Our story


Honey Harvest was founded in 2005 by Marilyn and Henry Mayfield. It is a locally owned business in Mexico, New York. The Mayfield family started honey production as a hobby and were originally influenced by the documentary "The Vanishing of the Bees."

Where to find us

Find us at Oswego and Fulton Farmers markets and local shops, including The Village Shops.

Healthy products

Our honey is completely natural and contains multiple health benefits. Our honey contains vitamins and minerals that prevent heart disease, reduce coughing, and regulate blood sugar. Our honey is completely chemically free and all natural so you don't have to worry.

Helping the bees

The bee population is quickly dwindling. We strive to take steps to not only maintain but improve the local bee population. Which in turn helps the local ecostystem.


"Honey Harvest is the best honey I've had and from now on I am a loyal customer."

— Mackenzie


"This honey is wonderful! My family loves it, don't ever change a thing."



"Out of all the honey I have taste, Honey Harvest is by far the best one. It's so rich and smooth and is exactly how honey should be."