Our bees and The Environnment

Our goal for our business is to provide pure honey that benefits the local ecosystem. Working with bees to produce natural honey, is environmental friendly and is a healthy alternative to honey that is processed. Honey Harvest has one of the best homemade produce that value the ecosystem and works to keep your safety in mind.

Additional Information

Our Process

As being a small business, our efforts to maintain a controlled work space is important. It is necessary to follow all the guidelines in order to provide the high quality honey that is produced. Throughout our process, we work to keep the safety of our future consumers in mind. Before we had this business, we only took care of our bees, but now we have the chance to take care of the environment and you.


Our bees make an extensive amount of honey and it is important that we remove any excess honey. Leaving an overwhelming amount of honey is dangerous to the bees, so it is one of our priorities to stay on top of. After we collect the honey and begin packaging, we remain in a sanitary area. We use glass containers, and lids, to tightly seal the finished product. Packaging the way we do, prevents any contamination and helps keep the honey stay fresh.