Enduring like Atlas

          It has been a short break and as much as I would like to expound about all the sleep I got, all the food I ate or all the work I tried to avoid I have to buckel down and get all my work done.

          Although the break seems like an all too lucid dream it […]

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Scuba Ninja

So I have gone off the edge…
Not only did I sign up for Martial Arts 2 but I also signed up for Scuba Diving for next semester.
I love this school, there are so many choices. If you have any doubts, leave them behind. It is just way too much fun.

I don’t intend to make fun […]

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Is The Vacation Here Yet

          With the break approaching soon Its been increasingly difficult to drag myself from class to class. But there is only one more week until it begins and I can’t wait to just get a brake from class, from work and just the inescapable rut of my schedule. I need break from weekends full of […]

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