Dramaturgy (Dance) Workshop

Dramaturgy recently had student Olivia Zeis come into rehearsal to teach Jessica Quindlen (who plays the Actress) a jig that appears in the play. Olivia has been dancing and competing in the genre of Irish Dance for 10 years.

The following are some videos of the lesson.

Jessica Learns the Steps

The Try Running It With Music…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of the Interview Process

So last week I made my way to Syracuse for an interview with a director of one of the Newhouse School graduate programs at Syracuse University. For those who aren’t familiar with Newhouse, it’s a school of communications that incorporates all types of media related learning. Held in similar regard to Oswego’s School of Business; Newhouse School […]

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Halloween as a Theatre Major

     This past Halloween was rewarding in more ways than one with the Blackfriars Theatre Organization, here on campus. Blackfriars is an organization that brings together not only Theatre Majors, but all of those across campus who are interested in theatre.

     Members of Blackfriars participated in trick-or-treat for UNICEF

     We raised enough money to to provide […]

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Earth Fair Success

Earth Fair – A fall fair trade festival was this past Friday, October 30th.

We held it in Hewitt Union from 6- p.m., and we had House on a Spring Dub Reggae band perform, vendors come from Fair World Marketplace, Kim’s Treasures from Afar, Riversend Bookstore, Guatemala and Que Colores, Nancy Townsend’s knitted gifts, […]

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The Theatre Department Tea

The Theatre Department recently hosted the annual “Department Tea” at Fallbrook here in Oswego. The Tea is a chance to socialize with faculty and peers outside of class. Each member of the faculty and staff brings goodies (fruit, cookies, cheesecake, etc.), tea and coffee are served, and anecdotes are shared.

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