Course Approvals

How to Complete the Off-Campus Study Approval Form (SUNY Oswego Students)

It is the responsiblity of the student to work with their academic advisor or department chairs to determine the SUNY Oswego course equivalencies of their program coursework. Ideally, students will be able to provide the course descriptions or syllabi to their academic advisors before the start of their program and begin the course approval process. 

In most cases, course offerings, course descriptions, and course syllabi are linked in the online program brochure webpage for each program when it is available. In some instances, limited information is available before the program begins. Students can start by asking their program coordinator if they can work with the overseas institution to inquire about accessing more detailed information on the course(s) the student is interested in. 

For some programs, the course information is not available in advance. If this is the case, it is best practice to review possible coursework options with academic advisors before the program and make a plan. Final course approvals can be made when the student is able to register for courses or provide the course information to their academic advisors. Additionally, revised Off-Campus Study Approval forms can be submitted to OIEP at any time during/after the program. 

Keep in mind that sometimes courses are cancelled or there are scheduling conflicts upon final registration at the host intitution or university. It is a good idea for students to get more courses approved than they intend to take on the program to account for these possible situations. 

Role of Academic Advisors and Department Chairs (SUNY Oswego Students)

Course equivalencies within the student's major or minor can be approved by the student's academic advisor. For coursework outside of their major/minor, students should seek approval from the deparment chair of that subject or the general education advisor. 

For program coursework that does not have a SUNY Oswego equivalency (ex. 100 level - Hungarian Language Course), the student can work with the Associate Provost of International Education, Dr. Joshua McKeown, and their study abroad program coordinator to find the appropriate course equivalency. 

Course Equivalency Database

This database listing course equivalencies is based on historical information collected by OIEP and the Registrar's office and does not include every course offered abroad. Course equivalencies are not limited to those indicated in the database. Other course equivalencies that are not listed can be approved by academic advisors or department chairs. The database should be used only as a guide and advising tool and does not substitute for an official evaluation of credit equivalency. Students still need their academic advisor's approval and the Off-Campus Study Approval form must still be properly completed and submitted.

Note: This database is updated on a continual basis as new courses are approved and new programs expanded.

Non-Oswego or Non-SUNY Students & Advisors

While the policies for approving equivalencies for incoming program coursework are different at every campus, we hope that the information provided on this page has been helpful for you. Please feel free to use the provided Course Equivalency Databases to determine the best equivalency for coursework at your own institution. If you have further questions, please contact our office at