There are several scholarships available to SUNY Oswego students who are participating on a SUNY Oswego study abroad program. Students can apply for one of these scholarships by clicking on the link below. Completing this scholarship application will allow students to be considered for any of the following scholarships for which they meet the eligibility criteria.

Study Abroad Scholarship

GETGO Scholarship
SUNY Oswego offers students participating in education abroad programs the opportunity to receive the Global Experience Travel Grant from Oswego (GETGO) award. These awards provide funds to make it easier to participate in education abroad, particularly for students with high financial need. Only full-time matriculated SUNY Oswego students at time of application going abroad to non-english speaking countries on approved international programs are eligible. 

Andrea Marlar '89 Scholarship
Andrea Marlar '89 established this scholarship to assist students with significant financial need, who plan to study abroad through International Education, to help our next generation fulfill their dreams of a college education. To qualify for this award, a student must have documented financial need and be a matriculated student at SUNY Oswego with a confirmed arrangement for international study.

Colleen Brunner Memorial Scholarship
In memory of Colleen Brunner, an Oswego student who perished in the crash of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland in December 1988, this award was established to assist students with financial need to participate in the university's study abroad program.

Daniel McCarthy Scholarship
Mr. Peter McCarthy (1982 Oswego graduate) has established the Daniel McCarthy Scholarship in honor of his brother, Daniel who was lost on December 21, 1988 in the Pan-Am Flight 103 Lockerbie air disaster. Daniel will be forever remembered through this scholarship which gives Oswego students opportunities for studying abroad.

International Education and Programs Scholarship
These scholarships are awarded to students who need financial assistance to study abroad. Awards are made on the basis of financial need and academic excellence.  Students must be Oswego students studying overseas on an Oswego program. Preference will be given to those students who never have traveled internationally.

José Ramon Pérez International Scholarship
This need-based scholarship was created and funded by John J. Christian (Oswego, '87), President/CEO of CAPA The Global Education Network. Each year, four $5,000 scholarsips are awarded to students to study abroad for a semester with CAPA in any one of the locations offered by SUNY Oswego. THIS SCHOLARSHIP AWARD IS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED.

Joshua S. McKeown / 103 Legacy Award
This scholarship was established by Joshua S. McKeown (the “Donor”) for ongoing financial support for education abroad at SUNY Oswego and to honor the legacies of the SUNY Oswego and other students lost in the Pan Am Flight 103 disaster of December 1988. The legacy of Pan Am flight 103 (December 21, 1988) continues to impact international education decades later. For those who lost friends and loved ones that tragic day, who worked with or taught the students who perished, and for all who remember the immensity and trauma of that terrorist event, it will forever serve to remind us of both the promise and risk of an international life. This scholarship, named for the fourth director of the Office of International Education and Programs, seeks to preserve the legacy of the 38 American students who died that day, including two from SUNY Oswego and 36 from institutions of higher education in Central New York. It also recognizes the millions of American students who pursued education abroad undeterred in the decades to follow so that they as individuals, their nation, and the larger world could learn, understand, and be better. To qualify for this award, a student must:

  1. Be an undergraduate student in any major
  2. Have a 3.0 GPA or above at time of applying
  3. Be participating in any type of education abroad program officially offered by the Office of International Education and Programs (OIEP) at SUNY Oswego.
  4. Preference for students majoring or minoring in Global & International Studies (GLS).
  5. Secondary preference for those majoring or minoring in any social science discipline, International Business, or Sustainability Studies, or any academic major or minor that requires an education abroad experience.
  6. Preference for students going abroad for the first time or with limited international experience.

Louise Barwinczok Wilson '74 Scholarship
This scholarship was created to aid a Communication major studying abroad. Applicants must be a junior or senior Oswego student studying overseas on an Oswego program for any duration of time.

Michael B. Zalkin Memorial Scholarship
This award was established by Andrew Zalkin, an alumni of SUNY Oswego (1976) and his family to honor the memory of their son Michael. This scholarship is awarded to Oswego students in good academic standing participating in a semester-length program.

Oswego Going Global Scholarships
These scholarships are awarded to students who are undertaking their first meaningful and significant international experience.  Students must demonstrate financial need and be in good academic standing. Students must be Oswego students studying overseas on an Oswego program. 

Richard J. Adago '78 Scholarship
This scholarship supports undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need. The scholarship honors Richard Adago, whose personal and professional experiences abroad meant so much to him. Full-time matriculated SUNY Oswego students studying abroad on any program through the Office of International Education are eligible to apply.

Thomas Jacobsen '77 Memorial Scholarship
This award was established by friends and family to honor the memory of Thomas (Jake) Jacobsen '77 (d.2000), who died while hiking in Grenada.  Jake will always be remembered for his kindness and compassion towards others, love of travel, adventure, and Oswego.  This scholarship will give an Oswego student who demonstrates humanitarian interests and achievements the opportunity to participate in the college's Study Abroad Program.

Study Abroad Scholarships for SUNY Oswego Students

In addition to the following scholarships, some campus departments offer scholarships to their major or minor students for study abroad. Contact your major/minor department's office for possible scholarship opportunities and application procedures.

Hart Global Living & Learning Center International Study Scholarship
This scholarship is for Hart Hall residents and aims to enrich the study abroad experience. Recipients are expected to share insights about their time overseas with their peers as part of the Hart Hall Global Living & Learning Community’s IST program. See the website linked above for more information , the scholarship contacts, and the application.

Additional Scholarships for Study Abroad students

There are many scholarships out there for study abroad students. No matter what your home campus is, feel free to check out these lists we've complied of "General" and "Country-Specific" scholarships which students have been awarded in the past!

Keep in mind - there may be additional scholarships available to support study abroad through your home campus and other programs/organizations you are involved in.