The ALANA Student Leadership Conference has begun once again this year. A time of the year which many upper classmen look forward to and incoming freshman and transfer students learn to love. Let’s all hold hands and sing Cumbaya under the ALANA Umbrella. There are many informational, educational, and social programs done during this week. […]

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So today, despite the coldness, I am in a great mood. I’m soo glad it’s Friday. I think it’s the fact that we actually had a full week. I wasn’t used to sitting in class for soo long. Rush for APO has finished and we ended up putting in for 38 bids. This means Monday […]

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Hello Everyone,

It has been a wonderful start to my senior year and I am very excited about everything thus far. Classes are going great, there are many extra-curricular activities to get involved in, and there is also a new addition to residential life which we call the Village. The classes which interest me the […]

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