International Research Experiences for Undergraduates


For the Oswego portion, the main goal is to understand the robotic telescope system as it stands now.

An important web site is given here.

The schedule is given here

The tasks are given here

The things to look at while Im away are at here.

A list of chimera projects, given by Antonio Kanaan and Paulo Henrique da Silva, we will work on is here

The power point shown on the first day and outlining the tasks is here

The web links mentioned on the first day are

Python web page

Python documentation

An intro to Python tutorial

A Python tutorial

Python classes

The main Chimera web page

The Chimera Wiki page from summer 2008.

The source code

The google groups page

CSC480 Chimera web page

Some information on Stellar Evolution is here and here.

Some background research papers are here.

A preliminary version of the paper where the analysis of M15/M3 will go is here.

The main web site for the project is here. Included in the downloads section are user manuals for extinction, photometry, astrometry, and database.

A poster describing Chimera is here.

A poster describing the photometry module is here.

A poster describing the images taken this summer with chimera are here.

A poster describing the extinction module is here.

The light curve of the classical Cepheid EV SCT, near maximum light, taken robotically with chimera is here.

A poster describing the database module is here, and the manual is here.

A manual describing the Exposure Time Calculator is here.

A poster describing Alex's work on multiphase Cepheid PL/PC relations in the LMC using OGLE III data is here.

Some neat movies, developed by Alex, showing these multiphase PL/PC/PW relations are here, and here, an here and here. These movies can possibly open up a new window into Cepheid pulsation.

A poster describing Jillian's work on Period-Color and Amplitude - Color Relations in Galactic globular clusters M3/M15 is here. ( There are some possible implications for a better understanding of the Oosterhoff dichotomy.

A poster describing Peter's work on non-linearity tests on various Cepheid PL relation (NGC 4285 and the entire set of HST observed galaxies) datasets is here.

A poster describing Eamonn's work on the impact on H0 of the OGLE III LMC data is here.

A picture of the participating students is here.

A talk Alex and Eamonn gave about their experiences is here.

A picture of M25, a Galactic open cluster, only visible from the Southern hemisphere, but taken from SUNY Oswego using the 16cm telescope at LNA, including astrometry and focusing, is here.