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New York State Assessments
How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School
John D. Bransford, Ann L. Brown, and Rodney R. Cocking, editors
Alfie Kohn on Standardized Tests
Kohn has a radical way of looking at assessment. Take a look a his perspective. 
National Commission on Excellence in Education (1983). 
A Nation At Risk - [Online]
Read about the evil Twin
Thompson, Scott (2001) The Authentic Standards Movement and Its Evil Twin.  
Kappan [Online]
National Education Goals Panel (1994) Goals 2000: Educate
America Act [Online]
U.S. Department of Education (2001) 
No Child Left Behind [Online]

Take a look at a presentation about English as a Second Language (ESL) and assessment.  This presentation is by Paul Gugel.  It provides excellent background for working with ESL student in your classroom. 

INTASC Standards
Failing the Test of Fairness: Institutional Racism and the SAT
August 13, 2002--Article for class
New York State Report Card

Survival Guide for New Teachers

So you want to be a Teacher? (Short version)

Penfield Library Research Tutorial
Create your own PDF documents--Free
Rubrics help
Teacher Certification
The Danielson Group

The Framework for Teaching
Practical Strategies to Increase Active Learning

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Articles for Discussion in Assessment

Kohn, A. (2000). Standardized testing and its victims. Education Week [Online]. Available:
Cookson, P.W. (2003, January). Standardization and its unseen ironies. Education Week [Online]. Available:

Patten, P. (2000, January/February). Standardized testing in schools. Parent News. [On-line]. Available:

Perrone, V. (1991). On Standardized Testing. ERIC. [On-line].

Ensuring Equity with Alternative Assessments
Rethinking Assessment and Its Role in Supporting Educational Reform
Integrating Assessment and Instruction in Ways That Support Learning
Reporting Assessment Results
No Child Left Behind
Federal Influence Over Curriculum Exhibits Growth
Ed. Dept. OKs First Accountability Plans

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