It’s been a while…

So, I just realized how long it has been since my last post.  TOO LONG!  I’ve been uber busy with classes, work, SA, and just life in general.  I am the type of person who prefers to be busy rather than have a lot of down time.  My days usually start at about 8am, after getting ready and such, and go until at least 9 every night.  I can’t remember the last time I actually cooked a meal at home, but I have grow accustom to the Pesto Burgers from Crossroads in the campus center.  It makes me feel like I’m eating healthy, even though I consider it fast food.  I don’t know what I’ll do when I have a real job and am working 9-5.  Oh wait, I’m going to have my law degree and be working in Higher Ed…I’ll probably have the same amount of work.

So that’s something new…I have recently decided that I’m going to get my JD and MA in Higher Educational Policy.  I’ve started looking at graduate programs and I really think this is the direction I want to go in.  I’ve been interested in Higher Ed for the past few years.  Working in the Admissions Office, Judicial Affairs, and now Student Association has given me so much experience and I know I can go further with what I have learned.  Recently I found out there is a clause in the student handbook and academic policy that allows students to create their own program of study.  I’m going to be one of the students to do this.  It’s going to be some work, but I’m pretty sure I can be successful.  It’s going to be an adventure, and you can be sure I’ll keep everyone posted.

So let’s see what I can talk about.  I had a very busy week.  The Admissions office Open House was on Monday.  We had over 380 students and their families register for the event and I’m sure over 1000 people came to see Oswego.  It was a very eventful day.  We had presentations, open classes, over 30 tours, and an expo of tables and booths staffed by representatives of many departments and offices on campus, including student organizations.  It was a hit! Next up is our Saturday Open House, this Saturday, October 24.  You still have time to register if you want to visit Oswego.  You can go to and cho0se Open Houses for more information.

I will definitely be posting more, I promise. (Tim Nekritz, I hope you see this!)  Have a great Sunday everyone!

Unique One-Of-A-Kind Halloween Costumes?






     This past summer I was a costume intern for the Sterling Renaissance Festival and now I have the pleasure of working in the costume shop this semester. We have a mass amount of costumes in storage, and our costume shop supervisor Judy McCabe, costume designer Kitty Macey, and costume students have been doing a large amount of downsizing over the past few weeks. What will we be doing with all of the costumes? The Theatre Department is having a Costume Sale just in time for Halloween! If you are looking for unique costumes, masks and hats that are all one of a kind (and under $20) then come out to our costume sale. It starts October 20th and goes to the 22nd. If we have any costumes left we will be having the sale again the 22nd of October to the 29th.

     The sale will take place in Tyler Hall’s lower lobby. Hours on Tuesday and Thursday are: 9:15am-11:00am, 1:00pm-4:00pm. Wednesday it is 1:00pm-5:00pm.





Una mezcla de informacion

SO, last weekend I was in California for my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding in Ventura. It was so beautiful! They got married on top of a hill overlooking the city and the ocean. There was a big cross at the top of the hill and tons of rose petals spread all around!!! So beautiful. And Lauren, the new Mrs. Houck, looked like a princess. Overall it was a great time! That being said, I didn’t write a blog last week, so I’m making up for it with a double dose of information.

The first thing I’d like to talk about is the weather! Here in Oswego, it’s starting to get a lot colder, forties in the day and thirties over night. We haven’t had snow yet, but I was sure we were going to this week. My parents said that it snowed a little down in the Southern Tier this past week. Soon enough, Oswegonians, we’ll get blasted.

I spent my freshmen year in the Adirondacks where it got down to -26 degrees some days, and we still had to go to class. That was brutal. When I transferred to Oswego the following year, I didn’t think that the winter could be worse than the Adirondacks. Well, the temperature here in Oswego hardly gets as low as negative 20s, but there are other factors that make it hard to handle. When it’s snowing and the wind’s blowing 20-30 mph and you have to walk to class in a blizzard, that’s pretty intense and hard to handle. Last year, more than once, I was lifted up by the wind up onto my toes and pushed by it. There are smaller girls who walk around and you can see them getting buffeted by the wind.

It’s pretty crazy, but there are some precautions you should take to weather the weather, if you will. When you go outside, wear a hat that covers your head, ears, neck, etc. You may not want to mess up your hair or look weird wearing a beanie, but trust me it’s definitely worth it. Next, wear a scarf! These things save so much heat by covering up the nape of your neck front and back. They can also double as mouth/cheek covers if you pull them up far enough.

Another thing you should invest in is a good pair of boots. I’m not talking about the fashionable high heel boots or Uggs that freeze your toes as soon as they hit the snow. Invest in a pair from Dick’s or something. They have cute, well-insulated boots for less than $40. I’d say risk the fashion faux pas by keeping your feet warm from frostbite. And boys, steel toe boots don’t cut it. Wear some hunting or hiking boots that have insulation in it to save your footsies. IF you don’t want to invest in high-end weather boots, invest in some wool socks. I have a pair of impractical but very cute boots that I love wearing, and I always wear my wool socks to keep my toes from freezing when I’m out walking around in the snow that gets blown onto the sidewalks.

And please, don’t wear just tights as pants! You’ll freeeeze! If you want to dress nice or have to for a practicum or presentation but you don’t want to freeze, put on some Long Johns (thermal underwear) under your dress slacks. Fashion doesn’t have to be a sacrifice! My overall advice for dealing with an Oswego winter is – dress for the weather and not the fashion, stay covered up, change your background on your computer to a beach scene to remind you of brighter days to come, and go out and play in the snow! We don’t want to get cabin fever do we?

Snow down by the lake

And now, for the second aspect of my blog. I’d like to add another tidbit of information on GHANA!!!
(the following information comes from The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture – Ghana by Ian Utley – 2009 – Kuperard – Random House)

In Ghana, it’s proper to greet someone when you see them anywhere, if you don’t it’s an insult (p 78). They’re more apt to hold grudges for one missed greeting than people in the U.S. would be. We’re more used to walking down a city block, not knowing anyone, and not even acknowledging other people’s presence. It’s an American thing that would fly in Ghana. It’s important to say it even before buying something. Utley writes that there is a difference between “Good morning. Please, do you sell cigarettes?” and “Please, do you sell cigarettes?” (p 79). There’s a good deal of respect inherent in conversations in Ghana that also is different than American culture. In the South, students still address teachers as Ma’am and Sir from time to time. It’d be the same in Ghana.

I also learned that you’re supposed to use your right hand to eat and greet and all that. It’s considered rude to use your left hand because what is implied is that you use your left hand for bathroom duties, so to use it to eat or shake hands, even if you washed or not, is considered more or less gross. That’ll be hard to get used to because I’m used to using both hands to eat, switching the utensils. SO, we’ll see how I fare at this!

That’s all for now… thanks for your patience! Take care and have a great weekend!

Campus Parking

So there has been a lot of talk on campus about parking issues and how there isn’t adequate parking for commuters. As being a commuter myself, I agree. We get the option to park on the outskirts of campus, if you will and it is our only option until 3 p.m.
The parking fee is not an issue, $118.80 is a decent price compared to other SUNY school parking fees AND freshmen are allowed to have cars. This fee goes toward the officer’s salary so it’s not like it is a useless and overpriced fee.
The real issue here is space and where the spaces are located. Yes, faculty should have designated parking spaces and lots specifically for them. However, as far as students, I feel as though all lots should be fair game: commuter and resident. We are all paying the same price for the parking fee so we should all get a fair chance at parking spaces and shouldn’t be penalized for parking in a resident lot. Most of the students who do live on campus don’t use their cars on a daily basis anyway; they just sit there taking up space. Yes, some students do use their cars daily but others don’t and in most parking lots, a lot of spaces are still open and are open the whole year and commuters still get punished for parking there, with a $20 ticket.
One way to help alleviate this problem would be allowing only sophomore, juniors and seniors the option to have cars on campus. That way it opens up some of the resident lots and that open space could be used for commuter students.
This is my first year as a commuter but I know that the winter is going to be a long walk from the commuter lot to classes. We are on lake Ontario so it’s obvious that there are going to be strong winds and a lot of lake effect snow.
Oswego Snow
Okay, just kidding the snow doesn’t get this bad. But we do get a lot.
There just has to be some solution to this issue or parking. It’s not fair to exclude commuters just because they don’t live on campus.
**This blog is purely opinion and is not meant to degrade SUNY Oswego in anyway shape or form. Every college campus has their issues. I am only expressing my opinion**

A New Day in the Old Town

It’s so hard to believe that we’re nearly halfway through the semester already. Tomorrow, well technically today, I suppose, I have to take my English 304 midterm, and I am very nervous about that, because I remain pretty confident that I am going to get a pretty terrible grade on it. I am just not used to this kid of English course. Ever since middle school, English classes did not involve actual assessments but instead portfolios which consisted of written work throughout the year, and now, I have to take an actual written assessment in the traditional sense, and I have a multitude of different terms that I need to know the meaning of as well as a multitude of different names that I need to associate with literary periods, and I am really stressing out.

Basically, this semester has really been pretty on and off for me; it’s been pretty bittersweet, in other words. A lot of goodness has come out of this semester, a great deal that is much different than my situation last year. For example, I have an awesome roommate who I am so happy I asked to room with last year; there have been absolutely no issues whatsoever thus far, and I don’t foresee any taking place. There’s a great deal of respect between us, and I definitely think that that is the main reason why this is really working out for us. So, anyway, I am really happy with my living situation, which is currently Waterbury, and apart from the ear-piercing fire alarm, I love everything about it.

Other than that, though, like I said, I’m kind of struggling to sync myself with this English class, and additionally, I am taking Biology, and I am having a really tough time with that as well. I got my first test back last week, and I remember leaving the class in which I had taken the test, thinking that I had managed to pull of a solid C grade, but no, I didn’t have any such luck. I failed it miserably. I was really upset the day that I found out, but not that I’m the type to blame other people for my mishaps, but in this case, I really do think it’s partly my professor that is at fault for this grade, because she flies through the slides, and when a student will ask for the slide to be brought back up, because he or she didn’t have enough time to get everything down, she will say, “All of this is in the book,” so what I’m wondering is why I’m wasting time coming to class then if all of my learning is to be done from the book.

I learn by taking notes in class, letting that sink in and then going over my notes and deciding on what I understand and what I don’t, and what I am not quite absorbing, I resort to the book for, and I am having trouble doing that now, because I’m not learning anything in class. She did say the other day in class that all of the notes are on Angel, so I might just have to go there to read up on the notes, because this really is pretty ridiculous if I may say so myself. I cannot allow myself to fail this class; I really want to put all of my general education courses behind me so that I can get into my major. I honestly do not understand general education requirements. I’ve never in my lifetime going to use anything that I am learning in Biology, for example.

Anyway, I went home this past weekend, and that was really nice. I love this weather; and I love this time of year and everything that it involves. I love the Autumn air, leaves, apple cider and Halloween, of course. The only thing that I don’t like about is that almost all of the things that I love about Autumn, with the obvious exception of Halloween, are indicators that winter is coming, and I hate winter. I can’t stand snow, and I can’t stand the cold, and yes, I chose to Oswego, but don’t ask me why. Everyone always asks me that when I declare my detestation of the winter time, “Why are you going to Oswego then?” Well, I suppose that’s about everything that I wanted to cover this time around. Hopefully, I will be writing a bit more often, but there is just always something occupying my time, and it’s usually not something I’m having too much fun doing. I hope to write again soon, though!