International Research Experiences for Undergraduates


For the Oswego portion, the main goal is to understand the robotic telescope system as it stands now.

The schedule is given here

The tasks are given here

The power point shown on the first day and outlining the tasks is here

The web links mentioned on the first day are

Python web page

Python documentation

An intro to Python tutorial

A Python tutorial

Python classes

The main Chimera web page

The Chimera Wiki page

The source code

The google groups page

Some information on Stellar Evolution is here and here.

Some background research papers are here.

The paper on RR Lyraes for Andy and Tim is here.

A preliminary version of the paper where the analysis of M15 will go is here.

The FORTRAN subroutine to use for the Fourier decomposition is here.

Information about calling FORTRAN subroutines from Python is here.

A recent newsletter from the LNA which we will be visiting in August here.

Preliminary documentation on chimera is here.

Sample notes on data reduction for infra-red observations are here.

The Tyson-Gal paper for determining exposure times for flatfields is here.

A poster which Isaac Richter worked on in collaboration with Elio Antonello and L. Speroni of the Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, to be presented at the "Evolution and Pulsation of Massive Stars on the Main Sequence and Close to it", July 7-July 11, 2008, in Liege, Belgium is here, and figures for this poster are figure 1, figure 2, and figure 3.

A poster which Matthew Turner worked on in collaboration with Marcella Marconi, Illaria Musella, Vincenzo Ripepi of Naples Observatory and C. Ngeow of the University of Illinois, to be presented at the Internationa Astronomical Union no. 256, "The Magellanic System: Stars, Gas and Galaxies", July 2008, University of Keele, UK, is here.

A poster which Tim de Haas worked on in collaboration with Andy Missert and myself on RR Lyraes in M15 is here.

A poster describing Chimera is here.

A poster describing the Graphical User Interface for Chimera worked on by Denis and Ryan is here. Some doccumentation is here.

A poster describing the data reduction process worked on by Matt, Andy and Tim is here, and the documentation is here.

A measure of the focus is the Full Width Half Maximum of a point source on the CCD. This should be a minimum if the object is in focus. A picture showing a series of frames taken by the robot and focusing entirely robotically (we were inside drinking coffee) is given here.

A group photo is here.