Just Do It

Cloud nine can’t even begin to describe the state of euphoria I am in right now.

After working all day,  my fitness editor, Mary, asked me to attend a press event with her. Clearly, I said yes. Then I found out it was for Nike and we were testing their new products that are launching in July. I couldn’t have been more psyched.

After our car service dropped us off at 555 West 18th Street, we mingled with other editors in attendance and waited for the event to start. For those of you who are not familiar with the media industry, press events are attended by various editors, writers, staffers and bloggers from multiple magazines. The goal is to find out about new products and come back with any new, exciting information that could possibly run in the magazine. Usually, you get gift bags as well so that all of the promoted products can be tested!

When the program began, a lot of the new products were discussed and technologically explained. Nike’s new gear is launching in July, and it ranges from new sneakers to sports bras. Everything discussed today was geared toward women because, well, everyone there was female and worked at some form of a women’s magazine. I’d tell you about the new stuff coming out, but you’ll have to check out my health and fitness blog, The Pulse, for that insider info.

A huge surprise came next.

Michael Johnson, four-time Olympic gold medalist and world record-holder for the 400-meter and 4 X 400 m relay, spoke to us about proper preparation for running. I was slightly star struck. To make it better, he also Skyped (possibly another system used, but I think it was Skype) with Sanya Richards, the defending U.S. and world champion in the 400-meter. She provided tips specifically for females to prepare their mind and body for running. But again, if you want that info, you’re going to have to check out The Pulse.

Finally, we were decked in Nike’s latest gear from head to toe, all the way down to the socks and sports bras. Everyone decided to run two, four or six miles and Nike brought in professionals to pace us throughout our run. I stuck with two because of my blood disorder, but I think next time I’m going to tough out four. Oh, and Michael Johnson ran with us two-milers! (I finished the run before he did, if that counts for anything.) And yes, we got to keep all of our gear, so I now have a ton of new fitness gear!

So this is just a few toes dipped into the ocean of things that magazine journalists are able to experience. I can’t wait to dive in.

Living the Crazy, Good Life

Life in New York City is crazy.

But in such an amazing, satisfying, beautiful way.

I’ve been so extremely busy at work but I love every second of my day. I work almost nonstop from 9 a.m. to around 5:30 p.m., but I love everything I’m doing. The days just fly by and then I have events to go to at night so I can get my networking on.

Tonight I went to a Microsoft preview event at Stage 37 with my ASME mentor, Lorelei, and my ASME coordinator, Nina. Technically, they were set up with me to help me succeed, but they’ve become so much more than that. They’re my friends, my confidantes, and they’ve got my back in this crazy magazine industry we all love to immerse ourselves in. Believe me, there’s nothing like having a few good people behind you to make sure you succeed in the end. And when you’re friends with those who have already broken into the industry, it’s even better.

So back to the Microsoft event. They had some pretty cool new equipment coming out — my favorite involved a system for the XBox 360 called Kinect. It tracks your movements through camera sensors and allows you to move around without any controllers. My favorite game was Dance Central, which was made in collaboration with MTV Games. It reminded me of Dance Dance Revolution, but it’s a lot less complicated and more fun. You can pull off silly dance moves (such as disco moves and chicken leg) and advance the levels through a wide variety of songs. We were able to test out the game right then and there, and it was a lot of fun. Personally, I rocked Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” This game is definitely going to sell.

But my night wasn’t over.

After we left Stage 37, we headed over to West 30th for Robert Verdi’s fashion event. It was held at this really high-end apartment (I wish I could live there) and we enjoyed casual conversation while learning about his new endorsements. I wish I had some pictures of the apartment for you, but here’s some of the stuff from the goodie bag.

There was a lot of other great stuff in the bag, but Lorelei, Nina and I split the bag.

So that was basically my day, once you add in a lot of work for FITNESS, too. Oh, and did I mention I had lunch with the Deputy Editor at The New Yorker today? Yeah, that also happened.

So yes, I love my life. I’ll have some more stories for you soon!

Diary of an Unwilling Couch Potato

Day 3 post-surgery: someone get me out of this bed.

I didn’t think it would be possible for basic cable to be so lousy every time I turn on my TV. How many times can someone bear watching Paula Deen, Judge Judy, and my mother’s soap operas before tossing the remote aside after five or six rotations through the channels? I’m getting a little cabin fever. I can get to other parts of the house in about 10 minutes or so, but I refuse to. Even just getting myself to and from the bathroom is a process. And once I get there and back, I’m shaking and nauseous and I’ve broken out into a sweat that makes Richard Simmons look like an amateur.

The further into recovery I get, the more I hear about my friends in Oswego working Orientation. I had to resign from my position as a Laker Leader this summer after learning about the surgery that I would have no choice but to undergo. While I adjust the straps on my immobilization brace, the LLs are adjusting to their new surroundings. When they get Bev’s ice cream for some team bonding, I’ll be making good friends with my pill bottles and my CPM machine. I know it’s inevitable, but man do I miss them. Orientation takes a special kind of person who has a knack for making people smile while keeping them interested and informed. I have so much faith in the current Summer 2010 staff and I know they’re going to create for themselves one of the best summers they’ll ever know.

I wonder what the sunset looks like up there tonight. I could go check out the webcam on the Oswego main page but I can’t help but wonder if there’s finally something good on TV.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

But if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need.

November 26th, 2006. I was in the outpatient facility in my operation gowns and my hair french braided by my sister for the occasion. The IV in my hand poked and prodded at my vein with each motion I tried to make. I winced with each movement. Before I knew it, I was being led down the hallway into the operating room, and told to get myself up on the operating table. Not very accommodating, I thought. Once I woke up, I found myself the subject of my parent’s entertainment: put the kid’s glasses on crooked and snap some camera phone pictures of my droopy, anesthesia-stricken face. It’s all in good fun. 🙂

Physical therapy soon followed, and by March I was back behind the plate, catching for my school’s varsity softball team. We won leagues that year, but since then my health has deteriorated. Day in and day out I would experience my knee giving out and buckling on me, and I knew that my lifestyle was never going to be normal again. It took a lot of discomfort and daily knee dislocations and buckling to finally get an MRI on my knees shortly after finishing out the Spring 2010 semester.

So, here I am. I haven’t moved from this bed except to use the bathroom and I’ve finally figured out the perfect cocktail of painkillers and time to make recovery go as smoothly as possible. For 4 hours each day I have to strap myself into a machine that automatically bends my knee for me at a set degree (today was a pretty intense 40 degrees). This is to keep the joint lubricated, the blood flowing, and most of all to prevent scar tissue from building up. I also have a pad wrapped inside the bandages that is connected by a hose to an ice cooler. Ice water flows through the channels in the pad every 2 minutes or so to help cool the area. It stays on 20 hours per day and constantly needs more ice after an hour or two of running. Guess I have a hot knee!

It’s day three of recovery. Getting to the bathroom is getting a little easier each time; my brother and my mom have been helping me and I’m no longer in excruciating pain trying to crutch my way down the hallway. My dad is being so supportive too. He took Monday off to be with me for my surgery, and has been helping me every step of the way, even when he’s at work. I’m really itching to get out of this bed and I keep having dreams of walking again but soon enough I’ll be training for that marathon. Baby steps, baby steps….

The Best and the Brightest

Every day during our training for Orientation, we are reminded that we are chosen out of the best and the brightest. We represent the best of Oswego and define what a good student is. So what am I?

I am a Jr. Public Relations major with a minor in Marketing. I’m the president of Alpha Phi Omega the National Co-ed Service fraternity on campus and a second year Laker Leader. I’m an avid member of the Downhill ski and snowboard club, and a student. But, what does the best and the brightest mean?

It means I’m lucky. I get to spend my summer in Johnson Hall, on the beautiful shore of Lake Ontario with my best friends. Day in and day out getting paid to represent the school I love, and helping new students to love it too!

It also means my summer is a total of 3 weeks in June and 3 weeks in August. It means I get to see my boyfriend twice, and tell my parents Happy Birthday over the phone. My days turn from Monday through Friday to Day 1, 2 and so on. We work a lot of hours, and get to know each other very well.

From being “The best and the brightest” I have learned a great work ethic and a lot about people. So I guess it means I’m a people person. And by missing my loved ones it just proves it more. Let the programs begin!

Finding my way

Everything happens so fast, one day I was living in Oneida Hall, and then it felt like a few months later I was living off campus. After graduation my whole world felt like it was moving so fast, everyone was so concerned about what was next in my life. I had answers but not definite ones. For a long time I felt a little lost, lost in all my possibilities, first I was accepted to all six of my graduate programs, when I thought I would not even get into one. It was really hard for me to make a decision on where I wanted to be, and although all of these schools wanted me to be apart of their program, I was still uncertain, I guess all these feelings came from anxiety. After graduation I was so uncertain although I had already knew where I was going to school and what I was going to school for. Everyone said Sherrifa you will be fine, everything will work out. But I wasn’t so sure it would, I was uncertain, and had a little self doubt. But finally, I am starting to find my way, starting to see a much brighter future, I registered for my graduate courses, I am starting to feel much more confident about my future, and most importantly things are starting to work out. Even after you graduate, and you have great plans for your future, there is still anxiety of starting over, and entering the “real world.” The only thing I would recommend is to take your time and find your own way :-).

The roof is full of blueberry crumb.

I am now full fledge into my internship at target and I couldn’t be happier! I love target and their team so much. They are exactly what I always want to be Fast Friendly and FUN!

GMAT’s didn’t go so hot, I got a 410. AKA bad…I have never been able to take standardized tests. I spent over a year preping for these GMATs and alas to no avail. I couldn’t master the SAT’s either though, I spent over a 1000 dollars in prep to be able to get into the right school and none the less…not so good.

It is a good thing that Oswego saw me for who I really am.

I don’t know what I am going to do about my MBA, perhaps Fisher will take me. I hope they do, they score MBA students primarily on their gpa, so that is where I can score some points with them.

I spent some time yesterday on Target’s roof. It was awesome, I love my team and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

In addition I made blueberry crumb muffins, I ate them at work. There could be some blueberry crumbs on that roof.

Be Ozzy!

Beginning a Magazine Internship

Hi, guys! My name is Samantha Shelton and I have just recently moved to New York City for the summer and I couldn’t be more excited! I am participating in the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) 2010 internship program, where I have been assigned to work at Fitness Magazine. Before I delve into the fantastic details about what’s going on in my life now, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am going to be a senior at Oswego State with a dual major in journalism and creative writing. I have been involved in various clubs and organizations; I simply love being immersed in different activities. I am a public relations student manager and a personal trainer at the Cooper/Glimmerglass Fitness Centers, the Managing Editor at the student-run newspaper, The Oswegonian, and the Education Chair in Colleges Against Cancer. I also actively participate in intramurals. I used to play on the intercollegiate soccer team, but a torn ACL, miniscus and blood disorder have prevented me from making a comeback.

I’m from an extremely small town in upstate New York, also known as Oppenheim. I know, I’m sure you have never heard of it. I don’t take offense; there are more cows in this town than people. However, if you have heard of Herkimer, or Herkimer County Community College, then you’re right near my hometown! Herkimer is about 20 minutes west of Oppenheim.

Ok, so here’s a quick dose of the good stuff: I am interning through ASME, an extremely well-known and prestigious internship program located in New York City. I’m living at NYU and working at FITNESS. So far, I’ve met incredible people throughout the industry, from Editors-in-chief and Managing Editors to Consumer Marketing Executives and Photo Directors. I’ve been given so much advice and information on how to succeed at my internship and break into the industry. I toured the FITNESS offices today and I could not be more excited to begin work on Monday! Working at a magazine has always been my dream and I’m proud to say I’m really starting to live it!

Holy cow semester and Scotland!

Jeez Louise..

I am just catching up with the end of the semester now, about two weeks after it officially ended! The month of May just FLEW by, and every single class decided to take up every little second of my life.

BUT, it proved fruitful when I just checked my grades yesterday. Got some badass grades! Much better than expected. I was worried about Investigative Reporting and French 202, but I managed to succeed. Woot!

Late last Wednesday night (the 26th), I got back from SCOTLAND. Sick, right? I went with GLS 316 Fermentation Science a.k.a. learn how to make whiskey and beer and then consume it to make sure it has the right consistency.

It was a quarter class, started right after spring break and met once a week for 2.5 hours. My professors, Dr. Schneider and Dr. Raymond (not related to me), were the best teachers. We had a lot of fun in the class, but tenfold the amount on the trip.

We left the 17th at night. At first we were nervous about flying because of the ash delays that closed Heathrow airport in London 12 hours before our flight was supposed to go off. Luckily we managed to get out of JFK and in London without a hitch. Then, we flew to Glasgow where we would spend the next two days.

We got to tour around the city and see the sights, but we also got to visit a brewery – West brewery – and do some taste testing. I’m not a huge fan of beer, but I found two out of the four that we tried that were pretty good.

Then, we went to Oban, which is right on the west coast and about three hours by train from Glasgow. It was GORGEOUS there. Foggy shores, green rolling hills, historic fishing village buildings, and Scottish people with their awesome accents.

In Oban we got to visit a distillery, which was pretty cool. The Scotch Whisky is pretty good. Pretty flavorful, especially if you know what to taste for. Then, we went to the Isle of Mull where we visited the Tobermory distillery. That was a lot of fun. A lot of traveling too, but still cool.

The drinking age in the U.K. is 18 🙂 Needless to say, all of us had our full share of imbibing alcoholic liquids. What was pretty exciting was that they sold liquor in the grocery stores, unlike in the States. They also sold pre-mixed mixed drinks. You could buy a can of Jack and Coke, or you could buy a Margarita (just add the salt and ice). Delicioso!

Our group got along really well. We had a blast. I recommend anyone who wants to study abroad but either can’t afford it or doesn’t have the time in her/his schedule to take a quarter class. You learn a lot, you get to take a vacation that’s filled with learning and fun, and it’s a fraction of the cost of studying abroad.

I’d like to do it again next spring. There might be this comparative media class that goes to Paris. That would be bomb. Anyway, my personal computer is broken, so I have to wait to put up pix! Stay tuned!

Just discovered what slow means and Walmart

I am so bored and tired of studying for GMATs.

GMATs-graduate admissions tests for business majors.

Let me translate-twice as hard as the SAT with half the time.

I guess I am not bored, I just want my test to come. It is June 5th and I am spending 8 hours a week day reviewing material and few hours during the weekend. It may seem excessive, but it is so hard, I am just not fast enough yet. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will be able to make the cut.

My parents have just discovered Walmart. They never had a Walmart near them and now there was a new one put in. They have always known about Walmart and have read books on it and stuff but they refuse to leave a 5 mile perimeter of the house for grocery shopping. So now, we are walmartians, and I don’t think I like it. I was so excited to shop locally.

Next year I am going to try and shop at Bosco’s Grocery once and a while, it is a local Oswego grocery store. I just found it, hopefully Walmart won’t run them out of business.

Be Ozzzy