Campus Technology Services(CTS) provides users with a certain number of free laser printouts per semester listed below. These generous limits were established to permit the average student to complete their course work without incurring additional expenses. Users who desire to print beyond these limits can do so, but at an additional personal expense.

The following printing guidelines are strictly enforced:

  • Users are given the following print allocations/print quota prior to the beginning of each semester/session.  This equates to about 200 black and white printed pages.

    • $30 for the fall semester

    • $30 for the spring semester

    • $30 for summer session

    • $30 for winter session

  • Printing of one black and white page (either single or double-sided) deducts $0.15 from a user's print quota.
  • Printing of one color page (either single or double-sided) deducts $0.90 from a user's print quota.   
  • To purchase more Print Dollars with your credit card {Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover} please go to:  Please allow two business days for processing.
  • There is no rollover of the semester/session print quota from one semester to the next. Unused pages purchased from Campus Technolgy Services - Telecommunications Office, will only be rolled over from the fall semester to the spring semester.
  • Pages are NOT transferable to other accounts!
  • Only CTS provided paper may be used in CTS computer lab printers. User-provided paper (such as colored paper, heavier weight paper, card stock, etc.) has damaged CTS printers in the past and is NOT permitted. To use your own paper, you may try using the services at the College Store.

For a listing of the black and white and color printers available in the public, general access labs, please see our Computer Lab Printers page.

For questions about the printing policy or printing-related problems, please contact the Help Desk in 26 Lanigan Hall by (x3456) or email at