Christine Clemmens

Christine ClemmensThe following interview took place with Christine Clemmens, then a sophomore marketing major, in February 2007. Q. What made you want to attend SUNY Oswego? A. I had really good scholarship offers but I also wanted to stay close to the lake because I grew up near it. Oswego also has a really good business program. Q. What is your favorite part of being at Oswego? A. Definitely meeting new people. Even though I grew up here, I didn’t know anyone when I started college. It’s good to see how people mix together from different backgrounds. Q. What is your impression of other Oswego students? A. Pretty much all the kids I’ve met from Johnson (Hall) are outgoing and want to get involved. Most of the classes I’ve had are smaller and have been more discussion-based. Students get involved in every way possible, whether it be attending field trips or just offering verbal ideas. We bounce ideas off each other and are always willing to help each other out. Q. Do you have any hobbies? A. I like to scrapbook, and to volunteer—especially with Habitat for Humanity. I like to run—I used to run two seasons a year in high school. I like to hang out with friends, playing cards and board games. Sometimes it’s hard to find free time due to such a busy schedule. Q. What achievement are you most proud of? A. Either that I graduated 10th in my class of 382 or that I’m on the Chancellor’s Award faculty review committee. There’s only one undergrad representative. Q. Have you thought about your plans after college yet? A. I definitely want to go to graduate school. I like traveling, so I want to study abroad in college, but I also want to fill my passport. It’s half full now and I really want to fill it soon. After school, I want to work in business, possibly human resources or finance.

(Posted: May 19, 2008)


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