in prep to be able to get into the right school and none the less…not so good.

It is a good thing that Oswego saw me for who I really am.

I don’t know what I am going to do about my MBA, perhaps Fisher will take me. I hope they do, they score MBA students primarily on their gpa, so that is where I can score some points with them.

I spent some time yesterday on Target’s roof. It was awesome, I love my team and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

In addition I made blueberry crumb muffins, I ate them at work. There could be some blueberry crumbs on that roof.

Be Ozzy!

Beginning a Magazine Internship

Hi, guys! My name is Samantha Shelton and I have just recently moved to New York City for the summer and I couldn’t be more excited! I am participating in the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) 2010 internship program, where I have been assigned to work at Fitness Magazine. Before I delve into the fantastic details about what’s going on in my life now, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am going to be a senior at Oswego State with a dual major in journalism and creative writing. I have been involved in various clubs and organizations; I simply love being immersed in different activities. I am a public relations student manager and a personal trainer at the Cooper/Glimmerglass Fitness Centers, the Managing Editor at the student-run newspaper, The Oswegonian, and the Education Chair in Colleges Against Cancer. I also actively participate in intramurals. I used to play on the intercollegiate soccer team, but a torn ACL, miniscus and blood disorder have prevented me from making a comeback.

I’m from an extremely small town in upstate New York, also known as Oppenheim. I know, I’m sure you have never heard of it. I don’t take offense; there are more cows in this town than people. However, if you have heard of Herkimer, or Herkimer County Community College, then you’re right near my hometown! Herkimer is about 20 minutes west of Oppenheim.

Ok, so here’s a quick dose of the good stuff: I am interning through ASME, an extremely well-known and prestigious internship program located in New York City. I’m living at NYU and working at FITNESS. So far, I’ve met incredible people throughout the industry, from Editors-in-chief and Managing Editors to Consumer Marketing Executives and Photo Directors. I’ve been given so much advice and information on how to succeed at my internship and break into the industry. I toured the FITNESS offices today and I could not be more excited to begin work on Monday! Working at a magazine has always been my dream and I’m proud to say I’m really starting to live it!

Holy cow semester and Scotland!

Jeez Louise..

I am just catching up with the end of the semester now, about two weeks after it officially ended! The month of May just FLEW by, and every single class decided to take up every little second of my life.

BUT, it proved fruitful when I just checked my grades yesterday. Got some badass grades! Much better than expected. I was worried about Investigative Reporting and French 202, but I managed to succeed. Woot!

Late last Wednesday night (the 26th), I got back from SCOTLAND. Sick, right? I went with GLS 316 Fermentation Science a.k.a. learn how to make whiskey and beer and then consume it to make sure it has the right consistency.

It was a quarter class, started right after spring break and met once a week for 2.5 hours. My professors, Dr. Schneider and Dr. Raymond (not related to me), were the best teachers. We had a lot of fun in the class, but tenfold the amount on the trip.

We left the 17th at night. At first we were nervous about flying because of the ash delays that closed Heathrow airport in London 12 hours before our flight was supposed to go off. Luckily we managed to get out of JFK and in London without a hitch. Then, we flew to Glasgow where we would spend the next two days.

We got to tour around the city and see the sights, but we also got to visit a brewery – West brewery – and do some taste testing. I’m not a huge fan of beer, but I found two out of the four that we tried that were pretty good.

Then, we went to Oban, which is right on the west coast and about three hours by train from Glasgow. It was GORGEOUS there. Foggy shores, green rolling hills, historic fishing village buildings, and Scottish people with their awesome accents.

In Oban we got to visit a distillery, which was pretty cool. The Scotch Whisky is pretty good. Pretty flavorful, especially if you know what to taste for. Then, we went to the Isle of Mull where we visited the Tobermory distillery. That was a lot of fun. A lot of traveling too, but still cool.

The drinking age in the U.K. is 18 :) Needless to say, all of us had our full share of imbibing alcoholic liquids. What was pretty exciting was that they sold liquor in the grocery stores, unlike in the States. They also sold pre-mixed mixed drinks. You could buy a can of Jack and Coke, or you could buy a Margarita (just add the salt and ice). Delicioso!

Our group got along really well. We had a blast. I recommend anyone who wants to study abroad but either can’t afford it or doesn’t have the time in her/his schedule to take a quarter class. You learn a lot, you get to take a vacation that’s filled with learning and fun, and it’s a fraction of the cost of studying abroad.

I’d like to do it again next spring. There might be this comparative media class that goes to Paris. That would be bomb. Anyway, my personal computer is broken, so I have to wait to put up pix! Stay tuned!

Just discovered what slow means and Walmart

I am so bored and tired of studying for GMATs.

GMATs-graduate admissions tests for business majors.

Let me translate-twice as hard as the SAT with half the time.

I guess I am not bored, I just want my test to come. It is June 5th and I am spending 8 hours a week day reviewing material and few hours during the weekend. It may seem excessive, but it is so hard, I am just not fast enough yet. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will be able to make the cut.

My parents have just discovered Walmart. They never had a Walmart near them and now there was a new one put in. They have always known about Walmart and have read books on it and stuff but they refuse to leave a 5 mile perimeter of the house for grocery shopping. So now, we are walmartians, and I don’t think I like it. I was so excited to shop locally.

Next year I am going to try and shop at Bosco’s Grocery once and a while, it is a local Oswego grocery store. I just found it, hopefully Walmart won’t run them out of business.

Be Ozzzy

Home Again

It’s still really difficult for me to believe that this past semester is over. I went home last Thursday, since I didn’t have any finals, so I’ve been home for over a week now. Usually, near the end of the summer, I start having dreams that I am in school, in class or whatever else, but what’s weird is that I had one last night. I was in school, but it definitely wasn’t Oswego. I remember being outside, and I remember a waterfall. It was a big, colorful, beautiful city. I have strange dreams quite often, and most of the time, I can’t even begin to imagine what they mean.
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Sixth Day of Practicum

What I first did when I arrived at Corcoran High School today was go to the library. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a great deal of time to browse, but I have to say that I am very impressed by the library. There are plenty of books, and it is a very warm and inviting atmosphere. Student artwork is on display on top of bookshelves, and I am very impressed with that, too.

I observed two different classes today. The first was Gear-Up. If I haven’t mentioned Gear-Up before, it is sort of like a Study Hall, except that it is a time for students to take advantage of tutors from Syracuse University. Unfortunately, a lot of students who could use the extra help don’t take advantage of it, though, and that is sad. Secondly, I observed Ms. Patapow’s English class.

Ms. Patapow, before I observed either, was incredibly helpful. I needed a copy of the school’s Code of Conduct, so she gave me that. She also gave me a copy of the new ELA specifications. Although the latter said document is not required for my EDU 301 class, it is still a good resource to have to have. I recall taking the ELA in eleventh grade, and it was two days long with two exams. Now, it is only one day long with only one essay. It is interesting to see such a striking difference. Ms. Patapow is not happy with the change, saying that the more useful of the two essays is the one that was scrapped, and she is also not happy with the fact that teachers were just recently notified of this change, which does not give them very much time to review with their students using the new specifications.

A student during Study Hall was rapping, which Ms. Patapow thought was funny for a little while. However, she eventually grew tired of it, especially when he began to swear. He used the F-word and also used the word “gay” as an insult. Ms. Patapow was not happy about this, which I appreciated.

The English class was, as usual, difficult to get quiet. It started out doing a quiz, and then it reviewed vocabulary. Throughout this entire time, most of the class talked while doing its work as Ms. Patapow waited for it to finish. When it finally did, they went over the vocabulary that they had just reviewed, and then they read the first twelve pages of the final chapter of John Steinbeck’s The Pearl.

Oye! Turtle Soup!

I love my best friends! They are all very different. Two of them are pure Italian, two are from China and the other is full blooded Jewish and I am the Lithuanian-Irish Mut :)

We are living in the village next year and it is going to a culinary festival everyday. Our tour is tomorrow and I am so excited, I will post the photos asap!

My 21st birthday was awesome, they all took me out and we had a blast!

I am starting to feel the pressure of finals, but I am also trying to relax as well. I think it will be a good semester because I have done well in all my classes to the best of my ability. I might get a C in my economics but I have come to accept that no matter how I try to make that prof. happy, he is still nutty. I tried so hard, but I still can’t make it work. In college I have learned to cut my losses with some Professors, some are just nutty and you can’t figure them out in one semester. Being in college is like having five bosses, they all have different needs.

It will be all good though, sometimes I try to relax.

Oh and bye the way you are talking to 1 of 30 Northeastern Regional Target Management Interns. I am happy about it, even though some professors are cryptic at least I have a job for the summer and I found a place to live :)

Be Ozzy

The Summer Is… Almost Here

I know that I recently talked about this in a blog entry, but I just can’t believe how close to the end of the semester that this is. A week from Friday is my first day of the Summer, and it is a major relief. I mean, at the same time, it is overwhelming, because between now and then, I have seven major assignments that I need to complete, including a 2,000 word paper for my English class. You see, I don’t have any final exams; everything that is due is either a final paper or a final project. I am pretty sure that I talked about all of that in my last blog entry, though, so I won’t bore you.

I made a list last week of everything that I needed to do between then and the end of the semester. There were then thirteen assignments on that list, and it’s now down to seven, as I said, so I am making progress. There is a lot due this week, which is something for which I am actually thankful. With so much being due this week, time will be left this weekend to work on my final paper for English, and that is the really big thing; once that is finished, a lot of stress will be alleviated.

I am really looking forward to this summer. Of course, for a couple of weeks, from late May to mid June, I am doing a couple of summer courses, one of them a Science course, but hopefully, it won’t be too bad. I am taking Safe Schools and an Exploration in Natural Sciences course. I am a little nervous about the Science course, but I need it, so I figured that I would much rather take it for a couple of weeks in the summer than take it for an entire semester during the school year. Besides, I am trying to graduate a semester early, so taking courses over the summer will help me do that. Other than that, though, my life has been pretty uneventful. I haven’t been able to do much that is interesting or fun because of all of this work, but I am looking forward to an eventful summer.

Spring break for Student Teachers

So this week was supposed to be very relaxing.  I think I only disappoint myself by hoping for a quiet and peaceful break. 

This week has been very busy and eventful.  I started off my break by going to my end of the year banquet for hockey.  It was nice to see the team again, but it was really sad saying goodbye to my collegiate hockey career.  We watched an end of the year video recapping on-ice and off-ice memories.  It is really wonderful to watch those memories and to have them forever on a DVD, but it is also really sad.  The academic and team awards were announced and handed out.  Then our wonderful Juniors read a letter to each senior, which was very touching and we were presented with gifts from the team.  The last thing was the naming of next years captains.  I think the team next year is happy with the pick of captains, and I wish them all the best.

I spent the next 2 days in Utica with my boyfriend, we didn’t do anything very exciting, it is just nice to spend time together.  I think we are still trying to catch up from being apart when i was in Paris for 5 months.  It is so hard with him working and with my student teaching and being at school.  We haven’t had a nice solid block of time together, which is what I am looking forward to.  I am not sure when, but it will happy eventually. 

I drove the last 3 hours home on Monday and my mom was so happy to see me.  I relaxed at home, got settled in and did a little work.  After that, I hung out with my little niece Hallee, who has been waiting to see me for days.  As soon as she finds out I am coming home, the hope for her paying attention to anything else is nearly impossible.  We played her Wii at her house.  I played a new game “Just Dance” for a while and it was soo cool.  You have to follow the beat and do the correct dance moves, it is like guitar hero but for dancing.  It is so much fun but it is exhausting. 

Tuesday, my mom and I went to Plattsburgh to run some errands.  We had to get invitations for my sister’s wedding to the printer’s and we did some shopping for the bridal shower that I am planning.  I did some school work, lesson planning and I helped my parents at their office.   In the afternoon, I took a trip tomy old high school to see some of my old teachers, and specifically my old French teacher.  Unfortunately, my French teacher was not there because he is stranded in Russia due to the volcano in Iceland.  I stopped at the elementary school to see my old 6th grade teacher, who is now the elementary school principal.  He is the reason I wanted to become a teacher and I have always taken time to go see him.  He has had such a positive impact on my life, and one day I hope to be the teacher that inspires students.  If I can affect and inspire one student the way he did for me, I know that all the hard work I put into teaching is worth it.

Wednesday, I spent the day lesson planning and hanging around my house.  It was quite uneventful, but it was nice to relax.  Yesterday I focused my energy on planning my sisters Bridal Shower.  I am throwing her a Garden Party themed shower, complete with floral dresses, floppy hats, and dainty finger foods.  I have contacted all the bridesmaids and the mothers of the bride and groom.  I contacted friends who want to help.  I got the location confirmed, the tent is rented and I have already assigned most of the food and other responsibilities.  I am trying to get as much done before I leave because I will not have time in the next few weeks to focus on the bridal shower.   When I get home from school there will only be about 2 weeks until the shower.  My hope is that the shower will go flawlessly, the only thing that can hold me back is the weather. 

So yesterday was Earth Day, I spent last week teaching my students about Earth Day.  I was very excited to be Earth friendly, and I did everything I could to help the earth.  Unfortunately it is hard to get older people ( referring to my parents mostly) to get out of their habits they have had forever. (Like using paper plates or printing one sided on papers!)  I do my best to help the Earth as I have become more aware of what I can do to help the Earth!  If each person could just do a few very small things, then we could make a world of difference. 

So my plans for the rest of my spring break are to finish school work and lesson plans, to spend time with my family today and tomorrow and then visit my boyfriend once again before I head back to Oswego for the 3 weeks that I have left at Oswego.  I cannot believe that in 3 weeks I will be graduating from college!  Who would have thought?!

Hope you enjoy and Happy Friday!