It’s only one week of school and I’m overwhelmed. I realize that I put myself in this situation by taking a lot on to my plate but, I also am disappointed because I thought I prepared enough to take everything on.

Let’s start with what takes up most of my time, Alpha Phi Omega. I love […]

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The Best Week Ever!

(Photo taken from Oswego Palladium "Todays Top Photo's" Aug 30th)

The Best Week ever Huh?

Yeah I said it and its only the conclusion of the first week. Carpet still Stanley Steamer Clean! Nothing on my bedroom walls yet , cupboards only half full  and I’m already proclaiming Best Weeks.

Pretty bold I’ll admit it but I […]

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Magazines, the Power of Print

During my first day of classes, one of my professors made it blatantly clear that she doesn’t believe journalists have any shot at getting a job upon graduation; that journalists are essentially signing up to be poor for the next 10 years. While this professor was semi-accurate about the pay (if you are pursuing journalism thinking […]

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