Learn by Doing.

SUNY Oswego Theatre is committed to preparing students for positions within and outside of the professional theatre industry. Our hands-on programming offers the opportunity to gain expertise in acting, directing, sound, lighting, scenic design, makeup, costuming, dramaturgy, dance and more.

All theatre programs are generalist in nature, which will give you experience in multiple areas of the theatrical arts, both in areas of your interest and beyond. You will gain historical perspective, familiarity with the great plays of the world, and an opportunity to participate in all areas of the theatre. 

For more information on specific areas of study, please read below.

Acting and Directing

Students have the opportunity to train in a variety of acting and directing techniques, building from early fundamentals up to advanced concepts of performance. Students will train in varying levels of traditional and contemporary performance styles, character interpretation, music theatre, and script analysis, to create a well-rounded performer. In-department performance and directing opportunities make this a hands-on site to prepare you for the professional world.

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Design and Technical Theatre

Students in our generalist program will have the opportunity to learn applicable skills for both the design and implementation of technical and backstage tasks. Designers will gain valuable skill and practical experience in the areas of scenic design, costumes, lighting, props, or sound; while technicians will learn through hands-on experience in areas such as set construction, costume building, electrics, operation, prop building and stage management, all of which will build to the development of a professional portfolio.

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Dramaturgy, Theatre History, and Criticism

Students will have the opportunity to deepen their academic experience in theatre through research, analysis, script development, theatre history, and dramaturgy. Students may contribute to departmental productions as dramaturgs, help develop new plays, and write contextual material, to engage in the many practical, applicable opportunities available for any detail-minded student.

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Potential Job Outcomes

  • Scenic Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Costume
  • Makeup 
  • Sound Design
  • Wardrobe
  • Production Dramaturgy
  • New Play Development
  • Stage Management
  • Casting
  • Props Design
  • Props Building
  • Theatre Criticism
  • Publicity
  • Literary Management