Student Abroad Mentor (SAM)

A study abroad mentor is an approachable and informative resource for students interested in studying abroad. SAMs will provide information based on first-hand, honest experiences from their time abroad. SAMs should be motivated and energetic about study abroad and very willing to motivate other students to study abroad. This position will grant students who have studied abroad an opportunity to share their knowledge, memories, and advice to others interested in the study abroad process.

Paid Position

SAMs should have studied abroad and be able to dedicate 6-10 hours of work per week. SAMs will work in collaboration with the OIEP staff to organize on-campus events (ex. classroom, residence hall, and other on-campus presentations). SAMs will be responsible for organizing a minimum of 10 on-campus presentations each semester, along with other recruitment events.   In addition each SAM will have a specific focus, which may include:

  • PR and Outreach (Instagram, Facebook,, etc.)

  • Writing (Help with study statements, scholarship essays, etc.)

  • Graphic / Website Design (Create social media posts, promotional materials, etc.)

  • Campus Outreach (Oversee recruitment scheduling)

Volunteer position

Volunteer mentors must have studied abroad, be able to dedicate a minimum 10 hours of work per semester, and they must be energetic and enthusiastic about sharing their experience with fellow Oswego students. There are many opportunities on-campus that SAMs can participate in. In addition, SAMs are welcome to create their own events (ex. themed event in their residence hall or student organization). Some examples of the opportunities are below:

  • Welcome Reception for returning study abroad and new international students
  • Information tables and sessions held on campus
  • Study abroad orientations for students preparing to study abroad
  • Admissions and New-Student Orientation events
  • Distributing posters around campus
  • Classroom presentations
  • Residence hall presentations and events

Office assistants (paid or internship)

Working as an office assistant can be a great way to gain experience working in study abroad office and build your resume. While it is helpful to have studied abroad, it is not a requirement for this position. Office assistants perform all kinds of tasks around the office including:

  • Assist program coordinators with administrative and on-campus activities
  • Assist the front desk staff with welcoming and assisting guests, answering phones, mailing, etc.
  • Maintain an office schedule of 10-15 hours per week during office hours (Monday to Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm)
  • Maintain organization of files
  • Assist program coordinator in communication with study abroad students
  • Assist program coordinator in advising students in the pre-departure process
  • Attend and at times lead recruitment (i.e., presentations) and informational events on campus
  • Assist fellow student workers with duties as assigned
  • Work some weekend and evening events as needed

Note: When you apply it will ask you for a location and a dates. You should select the location where you last studied abroad and should leave the dates blank.

Office Assistant Application