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Create Your own Web Page

(When you have completed your web page, send me an email with the web address so that I can link to it.)


Don't be afraid to follow this power point presentation by Don Michaels on how to create your own web page in Netscape Composer.  

Web Authoring with Netscape’s "Composer"

Additional Information about Posting

Visit the Microsoft Clip Gallery Live

For hints about how to build a successful website go to

On line account activation for Oswego Affiliated persons

This page will allow you to activate your Oswego account. You need this account in order to access the library, as well as to post a web page or even use your established email account.  When you have completed the online account activation, then forward your email using the link below.

Directions for the Oswego Listserv

This listserv provides weekly updates to the course.  You are welcome to send messages to the entire class using this forum.

Places to go for ClipArt

This site provides clipart that you can upload to your created web pages or documents.
Visit This site has many ideas about how to use technology in your teaching.
Forwarding Email from your Oswego account to your regular account. You probably have an email account that you check daily.  What is it?  You can have your Oswego mail forwarded to your account that you use often.  Go to the Oswego IT page, at, and follow the directions.