Blogging is boring, why aren’t we better than that

I have decided that as a student in a media generation that we should be above blogging with just words….

Shouldn’t we be doing this with video? What if we all had 2 minutes videos each week. What if we could capture a much larger audience. We could even host the videos on youtube to save server space.

Here is what I want. I was thinking that I want to have Meg’s Multicultural Minute. We could each pick our own theme and revamp this program. Each week I could have a two minute clip with me doing a 30 second intro to one of my friends or acquaintances that has some different element within their family, life, history, past….yada yada for 1 minute. Then I can close with my 30 second wrap and what we learned. I mean words can only be so exciting when we can explore so much more of Oswego and what we have to offer. I could even branch out to club presidents and sport team captains. I feel like you shouldn’t read, watch or look at something on the internet without getting some use out of it and possibly be entertained. I also feel like my blogging needs a bigger goal than to just tell about my life… I do a million things and events a week…I don’t know how I am possibly supposed to be tracking them all without sounding boring. I am busy all the time, or I just hang out. Its complicated yet it makes for an uninteresting blog in my opinion.

The best way to market and engage people is to interact and brew more buzz and usefulness in my opinion. Why shouldn’t everything be a resource, a tool or a source of fun?

I haven’t written my blog in a while because I have been thinking of all these questions.

Meg’s micro multicultural multi purpose video blogging…..what do you think?

Could it be new and upcoming? Could it save the money making disaster that is soon to be twitter?

Lets start here. Hit me back.

Be Ozzy

The Horrific Future

Have you ever felt insignificant in an environment that is so significant to you? If not, allow me to tell you how much it really does hurt and how overbearing of a feeling it is. There are some people to whom you could give the world, and they wouldn’t appreciate it. Your status would not elevate at all, because your status is not changeable; you just are who you are, you have the importance that you have, and you can’t really do anything about that no matter how hard you try. It feels a lot like being born into a “destined” caste system, in that even if you make the sacrificial attempts to elevate yourself, it doesn’t do any good, but now, I am beginning to get a bit repetitive.

It’s just that, sometimes, I feel as if high school never ends, if you will. You get to college thinking that everything will be different, and don’t get me wrong, it is; it’s very different, but the behaviors are different while the outcomes are the same, which is that someone gets hurt, because even though it’s typically a much different kind of drama, there is still a lot of drama. In this particular situation, I can’t exactly call it “drama,” but what I mean is that in high school, there were always people, like me, who were being ostracized in one way or another, such as myself, and again, it was under much different circumstances then, but really, that’s kind of how I feel now.

I feel as if there’s a ranking of importance that is consistently occurring just about everywhere that I go. Ideally and I would like to think somewhat realistically, there is not supposed to be a system of ranking in a group of friends. Obviously, in everyday life there is, because you’re obviously going to be more important to your significant other, for example, than you are to the stranger to whom you say “hi” at the newspaper stand, but in a group of friends, I don’t think that that type of thing should be occurring, and yet, I feel that, for me, it does, not necessarily frequently but from time to time.

I really do not want to go into specifics here, but I feel as if I have to if my goal is for you to understand how I am feeling. As I mentioned in my most previous blog, a group of friends here, my best friends here, really, want to live in the townhouses next year, an idea that they have been talking about for quite some time now, and initially, as much as it went against what my plans originally were, it was a bandwagon that I was prepared to jump on despite the inner-conflicts that I was experiencing as described in my most recent blog, because I didn’t care as long as I was with them, but I had an epiphany today, and not the good kind of “Eureka!” ones that happen every now and then but instead the bad kind of “Oh, no!” ones that happen even more often.

This epiphany was one that I am surprised I have not thought about prior to today, but whatever reason, I haven’t. To be perfectly honest, the only reason that I am here at this very moment is because the financial aid award that I received from SUNY Oswego was and is incredibly generous, and what I realized today is that since the townhouses are a bit more expensive than the residence halls, I will most likely be expected to pay a great deal of money out of my pocket since I very seriously doubt that financial aid would increase my award due to me living in the townhouses. I sent them an email quite recently asking them about it, but I honestly felt a bit embarrassed doing so, because I am essentially asking them if I will receive money due to a decision I ultimately make to live in a more expensive setting; it seems like a ridiculous question to even consider.

How this plays into what I was saying before is that I told them about this today, since today was really the first time that I really began to consider this, as I said before, and it didn’t really seem to faze them. The only thing that seemed to really bother them is the fact that now they have to look for yet another person to live with them, since they need six. I just feel as if it had been someone else besides me who was experiencing this problem or who, for that matter, decided that they didn’t want to do this, then the entire idea itself would be shot, because they couldn’t possibly do it without one of them but can without me. As I’m sure I have said before in a blog entry, I do tend to be a bit paranoid at times, and this does tend to have negative consequences in my life, but I have also noticed that it’s almost always people that I deeply care about toward whom I feel paranoid.

At this point, I really have no practical solution. My good friend David from home said that he might be able to come up here for school since he currently goes to a community college close to home, but here’s the problem. Most likely, he won’t be here next semester, which means that since he’ll be considered a transfer for the Fall 2010 semester, I will not be able to request him as a roommate, and even if I could, he most likely won’t be officially admitted until after I have to select a residence hall and thus a roommate, and the problem is, apart from my current roommate who is a part of the aforementioned group of friends, I don’t really have any guy friends here, not ones that I’m close enough to to live with, anyway.

I just don’t know what to do. I can’t help but shake the idea that the happiness and the near-perfection that I am experiencing now is one day very, very soon going to be obliterated due to change that I have no control over, change that I don’t understand why needs to happen, but change that I cannot and ultimately would not want to stop, anyway. My expectations are not to control peoples’ decisions, and I am certainly not self-centered in the least bit, especially not to the point where I’d want someone to completely defer an idea of theirs due to me and my monstrously long list of problems. I guess that I’d just like to feel a bit more important to people that are very important to me. Who knows? Maybe in some elaborately epic way, everything will work out. Sometimes, the universe has a way of self-correcting itself.

A Transition

It is so difficult for me to believe how quickly winter is approaching, and it kind of scares me. Today, I went to Penfield with a couple of friends to do homework at around 3:30 or so, and by the time we were done at the library and therefore heading back to Waterbury (which was a little after 5), it was starting to get dark outside, and by the time we were back at Waterbury, it really was dark outside. The days are beginning to get shorter and shorter, and night falls earlier and earlier. Winter is right around the corner.

I don’t understand and I have never understood why some people love Winter, but that’s just my opinion. It gives me a feeling of being sheltered. Practically everything in nature is covered by a cold, white substance which dominates the earth for months, and I guess that it makes me feel the same way. It makes me feel cold and sheltered. In addition, most plants and trees are dead, and everyone, myself included, is more inclined to spend more time inside since it’s so cold out (and here, windy, too), and I hate that. The season itself affects my mood for the worse, and that is why I say that the approaching months scare me.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Christmas, and I love the snow when it’s here around the holiday season, but I often find myself (every year, in fact) wishing that it would go away afterward. Right now, I am really happy, but I suppose that my fear is that this current state is the “calm before the storm,” if you will, and that I don’t have very long before an end is put to it. Last year, my most difficult times, not only of my freshmen year but of my entire life thus far, were spent during the winter months, and I really don’t think that that is a coincidence.

Everyone enjoys “alone time” every now and then, myself included. However, I am pretty sure that I’d go clinically insane, as I think a lot of people would, if most of my time was spent alone, and last year, that’s how it was for me. I was primarily alone probably 80% of the time, and that time alone was primarily spent doing homework and studying. It was just an all-around difficult year for me, and at the end of the year, I made a pact that I was going to do everything that I possibly could to make this year a better one, to make it exceed last year on so many levels, and so far, I have done just that. I have been getting more sleep, I have managed my time more effectively, I have had a lot more fun, and I have had a much more accelerated social experience.

It’s kind of sad when I actually stop and think about that, because as happy as I am now, if only I had had everything last year that I have this year, if only I could have been as happy. If I had been, a great deal of pain would most likely have been prevented, and next year, I have a couple of friends who want to live in the townhouses, and likewise, that scares me, because even though I know that the townhouses aren’t exactly in the same vicinity as the residence halls on that side of campus (Oneida, ‘Daga, Cayuga and Seneca), but they are still on the same side of campus, and I’m so afraid that being on that side of campus again is going to bring back memories. I left that side of campus to avoid the trauma, and I love this side of campus.

You, whoever you are reading this, that is, might be wondering why it is that I don’t just tell them this and stay on this side of campus. “Surely, you have other friends,” you most likely wonder, and yes, I do. I have plenty, in fact. However, this particular group of friends is the closest to my heart and has been since I first started here last year as a freshmen, and I really don’t think that I could realistically live here without them and be happy. I will follow them wherever they go, and sometimes, although not always, there are ways around pain. Sometimes, there is help available for you, and that is yet another reason why I have not said to any of them that I don’t want to live in the townhouses. I know that if I am in pain for whatever reason, they’d be there to help me.

In the meantime, I am just going to relax and enjoy life and enjoy this school year. My problem is, I suppose you could say, that I fear change. When my life takes a turn for the good, I fear that something is going to ruin it, and when I become vehemently comfortable in a certain situation, the idea that it isn’t always going to be like that, that it is one day soon going to be drastically changed, really scares me. I have a lot of friends that I know I won’t be seeing too much of next year, especially on weekends in the winter time when there are no buses available, and no matter where I want to go on weekends in the winter time, for that matter, I’ll have the choice of either staying cooped up inside or venturing out into Oswego’s Winter chaos. There are a lot of aspects to the experience, such as those just mentioned, that I’m really not looking forward to by any means, but like I said, for now, I think I’m just going to look to the future as a positive enforcement and hope for the best, because after all, what else can I hope for?

Who said Paris was all fun and games?

Well this week has been quite busy, but not with all the fun Paris stuff.  I have been busy with school.  My professors are assigning the final papers and giving us test dates and oral exam dates, and its all less than a few weeks away.  I am going to be needed to spend all of this weekend getting a head start on my work.  Woohoo such a fun weekend! 

 The school system is much different in Paris.  Teachers give out some reading and a little bit of homework to do during the semester, but none of that work counts for your grade.  You are only expected to do it to participate in class and in discussions.  In fact, most of the time your grade is all based upon one test or one paper, sometimes two but thats it.  So it is a lot of pressure riding on one grade.  YIKES! 

Besides school in Paris, I have been dealing with lots of stuff back home lately.  I registered for my classes back home on Tuesday!  Woohoo!  Student teaching next semester!  I am very excited about that.  Also, I have been trying to start getting my housing all set for next semester, which didn’t really go so well because they told me I have to wait until after Thanksgiving.  Oh well I suppose. 

I am also working on my grad school application to Syracuse University.  It has been almost 4 years since I had to fill out an application to college and I forgot how much work it is.  There is always so much that goes into applying to do anything!  Letters of interest, resumes, letters of recommendation, transcripts, test scores!  It is so much work.  Good thing  I have an early start and the application isn’t due until Feb. 1st.  But I hope to get everything I need done by the time I get back to the US. 

Speaking of Oswego and the US, last weekend my hockey team played their FIRST OFFICIAL GAME!  Thanks to WNYO, I got to listen to a live stream of the game online!  I was so happy that I got to at least hear my team play.  I swear I was jumping up and down when we scored or when I heard of a breakaway or anything.  You would have thought the game was a championship game the way I was acting.  I never realized being away from my Lakers would be so hard.  It was killing me not to be there with them on the ice, or even there just to support them!  Boy do I miss hockey a lot.  I can’t wait to get back.  2 months left!  But at least we won our game 6-1!  What a great way to start the season.  The ladies also have 2 games this weekend in Potsdam!  Unfortunately I will not be able to listen because live broadcasts are only for home games, but I will be rooting none the less. 

Last weekend was Halloween, and needless to say it was a bit of a disappointment.  If you go with all the american students studying in Paris then everyone gets very dressed up and goes to American or Irish bars and some people are dressed up.  But for the most part it really isn’t much of a holiday here.  It has become more popular within the past few years.  I wanted to go to Disneyland Paris because they were having a Halloween party, but I couldn’t find anyone that wanted to go with me!  Oh well!  So I spent Halloween with some of my French friends and we just hung out at my apartment and talked and hung out together.  It was a lot of fun.  I may have missed the festivities of Halloween this year, but it’s not like I haven’t had 20 other Halloweens.  Missing one is OK.  It was a cultural experience, that’s what I can tell myself!  Although the next thing I need to get through is Thanksgiving.  I have some plans for that but lets see what happens!!!!!!

My time here is dwindling down and sometimes I can’t believe it, the time feels like it went by so fast.  Although at the same time I cannot wait to get home to familiarity and my family and hockey and just my life in the US.  I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to be in Paris, it is definitely a great once in a life time opportunity.  I am so happy I get to share it with everyone who reads my blogs.  Hopefully I will have some more interesting stories for next week.  But for now ENJOY!

Light Focus

Before the set can be brought in,  Lighting Designer Chris VerSchneider needed to focus each and every light instrument on the grid. Chris, the Master Electrician Beca Schretzlmeir, and the light crew spent countless hours Friday night making sure that each instrument was focused where it needed to be in the space.


Chris gives direction as to where the beam of light needs to be


Mike makes communicates with the Master Electrician Below


Chris makes sure that the shutter on the instrument block the light that is past the red and green line.

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Interview Process

So last week I made my way to Syracuse for an interview with a director of one of the Newhouse School graduate programs at Syracuse University. For those who aren’t familiar with Newhouse, it’s a school of communications that incorporates all types of media related learning. Held in similar regard to Oswego’s School of Business; Newhouse School the place to be for students serious about the future of media.

Through talking with my professors, my advisers, and friendly faculty, I’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for any important interview. As many people have told me throughout my life, a strong first impression can hold limitless possibilities. There’s no reason to throw that away on not being prepared.


-Make sure you have a portfolio that showcases your talent. Whether it is drawings, lesson plans, business proposals, or articles, make sure you have something that shows you can produce quality work.

-Research the position or program you’re trying to get into. If it shows you know what they’re talking about when they explain the program or position to you, it shows your dedication to what you’re trying to obtain and could give you a little advantage.

-Dress appropriately for the interview. That doesn’t mean wear a three-piece suit, but kakis or dress pants, button-up shirts, and a tie shows off your professional side. It also adds some seriousness to the interview and shows your interest.

-Be on-time. Usually for important interviews, if you’re just in time for your name to be called, you’re late. Give yourself ample time to get there also. Traffic and parking should never be an excuse.

-Keep good eye contact. There’s no need to make sure your eyes are completely glued to the interviewer since they might catch a creepy vibe from it, but make sure it seems than you’re interested in the conversation.

-Smile. Don’t make the interview process seem painstaking. Keep a good conversational tone, but still keep that professionalism that shows you’re serious about the interview.

-It’s helpful to have a list of questions for the interviewer. It further shows your interest and helps you get a better understanding of some things you may have been uncertain about.

-Be honest. Nobody likes a liar. It’s better to tell the interviewer you aren’t familiar with something than to lie and risk getting caught and embarrassed.

-Be yourself. Everyone has a personal trait that sets them apart from others. If it’s a positive trait, try to show it off a bit.

-Relax. Go with the flow of the interview. Don’t try to rush through anything.


Hopefully these tips can help you as much as they’ve helped me in my life thus far.

Good luck to my fellow SUNY Oswego 2010 graduates. Let’s finish out this semester strong and in one piece!

ACT 1, SCENE 3: Make-Up Workshop

    This past weekend our actors had a make-up workshop with our costume and make-up designer, Kitty Macey. This is a chance for the actors to learn how to put on their specific make-up so that the task of getting ready runs smoothly. It also gives the designer and director a chance to see what the make-up will look like so both can decide on the right look for the actor. Since the actors will be extremely close to the audience, the actors will need to use  the technique of shading to show age.


Kitty Macey gives instruction to Knate Roy, who plays Andrew Borden


Kim, who is playing Emma Borden

Director, Keegan gives some tips…

Halloween as a Theatre Major

     This past Halloween was rewarding in more ways than one with the Blackfriars Theatre Organization, here on campus. Blackfriars is an organization that brings together not only Theatre Majors, but all of those across campus who are interested in theatre.

     Members of Blackfriars participated in trick-or-treat for UNICEF


     We raised enough money to to provide school supplies for 40 children, and water for dozens more.


    Blackfriars also held a costume contest earlier that day, the following are a few favorites;


Sam Austin, and his very hairy costume


Rosie the Riveter!


Melanie as a Strawberry Beverage

Earth Fair Success

Earth Fair – A fall fair trade festival was this past Friday, October 30th.

We held it in Hewitt Union from 6- p.m., and we had House on a Spring Dub Reggae band perform, vendors come from Fair World Marketplace, Kim’s Treasures from Afar, Riversend Bookstore, Guatemala and Que Colores, Nancy Townsend’s knitted gifts, and the Outpouring Church and Save Your Skin.

We had tons of carnival games and a pie throwing contest and Halloween costume contest. AND TONS OF FOOD!

We also had a lot of information on what fair trade is (which like I mentioned in the last post is to get fair wages for producers and prevent slavery and promote sustainability). Throughout the night we had about 60-70 people stop by. Overall, for our first Earth Fair, it was pretty successful.

Next year, though, we want it to be a lot bigger and better and get more people interested in it and fair trade. The vendors had BEAUTIFUL merchandise from all over the world and the proceeds of which went to good, just causes around the globe. It definitely helps to get the information out there about fair trade and its benefits.

Here are some pictures from the night. If you have any ideas or suggestions to interest people more in fair trade, please let me know!

Earth Fair! This is the information table.

Food!The lovely helpers Kristen and Randi! Without their help, we wouldn’t have had any delicious goodies!

Horacio and Gabrielalt=”Horacio and Gabriel” />

These guys came all the way from Antigua, Guatemala to showcase their backstrap loom weaving skills. Gabriel is the 10-year-old son and Horacio is his father. They had beautiful beaded accessories and intricately designed tapestries and banners and bags, etc. that was all handmade. They came as guests from Muriel from Que Colores downtown Oswego!

These guys were awesome, and they helped to make the whole night wonderful. It was thanks to all of the helpers from Students for Global Change who helped put this together, and House on a Spring for volunteering their time and music, and the vendors who came down to showcase their wonderful merchandise.

Definitely stayed tuned for next year!

Have a great week!