We are currently accepting applications for the Fall '23 semesters. To apply, go to our Handshake page to see the list of available positions. Thank you for your interest in working with CTS.

We seek SUNY Oswego students who enjoy working with and assisting others with computer-related technology. There are positions for just about any skill level with most requiring no previous experience.

CTS offers the following student employment positions:

Computer Lab Assistant (CLA)

The computer lab assistant works in the open access labs (MCC 207 and Penfield 100) and provides support to users as needed and monitors the lab to ensure proper use of equipment. Responsibilities include assisting users with software available to them, assisting with student printing (LakerPrint),  logging onto the lab computers, and launching the application programs.CLAs are not responsible for teaching students how to use software programs – this is the responsibility of the professor. 

In addition, assistants are required to read their email that pertains to CTS, a minimum of once every 24 hours and use our ticket system to put in support tickets with the Help Desk. Assistants must comply with all CTS policies and procedures. This position requires excellent customer service skills and the ability to provide one-on-one assistance.

Help Desk Assistant (HDA)

Specific responsibilities include assisting CTS staff at the Help Desk in providing computer technical support to faculty, staff and students. Duties include assisting users with technology-related problems via phone calls, emails, online chats, and in person at the Help Desk or in person at a faculty/staff office. This position will also assist in configuring and maintaining general access computer labs and when necessary will assist in moving computer lab, faculty, and staff computer equipment. The Help Desk Assistant may also perform other technology-related duties as assigned in support of the CTS department as a whole.

Instructional Support Aide

Specific responsibilities include assisting CTS staff in providing technical support to faculty using the college's Advanced Technology Classrooms (ATCs) and supporting special campus wide events. Familiarity with or the willingness to learn the basic functionality of VCR's, DVD players, data projectors, and document cameras is highly desired. We will train aides as necessary. Excellent customer service skills are a necessity, as is the ability to work independently as needed. We are seeking those who are highly motivated.

Network Assistant

Specific responsibilities include assisting CTS staff in providing network services assistance with physical installations of network and associated equipment (switches, racks, battery backup units, etc.), inventorying of equipment, basic client network connectivity troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and cable termination/face-plate installations.  Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds.  The Student Network Technician may also perform other technology-related duties as assigned in support of the CTS department as a whole.

Telecommunications Office Aide

Specific responsibilities include mail sorting/distribution and Call Center support. Other duties include sorting, filing, printing and copying tasks as well as collations for mass mailings. This position requires good customer service skills.