Teen Bullying a Crisis for Government

We’ve seen all the news headlines; all the Facebook events that have been made by people crying out to the government to take action against teen bullying, so that a crisis such as five gay teens committing suicide over harassment in three weeks doesn’t happen again. It’s time for the government to stop ignoring these […]

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Emissary of Success

       Seeing as how my blog is starting to read like chemistry propaganda I’ve decided to not mention chemistry in this post. I will not talk about how the Nobel prize in chemistry this year went to organic chemist for “palladium-catalyzed cross couplings in organic synthesis”, or how chemistry anagrams to “cry me this”. Instead, […]

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Crank That Heat!

Ok Ok ok, so maybe it’s not really that cold out. So what! -Shrugs- I’m feeling that wind (it can no longer be referred to as a breeze). I’m prepared though I got the cupboards stocked with tea, hot chocolate, the grandpa slippers with the fur inside them by the bed, some pajama pants and […]

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Four Years, Millions of Memories

I’m finally settling back into the groove of things in Oswego, and it’s starting to hit me that I’m a senior. What?! Yes, a senior! After four long, yet unbelievably fast years, there are only seven months left until graduation. Therefore, this is a blog of reminiscence. And if you know me well, you understand […]

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It’s Just Too Legit’ To Quit

       Well since it’s technically saturday and I’m hopped up on too much caffeine to sleep I thought I should write.

       I’ve been thinking a lot lately about (yes its one of these blogs again) what being a chemist means. Dictionary dot com defines it as a specialist in chemistry (Dictionary dot com defines chemistry […]

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