Feeling Good

Here I am, sitting in my room, and of all things, I’m actually thinking about how much I absolutely love college, and no, I ensure you, I am not insane. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was completely and entirely stressed, because I was so overwhelmed with work that needed to get done, and at this point, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but a reminder to all that feel as if negativity is consistently slamming them in the face is that life is full of lessons to be learned, and therefore, every experience becomes an opportunity. There was a quote that I read once, and as a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that it was on an edition of Toilet Talk that I read it, but it said something like a pessimist sees failure in every opportunity while an optimist sees opportunity in every failure, and I think that that speaks a great deal of meaning.

I’m, of course, not at all saying that when times are tough, you should just try to ignore them and think ahead, ignoring every conflicting situation that you are currently experiencing. “Everything is going to be okay” or “just look at the bright side” rarely, if ever, work, at least for me, anyway, because when you are experiencing a situation that is vehemently difficult to deal with, that’s all that’s on your mind at the time, and although you understand that whoever is trying to help means well, their words mean nothing at the time, but keep in mind that usually, if I’m correct in saying this, you’ll end up thanking them, because as it will turn out, they were right. There was a bright side, there was something to look forward to, and most importantly, there was something to learn, and as long as we do in fact learn the lessons that life so desperately wants us to learn, then we’re on the right track.

Just this past week, I kind of had a breakdown, because, once again, there was so much going on, and it seemed as if one unfortunate event right after another was hitting me like a brick in the face. I had a History paper to write, and I didn’t think that I had any idea whatsoever how to write it. Also, the last time that I went home, I discovered that my father had somehow discovered that I am in a relationship with a male, and since he is extremely religious, he believes that being gay is a choice and that it’s a sin, so he told me that Ray (my boyfriend) could no longer visit me anymore, specifically because he is a “bad influence” on my two younger siblings (a sister, 13, and a brother, 17), and the reality of what that meant caused me to hit rock bottom this past week as well. Ray and I have been together for almost eight months now, and never in my life have I been happier, and his coming over to my house was an easy and convenient way for us to spend time together; now, it’s not so easy, and when we do spend time together, it’s for much shorter periods of time, and we’re never alone.

This was eating away at me as well as a number of other problems, and as I usually do in situations such as this, I panicked, unsure of what to do. However, a friend of mine once said that the universe has a way of self-correcting itself. He didn’t come up with this on his own, of course, but I give him credit, because I am pretty sure that he is where I first heard it. Back when he first said it, I thought that it was utter nonsense, but my recent experiences have showed me that he was right. Almost everything that goes wrong results in something right, and what went wrong happened, because we were meant to learn something from it, and that is indeed something beautiful.

Just as a small example, college is obviously very stressful. As a student, I am consistently being challenged, and there is rarely a time that I am completely free and am able to do something relaxing. However, at the same time, there is a reward at the end of almost every long and winding road. I feel accomplished when I complete a challenging paper (which is exactly what I did this weekend, having worked for about four hours on my History paper), and I feel accomplished knowing that as a college sophomore, I have made it really far at this point, and continuing in this same direction is going to one day soon result in teaching high school students English Literature, something that I have been wanting to do for years, basically for as long as I can remember. I really do love college, because every now and then, I do get those relaxing moments where I can reflect on life and how good it has been being to me lately, how rewarding it feels to be productive and to get work done. Ultimately, going to college is a decision that I’m really glad that I made.

23rd district of NY vote on November 3.

Recently I have become a little more interested in political affairs. I always said, “I’ll never become involved in politics. They’re so contradictory and not worth my time.” It wasn’t until last year’s presidential election that I realized how important my vote was. I am so thankful that Obama was voted as president. Since then I have become more aware of what politicians are doing and how they are getting their views out to the public.

As you may or may not know, the congressional election for the 23rd district is quickly approaching. On November 3 voting begins. The candidates are Republican Dede Scozzafava, Conservative Doug Hoffman and Democrat Bill Owens. For the first time, in a very long time, the Democrat is ahead in the race. Not by much, but he is in the lead. I call myself a democrat but there are some republican views that I also agree with.

Here are some main points of each candidates issues and a link to more information if you wish to read more.


Dede Scozzafava campaign:
• Agriculture: a larger farming industry. Wants to reform that way that dairy is sold.
• Economy: Wants to keep 2001/2003 tax cuts permanent. Repeal death tax. Keep AMT from hitting the middle class.
• Health care: opposes cutting funding for Medicare.
More info., visit http://www.dedeforcongress.com/


Doug Hoffman campaign:
• Healthcare: spiral the costs and oppose universal health care so it is affordable to everyone.
• Immigration: make it easier for immigrants to enter the United States
• Tax pledges: Signed the “no new taxes” pledge.
More info, visit http://www.doughoffmanforcongress.com


Bill Owens campaign:
• Healthcare: more affordable health care for every American. Opposes cutting Medicare benefits
• Jobs: keep NY going green. Supporting Fort Drum. Recruit Canadian investment.
• Economy: make businesses accountable and take tax cuts away from companies that take jobs away from NY. Supports low taxes for small businesses.
• Agriculture: support subsidies and import limits to help farmers and ranchers.
More info, visit http://www.billowensforcongress.com

Whether you are 100% into politics or not, it is important to vote. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Make sure that the right leader is chosen to run the 23rd district of NY . Make sure you make YOUR voice heard. VOTE NOVEMBER 3!


Today representatives from our athletic teams went leaf raking in Oswego!  SAAC (student athlete advisory committee) set up this volunteer activity for us.  It has been something that happens every year, and it’s really cool because we get to help out the older people in the community and also make Oswego look nice!  The athletes split up in teams of 5-10 people and get a list of lawns to rake.  All senior citizens or other people in need have the opportunity to sign up, and I think they are all very grateful for this.  It was great being able to help these people out, but it was also a really fun time!

One of the houses that I went to was a former Women’s Swim coach, Grace Mowatt.  She shared stories with us about when she used to coach the team.  It was really fun hearing about how different things were before, and how our program has evolved.  Grace and her husband even gave us pizza and cider!  At least that was pretty exciting for me… like most other college kids, I always love free food. :-p    I could tell how grateful they were, and that really made the whole thing worthwhile.  At the other house that I raked, I got to jump in a huuuuuge pile of leaves.. that’s always fun, no matter how old you are!  The pic below is right as i was jumping into the pile of leaves… with just my feet sticking out :-p

Community service is something that a lot of people dread doing, or think that it will not be much fun, but I’m telling you right now that it is as fun as you make it.  I used to really hate raking the leaves in my yard growing up because it was a chore that I had to help with every year.   To be honest, the first time I signed up to do the leaf raking in Oswego,  I wasn’t very excited about it, but it ended up being a lot of fun.  I got to go out and do something different for the weekend, I bonded with my teammates, and I made a difference in my community.  That really beats sitting on the couch all day.  I even got back in time to watch the football game!  (GO BILLS!)  The bottom line is, get yourself involved in community service, because there are lots of people out there that need our help.


Thrill the World!

Zombie Katherine
As Halloween is coming up, everyone is starting to get into the mood of dressing up in costumes, making jack-o-lanterns, and learning a performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance as part of an attempt to break a world record of the dance simultaneously performed. Okay, maybe not everyone, but 50 or so of us were doing it last night!

Here is a picture of the dress rehearsal.

Thrill the World happened at 8:30 p.m. Saturday Oct. 24th in the academic quad at SUNY Oswego. It also happened in London, Madrid, Tokyo, Sydney, and many other places around the world. Thrill the World was an attempt to break the Guinness Book record of simultaneous dance performed. The last record was set in 2002 by a group of elementary students across Canada – 197,569 students.

The results from our dance isn’t in yet, but we’re hoping that we get to break the record.

The event itself was stationed by Students for Global Change and was part of that group’s Oswego Flash Mob ensemble. For the past couple of weeks Johnathan McDonald, Becca Witkins, Amanda Woomer, and Mandy Burch taught around 50 students the dance. The day of, everyone met in the Campus Center Food Court to go over the dance and to get zombified. The dance looked awesome.

The reasoning behind learning the dance and doing this event was to bring people together across the world and showcase how interconnected the world has become, so much that what we do here can affect what someone in a different country is doing. It also showcased how working together towards something fun for all is a community building experience and a great time overall.

Zombie Walk

We’re doing the dance next year as well, so anyone who will be coming to school here can come learn it. It’s free! And it also raises money for charities of your choice. And you learn how to do the Thriller dance so that anytime you’re at a wedding or Halloween party, you’ll be able to bust it out. I know I will! It’s a win, win, win situation!

Hope you have a safe and fun Halloween free from ZOMBIES!!!

mario cart, women ties, linkedin and wiggio

Last week I attended and partially hosted 4 all day events. Including Tracy Higginbothams Class of 92′ Syracuse Woman’s entrepreneur retreat. It was my gauntlet week. However, I was super professional and may have a host of people who actually want to hire me when I get done with college!
Betsy Powers and Me at Women Ties Retreat

It was full of catering and stress though, each night I got home all I did was write thank you notes to the vendors and play Mario cart. Now I know it isn’t call of duty or madden but I was out of patience by that time, it had to be peach and the little pink mushroom to make all my corporate anxiety go away.
Tammie the Director of the MBA program and Me at Women Ties Retreat

It has been pretty good overall, my http://www.linkedin.com account is almost full, my friends love me again since I am back to hang out once more and Oswego is rainy. All is well.

Got some group work to do, check out wiggio.com, it makes my life so much easier!

Want some fabulous resources, be ozzy and be on the lookout :)
Nancy Bellow, Gabby S., and Me at Women Ties Retreat

ACT 1, SCENE 1 “And So We Start.”

        Monday was a busy, but exciting day for our production team and cast. It was the first day of rehearsal, but before rehearsal could start our set had to be “spiked”. This involves getting our set designer, stage manager and director into the rehearsal space, which also happens to be our performance space as well. Armed with the floor plan and spike tape our team began measuring and marking the outline of the set, taking precaution to make sure that all of the measurements are correct. It is crucial that the outline of the set be exact to the floor plan, our director and lighting designer rely on these markings to represent the set while the set is being built. The director uses the markings for blocking purposes, and the lighting designer uses them to ensure that when they are focusing their light fixtures, the beam of light is hitting (or not hitting) the set the way they wish.

    015 018

    Set Designer Angela and Stage Manager Aaron use chalk line



     Durring rehearsal Assistant Kate Boswell and I gave a little Waltz lesson to Actresses Jessica Quindlen and Courtney Bennett. We used poster board and construction paper to create a dance mat that layed out the basic steps.



I missed out on the opportunity to become a Zombie!

Around this time of the year I always see some of my peers walking around so strangely as if they are in a battle field hiding from someone,  I noticed this last year and again this year. I never really understood it, some of them would be in full gear as if it’s a costume for Halloween others would walk around with huge toy guns, darts, and even rope sometimes. It all seemed so weird to me, I wondered last year what was going on? I never really paid too much attention, but the only thing I knew was whenever I saw someone running for their life, I knew that they were playing Human vs. Zombies, and I knew to get out of their way fast!  I thought wow, where do college students find all this time to have so much fun to run around the campus from each other. From the outside the game looks like an intense man hunt (if you ever played that game you would know exactly what I am talking about). One day I was walking through the campus center and I noticed that there was a sign that said:  “Sign up table for Humans vs. Zombies” In my head I was thinking “are you serious? Again I have to see my peers running around on campus having all the fun in the world! My goodness, I have to admit watching them play this game makes me so jealous, I mean this is intense, it is serious.  In between classes I see some of them running for their lives, hiding, and even hunting their next victim. As crazy as it seems I wish I was a part of it, what a way to have some fun! I had to blog about this because I was thinking to myself today if I was playing I would be a zombie for sure!  why didn’t I sign up?  It just looks so fun I could imagine myself playing this game with a bunch of my friends I could imagine how much fun we will have. Besides what other time in the world will you ever get to be a zombie on a college campus? I can’t believe I missed out on the opportunity to become a zombie! :-(

Two Women Lakers Invade Paris :)

So this week was pretty normal…except I started another class this week.  It is called Interculturality, studying cultural differences between France and the United States.  Already it has been my favorite class, it is so interesting.  In my Education of Non-french speaking students class, I realized yet another cultural difference between France and the US.  Since the history of the USA is so short, we learn a lot about how our county was started through immigration and the effects on the industry, the effects on the citizens of the country and the struggles that immigrants face.  Although, immigration is minimal in France’s long history, and in high school students don’t learn as much about immigration.  So we spent a whole class learning about immigration and I was so bored, but I am in a class with graduate students and we actually needed to spend a whole class learning about immigration.  Talk about major cultural differences.

Erica Shapey, one of my hockey teammates who is studying in Barcelona this semester, came to visit Paris this weekend.  She arrived on Thursday night, it was pretty late so we just went back to my apartment for the night. 

On Friday, I gave her a tour of Paris.  We started near my apartment and went to Montmartre and the Sacre-Coeur. 
sacre coeur
 It wasn’t as busy since it was a Friday, but it was beautiful as always.  Then we walked down the street to the Moulin Rouge, it is always fun walking from Montmartre to the Moulin Rouge and walking through the Red-Light District during the day.   
moulin rouge

After that we took the Metro to the champs-elysees and the arc de triomphe. (see below) 
arc de triomphe
We made our way down the champs elysees stopping at some stores and getting little tartlettes with raspberries.  We walked all the way to the place de la concorde past the obelisk. (see below)
 and the madeleine
to the Opera Garnier. 

After we did some sight-seeing we did some shopping.  Of course in paris one must shop and eat yummy food.  Later that night we went to a birthday party that my French friends were having for one of their friends.  It was so fun and we had a great time. 

Saturday we went to the eiffel tower, Twice!  haha We had to go during the day and at night because it is very different both times!

(Note to self: Instert Pic of Tiff and Shapey at Eiffel Tower) :)

Take a look for yourself:

day eiffel towernight eiffel tower

So awesome, but so crazy how the same thing can be so different!

And of course the view from the tippy top of the eiffel tower, sorry its a little blurry:

view from eiffel tower

We are very far from home…
home far

So besides the eiffel tower on Saturday we did more shopping and we saw the Louvre and we went to dinner and it was so french and so fabulous!!!!!!!! Later we hung out with one of my French friends at La Batorfar, its a club on a boat! It was really fun and of course so European! 

Before Erica left on Sunday we took one last trip to Montmartre to get one last Crepe before she left and enjoyed eating them on the steps of the Sacre Coeur!  I had such a fun weekend and it was so nice to see a familiar face, but it reminded me of how much I miss hockey and Oswego!!!!

us in paris

Oh big news for me, I had a job interview for babysitting a little girl here in paris and I got a phone call today and I got the job!  I start tomorrow and I am so excited to be working and going to school in Paris!  What an experience!

Well that should do it for now.  This week seems to be more about pictures.  But what use is telling about all the sights we saw if I didn’t include pictures.  Enjoy!!!!