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Graduate Degree Programs

The Application

Graduate Admission applications dates vary based on program. Some are March 15 and others are March 1. The Graduate Studies Office can assist you with questions.

·         Applications are available from the Graduate Studies Office, 312-3152 or online at
Go to “How to Apply” link.                

·         GRE’s are required for Bachelor's GPA’s below 2.7.

·         Program Planning Meetings are required before admission to Curriculum and Instruction programs

Course Information (return to the top)

  • Course Offerings are found online at

  • If you need assistance with the registration process, please contact the Registration Office:  301 Culkin Hall, 315.312.2136

  • Helpful Hint: The class schedule listing links you to section notes, course descriptions, textbooks, restrictions and locations.

Online Courses (return to the top)

  • After registering for the course through myOswego, access your course as follows:
    Go to

    • Log in using your SUNY Oswego email name (minus the
    • Enter your password (which is the same as your SUNY Oswego email password)
    • You need to activate your SUNY Oswego email account at

Intellectual Integrity  (return to the top)
New and current students are held to "rigorous intellectual standards and the highest level of academic integrity". Visit the intellectual integrity site for learn about your responsibilities.

Electronic mail (EMAIL)
(return to the top)
Use your Oswego email account – this helps us keep you informed throughout your graduate program. Your SUNY email account can be activated at You can then access the campus email system as well as ANGEL (a learning management system for web-based teaching). If you have problems with the activation, contact the Technology Support Center at 315.312.3456.

Parking (return to the top)
Parking permits are issued from the University Police Parking Office (315-312.3227) located on Rt 104 and New Street near the main entrance to the college.. You can also register for a permit online at

Student Identification Card (return to the top)
College Identification Cards are obtained from the Auxiliary Service Office, 504 Culkin Hall, 315-312.2588,

Textbooks (return to the top)
Textbook information is available on-line through the myOswego site.

SSHS 1020--Safe Schools, Healthy Students Workshop (return to the top)
This workshop requires additional fees and information can be found through the Division of Extended Learning, safe schools website.

TK20 (return to the top)
TK20 is a comprehensive online assessment and e-portfolio system.  Submission of applications for field experience and communication regarding your field experience placements will be conducted through Tk20. All assignments and assessments during your field experiences will be completed in Tk20. The cost for your Tk20 subscription is a one-time fee of $100 for a 7-year subscription.  There are handling fees associated with purchasing your subscription online and also through the campus bookstore. Log into TK20, or look at the brochure listed her in Part I-Part II

Literacy Practicum Application (return to the top)
Students in the Literacy program are expected to apply for a literacy practicum.

Application for Candidacy (return to the top)
Students admitted to graduate degree study must apply for candidacy after completion of 12-18 semester hours at SUNY Oswego. The information requested in the application must be filed with the Office of Graduate Studies. The form is turned into the Graduate Office. The link is a copy of the top of the form.  Pick up the NCR form from the department office. A picture of the form is available, only.


Graduate Advisement Forms (return to the top)

Master's Degree
Leading to Initial Certification


Master of Arts for Teachers Art

Master of Science for Teachers Adolescence Biology

Master of Science for Teachers Adolescence Chemistry or Master of Arts in Teaching Adolescence Chemistry (Alternative)

Master of Science for Teachers Adolescence Earth Science

Master of Science for Teachers Adolescence English

Master of Science for Teachers Adolescence Mathematics  or  Master of Arts in Teaching Adolescence Mathematics (Alternative)

Master of Science for Teachers Adolescence Modern Language (French, German and Spanish only)

Master of Science for Teachers Adolescence Physics

Master of Science for Teachers Adolescence Social Studies

Master of Science for Teachers Childhood

Master's Degree
Curriculum and Instruction

(return to the top)
(You have a bachelor's degree in Education,
and need to earn a master's degree to maintain your certification)

Master of Science in Education (MSED--30 credit hours) New Program approved August 2010

Master of Science in Education--Literacy grades 5 -12

Master of Science in Education--Literacy Birth to grade 6

Masters of Special Education--Initial Certification

Masters of Special Education--Professional Certification


Forms of Interest
(return to the top)

Literacy Practicum Application

Candidacy Application (this is a picture of a portion of the form only)



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