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Hey Everyone,

Long time No Blog! I have been pretty busy as of late with school work and other extra-curricular activities, mock interviews, job interviews, searching for grad schools, studying for tests, group projects, practicing a routine for a couple of different shows, meetings, conventions, community service, work, and countless other things.

The Life of a […]

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Broomball Triggers Competition at Oswego State

“Broomball? Um, what is that?”

That was my initial response three years ago when my new friend, Hannah, asked my roommate, neighbors and I to play in a broomball league throughout a portion of the semester. I had no idea what this game was, nor had I ever heard of it. But did that stop me from playing? Not a chance.

Broomball, she […]

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This past Saturday and Sunday I was very busy. Despite it being Halloween weekend, I did a quite a bit of community service.

Saturday I worked at Camp Hollis a camp for Youth in Oswego County. We worked there for about 5 hours doing everything from chopping and stacking wood, to cleaning the kitchens. We cleaned, […]

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A Weekend Split

The first road trip is always a big test for a team, especially when it involves a 9 hour bus ride. Our destination: Adrian, Michigan . . . and our goal: Beat Em’!  The trip begins with giving jobs to every player, whether it be packing the stick bag or just grabbing the coaching board. […]

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